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Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

Make extensive preparations. Success of the strike going to decide the future of BSNL and the future of the employees.100% participation should be there from SNEA(I) Pune. For making the strike 100% success the following committee has been formed at some prominent places. The details are,


Committee Member-I

Committee Member-II

Committee Member-III

PGMT Office

Com.S.M.Chand (09423571555)

Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ( 09420495477 )



Com.Phirke ( 09422944441 )

Com.Nitin Pise ( 09423579988 )


Bajirao Road

Com.S.P.Sonawane ( 09422272800 )

Com.Prayag Pisal ( 09422324566 )

Com.Mrs.Girme ( 09422006366 )

Shukrawar Peth

Com.R.V.Jadhav ( 09423066767 )



Bhavani Peth

Com.Vyavahare ( 09422925450 )



MHS Bhavan

Com.V.R.Chaudhari ( 09422025500 )

Com.M.W.Kulkarni ( 09422016999 )

Com.Mrs.M.S.Londhe 9423567799 )


Com. Satish Alandkar ( 09423035353 )

Com. Khot SDE Civil ( 09422727270 )


Shivajinagar & Model Colony

Com.R.S.Dalvi ( 09422513727 )

Com S.V.Deshpande SDE Civil ( 09422709060 )


MKR & West

Com.D.R.Bhogade ( 09422011570 )

Com.Bolade ( 09422512636 )



Com.M.G.Jadhav ( 09423890666 )

Com.A.M.Patil ( 07588021411 )



Com.B.B.Dhage ( 09423567044 )

Com.Honrao (


All committee in charge will ensure 100% participation of our members.All comrades will gather at gate of their work place.As per the decision in JAC meeting held on 18/04/2015,all the comrades will gather at O/O PGMT,Satara Road Pune on date 21/04/2015 at 12.30 hrs and at Bajirao Road on date 22/04/2015 at 14.30 hrs.The gathering will be addressed by JAC leadrers.In case of any difficulties our members are requested to contact the concerned committee incharge of area mentioned above. All employees should participate in the two days "stay out strike " to "SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION ".

20 APR 15 Joint Forum Meeting  Preparations of Strike:

In order to brief the staff and executives about latest developments in BSNL and appealing them for participating in a big way in the forthcoming Strike of 2 days on 21st & 22nd April 2015, meeting of Joint Forum was organized at TRC club, PGMT Pune on 18th April 2015, Following office bearers attended and addressed the gathering:

1.  Com.S.V.Bhad Circle President, SNEA(I) MH Circle

2.  Com.Nagesh Nalawade Circle Secretary BSNLEU MH Circle

3.  Com.Bharat Sonawane DS SNEA(I) Pune

4   Com.Dilip Jagdale DS NFTE Pune

5.  Com. M.I.Jakati DS BSNLEU

6. Com.Mrs.Vandana Kamthe DS BETU

7. Com.S.C.Patil DS AIBSNLEA

The meeting was attended by Com.S.M.Chand District President SNEA(I) Pune,Com.S.P.Sonawane CWCM SNEA(I) MH Circle,Com.V.R.Chaudhari Jt. Sec. SNEA(I) MH Circle,Com.R.V.Jadhav District Treasurer SNEA(I) Pune,Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS SNEA(I) Pune,Com.Mahanand Gaikwad  ADS SNEA(I) Pune,Com.Dr.Satish Alandkar VP, SNEA(I) Pune,Com.Dalvi OS,SNEA(I) Pune,  Com.Kulkarni M.W.OS,SNEA(I) Pune,Com.P.S.Kinikar Active Member participated in the meeting. All the leaders narrated the current scenario in BSNL and Challenges before the company and Unions/Associations, Why Strike Notice is served, Why everyone should participate in the 2 day Strike on 21st & 22nd April 2015, How Govt and top management is allowing BSNL to become a sick unit, meeting lasted for more than 2 hours, at the end Com.Ganesh Bhoj,Branch Secretary PGMT,BSNLEU presented the vote of thanks.


7 APR 15 Meeting with Director (HR): CHQ President, AGS, Com Dahiya and CS/BSNL Co, Com Khan, met Director(HR) and discussed following issues. 

