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\10 April 19:   JTO Phase 2 Training at RTTC Pune w.e.f. 15/04/2019.  <<<Letter>>>

The earlier batches which were scheduled on 25/03/2019 at RTTC Pune were cancelled as the Water connections was disconnected for non-payment and it would have caused the inconvenience to the participants staying in the hostel.

In spite of the fact that there is acute shortage of staff at RTTC, Pune, also there are numerous revenue earning batches under the Skill Development PDDUSKVP Scheme and even Com. S. Y. Dhande, AGM RTTC Pune is under transfer, RTTC, Pune comrades have shown great enthusiasm and positivity to conduct JTO Phase 2 training for the benefit of the JTOs of Pune and nearby SSAs. This will save huge expenditure on TA/DA considering the financial conditions BSNL is passing through. 

SNEA Pune conveys special appreciation to Shri. V.M. Dapurkar, Principal RTTC Pune, for his sincere efforts and persuasions for making the arrangements of this special batch in the shortest time available.

SNEA Pune conveys sincere thanks to all officers from Circle office Mumbai, BRBRAITT Jabalpur, Pune SSA and RTTC Pune namely Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, PGMT Pune, Shri. Aman Jaiswal, GM HR Admn Mumbai, Shri. A. Pradeepan AGM Estt Mumbai for their timely actions in arrangements of this.

SNEA Pune appreciates the efforts taken by Com. Prayag Pisal, JS Pune SNEA MH, Com. Dilip Bhogade, DS SNEA Pune and other SNEA activists /leaders for consolidating the individual request and conveying time-to-time feedback and persuasion for arrangements of such special Batch at RTTC Pune in minimum possible time and when earlier schedule was cancelled.




\10 April 19:   BSNL MRS Card of retired BSNL Employees

For Annual revalidation of BSNL MRS cards, retired BSNL employees can approach to the Divisional Engineer of their residential area in the month of April 2019.

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Gudhi Padwa


\02 April 19:   SNEA Pune congratulates, Comrade Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, SDE (Intl CSC) Akurdi on her Retirement after completion of long and highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

Com. Mrs. Rujuta Joshi, SDE (Intl CSC) Akurdi (Mob 9423569769) has joined services in DOT in 1989 in Ratnagiri SSA as TOA. In 1992, she is promoted as TTA Transmission and posted in Ratnagiri Carrier station. In year 1998, she was transferred on her request and posted JTO Int Talegaon and then she has served as JTO CSC, MDF, and Building Bhosari, JTO EWSD, JTO E-10 B, MDF PP & Building, JTO Kharalwadi Int RSU. In year 2012, she was promoted as SDE and up to 2019 worked as Alumni Intl & CSC. She has completed NGN area transfer of Akurdi Exchange in 1st phase within targeted period successfully with consistent hard work. She has worked hard for CSC Akurdi wherein done door-to-door marketing. She has consumed retailer balance of about 5 lakhs by convincing staff under AGM Akurdi & motivated staff to take more balance. After consistent hardships for achieving SIM sale & C TOP UP and received certificate of appreciations in Oct 2017, Oct 2018 , Nov 2018 and Dec 2018 for achievements of targets of C Top Up & SIM Sale. She has taken special efforts for energy conservation by conversion of HT Electricity connection into LT and getting refund of security deposit paid by BSNL. She is die-hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part in association activities by supporting each call by Association. She is known for her honesty & punctuality with up gradation and success thereof. She has rendered thirty years of service in DoT, BSNL with target orientated approach with full dedication and always contributed by best services to DOT/ BSNL & SNEA and opted VRS from 01/02/2019 after successful 30 years of successful services in DoT/BSNL.

SNEA Pune wish her “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.