A.  Filing of SLP in Honble Supreme Court by BSNL against the stay granted by Ernakulam High Court on JTO to TES Gr B promotion:
We strongly pleaded that BSNL should immediately file an SLP in Honble Supreme Court to vacate the stay granted by Ernakulam High Court on JTO to TES Gr B promotion. We informed Director (HR) that there are very strong and justified grounds for BSNL to file SLP against interim order of Ernakulam High Court in view of judgments given by CAT Chennai and CAT Ernakulam comprehensively dismissing the petitions challenging the promotion from JTO to TES Gr on merits. The grounds cited in Ernakulam High Court challenging JTO to TES Gr B promotion are more or less the same that were raised in CAT Chennai and CAT Ernakulam. We also informed Director (HR) that BSNL Management cannot sit as a silent spectator in view of the fact that JTOs are waiting for more than 20- years for their first promotion and must act very swiftly to ensure that stay granted by Ernakulam High Court is vacated is vacated at the earliest. Director (HR) was also informed that this Association is also filing SLP in Supreme Court against the stay granted by Ernakulum High Court. After having been apprised of all the facts, Director (HR) assured that he would discuss immediately the issue with concerned officers and whatever legal action is needed to be taken to facilitate holding of DPC from JTO to TES Gr B would surely be taken. 

B.    Restoration of trade union facilities withdrawn after notification of membership verification process We once again reminded Director (HR) about the discussions we have had with him on this issue and his assurance that he would consider restoration of trade union facilities withdrawn after notification of verification process. We informed him that despite his assurances no further action has been taken in this regard. Director (HR) assured that he would initiate action on this issue immediately.

C.   Reversion of 73 JTOs of UP (W): We apprised Director (HR) on this issue on the same lines we apprised CMD and sought his immediate intervention to ensure that such a dangerous situation does not arise. Director (HR) assured that he would try to take a very sympathetic view of the whole after examining it in detail.


7 APR 15 In two separate letters, AGM Staff Mumbai issued waiting list of request transfers in JTO and SDE Cadre. JTO W/L <<<>>>  SDE W/L   <<<>>>

 Any requests for cancellation or modification of transfers are to be submitted latest by 20/04/2015.  It is also seen over the years that some of officers are not in need of transfers but applying transfers and when order is issued then pressing hard for cancellation, which is wastage of time and energy.

The officers who are not in need of transfers should withdraw their request as it is difficult to get the transfer orders cancelled once it is issued and it unnecessarily disturbs the life of substitute being posted against him and also it affects chain of substitutes.It is also seen that some of officers have submitted options more than one and Staff Section may give any choice available and it is seen that latter stage said comrades complain that it was not his first choice. Hence all such comrades who have given multiple options are requested to confirm choice and give only one most favorite choice and if he /she is willing for any of the opted SSAs, then no problem.

  The officers, who are coming in long stay list of SSA, may also think on their probable transfer as substitute and if their name is coming under zone of substitute, and if willing for any of the SSA, may submit their willingness accordingly to avoid transfers at unwanted locations, otherwise no problem.  

The officers in waiting list should be careful this time, as this is April Month and the request transfers will be considered during this month on the basis of this waiting list. 


6 APR 15 Seniority List 6 and 7 of TES Group B equivalent to SDE (T) Revised: BSNL CO issued revised seniority list 6 & 7 of SDEs as per judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon bled CAT, Chandigarh Bench in TA No. 84/HR/2009. The last date for submissions of corrections in revised list is to be submitted latest by 18/04/2015. Order <<<>>>.


Revised list No. 6    PDF <<<>>>      Excel Format <<<>>>

Revised list No. 7    PDF <<<>>>      Excel Format <<<>>>

6 APR 15 JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon. High court of Kerala: The case is posted in June - 2015, since the court vacation starts from 10-April. Since the Hon. High Court not lifted the interim stay on promotions, SNEA will be filing SLP in the Hon. Supreme Court against the interim stay order. We already completed the work on SLP in advance and will be filed in a few days and fight to get the stay vacated at the earliest.

5 APR 15: HISTORICAL , HIGHLY SUCCESFULL ‘NATIONAL CONVENTION’ AT MUMBAI: By showing strongest & historical unity, the Executives and Non Executives of Maharashtra Circle gathered in mass for the “National Convention” arranged on 01/04/2015 by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations Maharashtra Circle at Mumbai. The comrades from Circle Office Mumbai have shown their 100% participation along with the comrades of WTP Mumbai, WTR Mumbai, Civil/Elect Wing, CTO/Fountain Bldg, DNW Mumbai & QA Mumbai. In an overwhelming response by crossing the limits of expectations of host branch Mumbai, more than 1300 comrades from different districts of Maharashtra Circle participated in the “National Convention” and made it historical, unique and memorable. Many of Pune Comrades have specially attended this convention and confirmed solidarity support to the “Save BSNL , Save Nation “ call given by Central Head Quarters of Forum of BSNL Unions of Associations.

ü In a beautifully organized mammoth convention, Com. R.N.Ayare President Forum Maharashtra Circle & CS NFTE BSNL MH presided over the convention and the prominent dignitaries on Dias were Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU, Com. K.Sebastin, GS SNEA (I), Com. K. S. Sheshadri, Secretary HQ NFTE BSNL, Com. C.M.Saste, OS AIBSNLEA, Com. Nagesh Nalawade CS BSNLEU, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA (I) MH, Com. A.G. Joshi, CS AIBSNLEA MH.

ü Apart from this Com. A.R.Manani VP SNEA(I) CHQ, Com. M.B. Sangle, JS (W) SNEA(I) CHQ, Com. Jhon Vargeese, OS BSNLEU CHQ, Com. K.S. Kulkarni, SG NFTEBSNL, Com. Harish Moktali OS CHHQ NFTEBSNL  specially attended the convention.  

ü Com. S.V.Bhad, CP , Com. S.P.Sonawane, CWC Member, Com. S. M. Chand DP Pune,Com.Satish Alandkar VP,Com D.R.Bhogade ADS,Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ADS,Com.Bharat Dhage OS,Com.Ratnakar Dalvi OS and many other comrades of SNEA(I) Pune participated in the convention.

ü Main speakers who addressed the Convention were Com.K. Sebastin, GS SNEA(I) CHQ, Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU CHQ Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Secretary HQ NFTEBSNL,  Com. C.M. Saste, OS AIBSNLEA.

ü All the speakers appreciated the mass gathering and overwhelming response from Maharashtra Circle and conveyed thanks and total supports to all the comrades of Maharashtra Circle.

ü Com. V.J.Bhandirge JS HQ SNEA (I) MH nicely anchored the initial proceedings of convention like inauguration and welcome of the CHQ & Circle leaders.

ü Com. Nagesh Nalwade, Conveyer Forum MH & CS BSNLEU gave welcome speech, Com. M. S. Adasul, CS SNEA(I) MH anchored the main proceeding of convention and Com. A.G.Joshi, CS AIBSNLEA conveyed vote of thanks.

ü The highly successful convention which lasted for more than three hours concluded at 1400 hrs with national anthem and slogans of Unity and BSNL Zindabad.

ü SNEA(I) Pune salutes the unity of all executives and non executive comrades and conveys gratitude & sincere thanks to all the comrades who participated in this National Convention and extended concrete support to call “Save BSNL, Save Nation” and giving full strength to this very genuine cause. 

3 APR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer orders of SDEs who have completed Tenure during Quarter Ending March 2015. Order <<<>>>

TESA FLASH Editorial:

E1 scale for JTOs and E2 for SDEs?

No promotion even after twenty years! 

Is BSNL Management taking us back to the DoT era of 1980s?

The pay scale of JEs (now JTO) during 1980s was less than that of the selection Grade RSA/PI and that of the JAOs. Hardly 150 to 200 JEs were getting promotion as AEs (now SDE) in an year during that period. For the first promotion, JEs has to wait for 20 to 25 years! Thousands of JEs, even direct recruits, retired without a single promotion as AE. This was the situation in DoT during the 1980s.