\31 Mar 19:   SNEA Pune congratulates, Comrade Arvind N. Bartakke, SDE Yerwada, Comrade Udai Bhan Pandey, SDE Viman Nagar on their peaceful Superannuation Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

Comrade Arvind N. Bartakke, SDE Yerwada (9420496682). He started his carrier in Pune from 1980 as a technician. As a technician he served for Crossbar and Strowger Exchange and later on in Transmission. He passed JTO exam in 2001. From year 2012 to 2015 completed tenure as JTO Pen (Transmission) in Raigad and thereafter up to 2018 worked as JTO FTTH.

He is very glad to complete his 39 years of service in DoT and BSNL and retiring on superannuation as SDE Yerwada. Due to his devotion and relations he could put the very good image of BSNL in the Rural and urban society of Pune. Die-hard Comrade A. N. Bartakke has taken active participation in all association activities.

Comrade Udai Bhan Pandey, SDE Viman Nagar Pune (9423505400). In 1982 Comrade Udai Bhan Pandey got posted at Moradabad, UP as a technician. Started his carrier in Pune from 1984 as a Phone Inspector. Became JTO in year 1996 and worked under DE Extl MKR. He Completed his tenure at Shirur as a SDE officiating from the year 2003 to 2005. He was posted as regular SDE at Mohamadwadi, Pune. Till the last date in BSNL, he is fully dedicated and devoted executive. He is working as SDE Viman nagar since 2014.

He is die-hard member of SNEA from the beginning and always supported association activities. He always contributed best service to DoT / BSNL and SNEA.

SNEA Pune wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.



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28 Feb 19:  

SNEA Pune congratulates, Com Suresh M. Chand, SDE Pune SSA, Com. Mrs Veena Kulkarni, SDE Pune SSA on their peaceful Superannuation Retirement after completion of long & highly successful services in DoT/BSNL. 

Comrade Suresh. M. Chand (Mob 9423571555),  is native of Phursungi, Pune from farmer and joint family background. His brothers are also working in BSNL. He is having a family of very well educated daughter, son and Son in Law. His daughter is Master in Computer and worked in US, Son in law is in Infosys and Son has done MBA Finance and working in IB School.

Com. Suresh. M. Chand,  SDE OFC Rural/NOFN Pune SSA and CWC Member SNEA MH Circle,  was appointed as Technician in May 1984 at WTR Pune. He was promoted as JTO in 1997 after passing JTO LICE from TTA Cadre and from 1997 to 2003 worked as JTO Nira and thereafter up to 2009 worked as SDE Saswad. He has also worked as SDE CSC Madgaon Goa SSA during his two years tenure in Goa SSA. On his transfer back to Pune, he was again posted as SDE Trans Pune. On his regular promotion as SDE, he was posted as SDE Trans Pune. He is one of the most sincere officers in BSNL who has rendered his dedicated services for DoT and BSNL. His contribution of Transmission/OFC works in Pune SSA has been remarkable and till last date of superannuation retirement, he is very active and involved in day-to-day OFC Maintenance and NOFN works.

Initially as Technician/TTA, he was very active union leader and was instrumental in organising different union activities. First he had taken a charge of DS Rural of BTTU in 1985. He strongly leaded in all activities for the benefits of technician. Many time he attended meeting at Baramati by travelling through Luna. Due to his devotion and relations he could bring best image of BSNL in the Rural society of Pune. On his promotion as JTO he joined SNEA and since beginning he has been active member and very active and sensitive leader of SNEA. He was instrumental in holding Circle Conference of SNEA MH at Pune in Jan 2015, CEC meeting of SNEA MH in Feb 2019 and so many such events of SNEA in Pune SSA. He has rendered his dedicated services as ADS SNEA Pune from 2006 to 2007 and as District President SNEA Pune for three years. With post or without any post in SNEA, he is recognised as leader of SNEA and his successful contribution in first Membership verification of Executives Association and overall contribution towards SNEA will be written in golden letter in History of SNEA Pune. He was elected as CWC member in CEC Meeting of SNEA MH held at Jalgaon in Oct 2018 and was representing SNEA Maharashtra at SNEA CHQ. Though he is working as CWC member of SNEA and has taken many posts in SNEA but he never perused his own case with Circle Office. Like his name as 'moon' he is always calm and active giving a light in bad patch also.