The situation has drastically changed during the last three decades just because of the continuous struggle by the Association. All the struggles launched by the Association were astounding successes due to the unity among the officers. The pay scale of JEs was revised upwards thrice, first in 1986, next in 1996 and then again in 2000. External agencies like National Productivity council (NPC) in 1986 and 1996 made sweeping recommendations for upward revision of pay scales after making extensive studies on the strategic importance of this cadre. In 1996, NPC recommended the elevation of the cadre from Group “C” to Group “B” Gazetted along with the pay rise. Both recommendations were accepted and accordingly V CPC recommended upgraded pay scales and Group “B” Gazetted status to JTO cadre. Since 1990, we have witnessed thousands of JTOs being promoted as SDEs.

Recognition of this basic cadre in terms of pay scales and status motivated the entire cadres which in turn contributed towards the growth in Telecom sector. During 1990s and early 2000s, we had seen unprecedented growth in the Telecom sector, in DoT. This was definitely the contribution of the highly motivated employees of DoT and BSNL during that period.

Now, in BSNL, things are started moving in the reverse direction. The pay scales of JTOs and SDEs due for revision from 01.01.2007 has not been finalised so far under the pretext of profitability eventhough the company was making huge profits at that point of time. From 2012 onwards the management has been constantly assuring us of E2, E3 scales if DoT and DPE did not agree to intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A. Now, it appears that the management has more or less made up its mind to demote the backbone of the company, JTO/JAO and SDE/AO to E1 and E2 scales. In the name of litigations, promotions are not at all taking place in SDE, DE and DGM cadres. Litigations are due to the flaws in the RRs or recruitment/promotion processes, not due to the fault of employees. This cannot be an excuse for the management for denying the promotions for years together. In the same company where equal promotional opportunity is expected for all the cadres, the disparity in promotions are so much, in one cadre, Executives have to wait for 20 to 25 years for a promotion while in some other equivalent cadres in other wings promotions are effected just within 5 years. In the present situation, there is no scope for any promotions in the near future at least for another two years in most of the cadres. Anticipating this situation, the Association was demanding a switch over to Time Bound Functional promotions which is also a part of the terms and conditions for absorption. The consultant also recommended the same. But there is no response at all.  There are other serious issues also to be addressed.

The demoralization and de-motivation among the executives reached alarming proportions as very serious issues related to pay scales and promotion, the only motivational aspect available in the company are not getting addressed for years together whatever be the reason. Executives can contribute towards growth of the company provided they are motivated. Therefore, these issues are to be addressed without any delay while giving equal importance to issues related to policies and procurement.

It is at this juncture that we are compelled to serve notice even when a strike notice is already given under the banner of Forum on policy and expansion related issues. We cannot be a simple spectator to what is happening to the cadre as we are the only ones who fought for the cadre, fought for the upliftment of the cadre and continue to fight for that. Let all of us be united as in 1980s and 1990s so that nobody can break us. We will end this journey only when the dignity of the cadre is protected and the issues are comprehensively addressed to our satisfaction. We appeal to all the Executives to join hands in this struggle for the prestige, nay, the existence of the cadre.

3 APR 15: Shri. G.K. Upadhay, CGMT MH Circle writes all SSA Heads for preparation of IPMS Score Cards for Year 2014-15 for every individual and directs all reporting and reviewing officers to attach it with the APRs of the year 2014-15 of all the executives with action & compliance latest by 15/04/2015. Letter <<<>>> 

3 APR 15: DPE, Govt. of India issued office memorandum for maintaining ‘Adhar’ based Biometric Life Certificate for pensioner. Copy <<<>>>

31 MAR 15:CHALO MUMBAI !!!! NATIONAL CONVENTION AT MUMBAI on 01/04/2015: The National Convention by Forum of Unions & Associations, Maharashtra Circle will be held at Praking Area, Ground Floor, BSNL Admn Bldg, Juhu Road, Santacruz, (West) Mumbai 400054, at 1100 hrs on Tomorrow, Wednesday, 01/04/2015 for awareness among the comrades about the scheduled strike on 21st & 22nd April 2015 & latest update on this subject related to survival of BSNL and its employees.  This convention will be addressed by Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS NFTE BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU, Com. K. Sebastin, GS SNEA(I), Com. C.M. Saste, OS AIBSNLEA and Com. S.L. Sonawane CS SCSTEWA MH. The CHQ/Circle Office Bearers and District Secretaries of all Unions & Associations in Maharashtra Circle will also attend this National Convention. Com.S.M.Chand DP Pune alongwith both ADS,Area Secretaries and our active comrades will join this convention and give support & green signal to CHQ leaders of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations to go ahead with their call of “Save BSNL, Save Nation”

31 MAR 15:   SNEA(I) Pune  extends  best wishes for all comrades who retire today  on superannuation, for happy  and  peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a  new  journey and exceptional chapter of

your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate

you on your retirement.

26 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for fresh VCs of JTOs for proposed JTO to SDE DPC and last date of submission of VCs is 06/04/2015. Letter <<<>>>       


26 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai endorsed letter issued by BSNL CO for calling information about PA/PS working in Maharashtra Circle & last date for submission of information is 27/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>  


26 MAR 15: BSNL CO announced life time GSM Prepaid plan with Auto Validity extension. Letter <<<>>>  


26 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai writes SSAs Heads calling for justification of vehicles as per assets as on 31/03/2015 for annual review of vehicles. Letter <<<>>>  

24 MAR 15: Contempt case at Hon Delhi HC on ITS issue: After preliminary submissions by all, the case posted to 21.05.2015.

23 MAR 15: As per orders from DoPT, 14/04/2015, is declared as closed Holiday on account of Birthday of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Letter <<<>>>  




20 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for own cost volunteers from JTOs of age less than 40 years for ERP Core Team at ALTTC Ghaziabad. Letter <<<>>>  


20 MAR 15: As per letter issued by Maharashtra Circle, Com. P.D.Rade , DGM Admn Mumbai will be Liaison Officer for OBCs in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>  


20 MAR 15: Meeting with Sri S. S Aggarwal, GM (Pers): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM (Pers) on 19.03.2015 and held discussions on the following subjects:

a.     Finalization of committee report on officiating pay fixation issues: GM (Pers) informed that the data and information submitted by the Assn is verified by the section and a final meeting will be held after that to finalise the report.

b.    DE to Adhoc DGM promotions: Assn suggested to consider promotion for the DEs who seniority is not going to be disturbed on implementation of Rule 206 as per Hon SC order: After detailed discussion, GM(Pers) agreed to examine the case once the work on revision of seniority list is completed. We requested to complete the work at the earliest and issue the promotion order this month itself, if possible as DPC is already over and current VC is available.

c.      Transfer from soft tenure stations on promotions, long stay etc: After detailed discussions, it was agreed to implement uniform policy for all tenure stations. Accordingly the transfer from soft tenure stations will be cancelled shortly. This issue was discussed with DIR(HR) also recently.

d.    Amendments in SDE(T) RRs: GM(Pers) informed that SDE(T) RR is under the consideration of BSNL Board.

e.     Changes in SDE(TF) scheme and syllabus for LDCE: After discussion, GM(P) agreed to discuss the changes with DIR(HR).


19 MAR 15: By declaring vacancy position of DGMs in different SSAs in Maharashtra Circle, AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from 29 DEs for DGM LA Arrangements and last date of submission of willingness by email is 20/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for 6 week Phase II training for 15 JTOs which will start w.e.f. 13/04/2015 at RTCC Nagpur. Letter <<<>>>


19 MAR 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes CMD, BSNL regarding Immediate action to recruit at least 300 DGMs from among Internal candidates as a onetime measure & to Increase the number of MTs from proposed 150 to 300 from among Internal candidates. Letter <<<>>>  


19 MAR 15: Meeting with Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(HR), BSNL on 13.03.2015: GS and President met Sri A. N. Rai and discussed the following issues:

a.     Switching over to Time bound Functional promotion from the existing seniority based promotions: Now promotions in various cadres held up due to litigations especially in Engg wing. Thousands of SDE, DE and DGM posts are vacant. JTO eligibility list is under challenge since 2009. All the SDE seniority lists (1 to 7) are quashed by the Hon Supreme Court. Promotions in various wings of the same company varies years together. JAO to AO promotion happening in 4 years whereas JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion is not happening even after 20 years, JTO (C/E) to SDE(C/E) promotion is after 22 to 23 years etc. The uniform promotion policy for all the cadres in various wings is to be implemented as assured at the time of promotion.  Only solution is to switch over to TB functional promotion. The consultant also proposed the same. DIR(HR) assured that serious discussions in this regard can be held in the month of April.