Com. Suresh. M. Chand  is instrumental in strengthening SNEA Pune due to his leadership qualities and human approach towards each and every executive in general and every members of SNEA in particular. He is known for his smiling face and evergreen approach to help anybody in need of help with his calm and co operative nature with all officers and subordinates. Today after completing of highly successful 37.5 years of services in DoT/BSNL, he is retiring on superannuation retirement.

For his Grand retirement function many members and leaders were attended at TRC Club MHS Bhavan Pune on 26th Feb 2019. Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Sir, PGM Pune and Shri S.M. Bhatamabre, GM Transmission Pune open heartily appreciated his work style and obedient nature. Com. Nagesh Nalawade, CS BSNLEU, Com. Dilip Jagdale, DS NFTE, Com. M. I. Jakati, DS BSNLEU, Com. Changdeo Sarode, DS BMS also shared many glimpse of Com. S. M. Chand in this function.

Grand felicitation program was arranged by SNEA Pune. In this function Com Dilip Bhogade DS SNEA Pune, Com Bharat Sonawane, CP SNEA MH and Com M S Adasul, CS SNEA MH shared very positive and heart touching activities of Com S M Chand. He was awarded by giving a trophy as “DEVOTED COMRADE” by the hands of our dashing and dynamic leader Com Adasulji and Shri Arvind Vadnerkarji, PGM Pune. Com S. M. Chand shared that he could done this as there are many choice of fields in BSNL to work. So any executive can freely work in any field as per comfort and save BSNL. Vote of thank given by Com Baravakar and program was anchored by Com P.S. Kinikar.


Com. Mrs Veena Kulkarni (Mob 9422004727), SDE Internal MKR Pune SSA, has joined her services in DoT as TOA in 1982 in Ahmednagar SSA. In year 2004, she was promoted as JTO through LICE and was posted as JTO NIB at MHS Pune. In year 2008, she was posted as JTO E-10 B MKR Pune. On her promotion as SDE in year 2011, she was posted as SDE OCB MKR Pune and till last date of retirement, as fully dedicated and devoted executive, she is working as SDE OCB MKR Pune. She is die-hard member of SNEA from the beginning and always supported association activities by her active participation. She participated in all activities of SNEA Pune and had given a small donation to the association. During 35 years of services in DoT/BSNL, she is now retiring on superannuation and during her services; she has always contributed her best services to DoT/BSNL and SNEA.

SNEA Pune wish them “Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Highly Successful Long Retired life”.










17 Feb 19:  Three days  strike w.e.f. 18/02/2019

Dear Comrades,

Very Good Morning. Since last 2-3 days , we have detail discussions on participation of SNEA MH in three days  strike w.e.f. 18/02/2019.

After accessing the changed  circumstances and need of strongest unity of the executives and non-executives throughout Maharashtra Circle in this difficult period of  BSNL  and after  taking views of majority of leaders &  comrades of SNEA MH , we have decided to review our decision of CEC Pune and  accordingly all comrades of SNEA MH will participate in this three days strike w.e.f. 18/02/2019.

On behalf of SNEA MH we appeal all Comrades to participate in the three days  strike and make it grand success.

All our beloved Comrades and leaders  of SNEA MH are requested to take leading role in strike and make it 100% successful.

SNEA Zindabad,

AUAB Zindabad.

- with warm regards,

M. S. Adasul,









05 Feb 19:  Notice for Emergency CEC Meeting.

One day Emergency Circle Executive Committee (CEC) of SNEA Maharashtra Circle will be held at Conference hall, Bajirao Road Exch, Pune, on 9th Feb 2019 10.00 Hrs.



On third death anniversary,

SNEA pays tribute to life time great leader,

Com W Seshagiri Rao,

the Hero of SNEA and proud of executives in BSNL.