b.    Finalization of  pay scales of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres by E2, E3 scales from 01.01.2007: Assn pointed out that even after repeated assurances by the Management and rejection of the proposal by the DPE and DoT, no action is taken by the management so far to finalise the pay scales. The basic cadres are facing the threat of demotion which cannot be accepted at all. DIR(HR) is of the firm view that management is not in a position to consider this proposal due to financial constraints and even suggested that the future recruitment can be in E1 scale.

c.      30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: Assn requested to resolve this issue as it is pending since pay revision. DIR(HR) informed that considering the financial condition of the company, 2% to 3% is under consideration of the Management at present which will be reviewed later. Assn requested to reconsider this and work out a mutually agreeable solution for all the stake holders with considerable hike in the percentage.

d.    Transfer from soft tenure areas: Assn requested to clear the confusion on transfer from soft tenure areas on long stay and promotion. The treatment on tenure and soft tenure stations should be uniform for all the purposes to avoid confusion. DIR (HR) agreed to our suggestions and told that uniform policy will be followed for tenure and soft tenure areas on transfer on long stay and promotion.

Comrades, the developments on pay scales, TB functional promotion and 30% superannuation benefits are not at all encouraging. On the other hand Management is not able to promote the executives to the vacant SDE, DE and DGM posts, simply citing court cases. This all compel us to re-launch the trade union actions we deferred in March, 2014 after repeated assurances. Make preparations accordingly.

19 MAR 15: Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 16.03.2015: GS, President and both AGSs met Sri Anupam Shrivastava and discussed the following issues:

a.     Switching over to Time bound Functional promotion from the existing seniority based promotions: Assn explained the litigations going on seniority related issues which blocked the promotions in almost all the cadres. The litigations may continue in the future also. Only solution is to switch over to TB functional promotion. The consultant also proposed the same.

b.    Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 from 01.01.2007: Even after repeated assurances by the Management and rejection of the proposal by the DPE and DoT, no action is taken by the management so far. The basic cadres are facing the threat of demotion which cannot be accepted at all.

After discussion CMD, suggested to have further discussion with DIR (HR) on these issues and will have discussions after that.


18 MAR 15: Maharashtra Circle issued orders for refusal in DE regular cases. Letter <<<>>>


18 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls for information on new court cases on JTO to SDE LICE from different Circles. Letter <<<>>>


18 MAR 15: 147 seniority case: Hon SC directed to complete the services in 4 weeks time. Service is incomplete in one SLP filed recently. The case will be listed after completion of service.


17 MAR 15: BSNL CO writes to all CGMs on improvement of Quality of Mobile data services. Letter <<<>>>


17 MAR 15: NGN switch formally commissioned by Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon MoC & IT on 13.03.2015. We wholeheartedly congratulate DIR (CFA) and the entire team associated with the commissioning of NGN project for having accomplished this significant and critical business breakthrough.

NGN is having the additional features like Fixed mobile Convergence (FMC -- transfer of calls from fixed to mobile and mobile to fixed as per user convenience), Prepaid landline, IP (Pan India) Centrex, CUG of mobile and fixed line customers on an all India basis, multimedia video conferencing involving large number of users at a time and video calls. 


15 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer orders in respect of long stayed female SDEs by giving consideration to the willingness given by individuals. Letter <<<>>>

14 MAR 15: BSNL CO clarified that that officers not full filling eligibility conditions of Looking After arrangements cannot be considered for giving charge of higher post with Functional powers. Letter <<<>>>

14 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued binding orders for issuing Presidential Orders in respect of left out TSMs on their absorption in BSNL with warning to held SSA Head responsible for any such pending case after 31/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


13 MAR 15: JTO to SDE casein Hon. High Court Ernakulam: After partial hearing the case is posted on 07-04-2015.


13 MAR 15: Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations served  Notice for two days strike  on 21/04/2015 and 22/04/2015 on  demands for Revival of BSNL. Notice <<<>>>

13 MAR 15:Overwhelming Response from comrades of Pune for lunch hour demonstations on 12 March, 2015 at O/O GMT,bajirao road,Pune: As per call given by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations, about most of the comrades in Pune  have participated in lunch hour demonstrations making it highly successful and showing their commitments to the genuine demands raised by Forum with total unity of executives and Non executives. Thus comrades have given their unconditional and devoted support to “Save BSNL” Campaign and Opposing recommendations of Deloitee committee”. Many of the CHQ, Circle & District Leaders of different unions & associations have addressed mass gathering during lunch hour demonstrations and explained the different demands raised by Forum and its importance in call given for “Save BSNL” Campaign and Opposing recommendations of Deloitee committee”. With stronger and historical unity of Executives and Non executives throughout Pune SSA, comrades have shown committed support for continuation of “Save BSNL” Campaign and Opposing recommendations of Deloitee committe”.call till settlement of demands.   

        SNEA (I) Pune conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to comrades of Pune & leaders of different Unions & Associations in Pune for their overwhelming response and making historical and grand success.

11 MAR 15:  Lunch hour demonstration on 12/03/15 : As per call given by Unions & Associations, lunch hour demonstrations will be held at O/O GMT ,Bajirao Road,Pune-02 on 12/03/2015. All the comrades are requested to understand the need of situation and take active part in mass Lunch Hour demonstrations and make it programme a grand success. 


* Revival of BSNL

* Deloitte Commmittee’s Recommendations.

11 MAR 15: JTO to SDE case in Hon.High Court Ernakulam: The case is posted on 13-03-2015. 

11 MAR 15: JAC Meeting of pune : JAC Meeting of Pune was held on date 09/03/2015 at Conference Hall,New Admin Bldg,Pune to discuss on following agenda points,

1.BTS Maintenance Issue.

2.Broadband Maintenance Issue.

3.Store Allotment Issue.

4.FTTH Issue.

5.HR Issue.

In the meeting,SNEA(I) Pune was represented by our District President Com.S.M.Chand.He played very vital role in the meeting for discussion on agenda.

11 MAR 15: JTO to SDE case will be listed today in Hon.High Court Ernakulam. 

11 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued corrigendum to recent order for ban on Rule -8 transfers of JTOs from Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>

         This was one of the issues raised by SNEA (I) MH during discussions held with Shri. Pravin Malhotra Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai on 10/03/2015 wherein we have expressed the unrest among the JTOs about the total ban on Rule -8 transfers and withholding of Rule-8 applications in SSAs itself. After discussions, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai has expressed the circumstances under which such harsh decision is taken by his office. He was kind enough to review matter for receiving all Rule-8 applications in Circle Office Mumbai and to maintain waiting list register for same and accordingly & immediately corrigendum is issued today for same. As such all SSA Heads and controlling officers will not held up any Rule-8 request transfer applications of JTOs and all the applications will be forwarded with their recommendations to Staff Section Mumbai and staff section will maintain Waiting list register for all such Rule-8 applications.

This is just some relief to JTOs seeking rule-8 transfers and it will be step towards transferency in implementation of Rule-8 request transfers  which are being received in more numbers nowadays and in recent past Circle Office has taken decision not to implement any Rule-8 transfer order due to acute shortage of JTOs. SNEA (I) MH will continue persuasion of this matter with probable solutions and methods for implementation of all these Rule-8 transfers at least in phase manner and at the same time matter will be taken up with BSNL Corporate Office for fresh recruitment of JTOs. In case JTO recruitment is not possible in coming days, then matter will be taken up for relieving of JTOs under Rule -8 transfers by calculating strength of JTO & SDEs together or by adopting any other probable solutions wherein works of BSNL will not suffer to much extent and JTOs asking Rule-8 transfer will also not suffer for long time. Let us hope for the best.   


11 MAR 15: BSNL CO conveys approval for waival of 50% Installation charges on  provision of new landline connections and 100 % Installation Charges  on provision of new Broadband connections and this waival will be applicable up to  31/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>

11 MAR 15: BSNL CO offers 3G data Card at reduced sale price to BSNL Broad Band customers and revised plans will be applicable from 16/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


11 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued information on procedures followed by BSNL in management of Gratuity Fund and Leave encashment Fund. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 15: JTO to SDE case is not listed for hearing today at Hon HC, Ernakulam even though another bench on 05.03.15 directed to list the case on 09.03.2015 for hearing. Final hearing expected this week itself.


9 MAR 15: GS SNEA (I) CHQ writes to CMD, BSNL demanding deduction of subscription from the salary of Executives through check off system. Letter <<<>>>

    This was one of the resolutions passed in our CEC Yavatmal and SNEA (I) MH is pursuing it in each and every meeting of SNEA (I) CHQ including recent CS & CHQ office bearers meeting at Delhi.


9 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai issued allotment of Welfare grant of Rs. 47,35,100.00  for different SSA Staff Welfare Boards. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 15: CAO CA-I Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO instructions on closure of Accounts for Financial Year 2013-14. Letter <<<>>>


9 MAR 15: In an unsigned letter GM Fin Mumbai writes SSA Heads on ERP issues concerning Account closure. Letter <<<>>>

8 MAR 15:SNEA(I) Pune conveys 8th March International Women's Day greetings to all.

! happy women’s day !

“Truly proud to be a woman who is a symbol of GOD’s Shakti, Love, Compassion, Dignity, Strength & so on….the list of her qualities is endless.So hats off to all women of the world!”

7 MAR 15:  Heartiest Congratulation our  active SNEA member Com Dr.Milind V.Mahajan SDE Mobile:

Our active member has proved once again his excellence as he has been successfully awarded  Ph.D degree in Marketing Management” by Tilak Maharashtra University of Pune on 14 Feb 2015. His research topic was “Study Of Customer Satisfaction Of Corporate Customers Of Telecom Service Operator- with special reference to Pune city” ( Period May- 2011 to Mar 2013) ”. Com.Milind V.Mahajan is very dedicated and hard worker who has also received prestigious “Vishistha Sanchar Seva award in 2012”. He is playing very active role in installation of new ZTE BTS in Pune.

7 MAR 15:  International women’s day celebration: BSNL CO decided to celebrate “International Women’s Day” by organizing different programs from 08/03/2015 to 13/03/2015. Circle and SSA heads are also requested to arrange similar programs at Circle as well as SSA level. <<<Letter>>>

7 MAR 15:  SSA wise status of Targets and achievement on redeployment of 2G/3G BTS as 28/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>


7 MAR 15:  By quoting heavy penalties of Rs. 1.04 Crore during Quarter Ending June 14 & Rs. 38.5 lakhs during Quarter Ending Sep-14 ,  GM NWO CM Pune writes to DEs under his control to take all out efforts for enhancing quality of GSM services in close coordination with field DE/SDEs and  weekly meetings with SSA Heads. Letter <<<>>>


7 MAR 15:  In historical achievement BSNL Maharashtra Circle grabs 1 silver & 5 Bronze medals in 14th  All India BSNL Athletics meet at Trivendrum, Kerala Circle which was held from 26 to 28 Feb 15. This may be first occasion when Maharashtra Circle has won six medals at a time.

·        Com. Smt.V.N. Bhujbal, Pune SSA won Silver in 800 Mtrs run.

·        Com. Smt. Suman Kadam, Kalyan SSA won 3 Bronze Medals respectively in 200 Mtrs, 400 Mtrs & 100 Mtrs hurdles.

·        Com. Deepak Barwadkar, Pune SSA won 2 Bronze Medals respectively in 100 Mtrs & 200 Mtrs dash.

        This highly successful Athlete team of MH-Circle was headed by Team Manager Com. A.J.Pathan, Wardha SSA and other participant of MH team were Com.  H.K.Chauhan, Wardha SSA, Com.  Shakeel, Kalyan SSA, Com. Rakesh Pethare, Sangli SSA, Com. Shivaji Patil Jalgaon SSA & Com. Smt. Mahajan from Jalgaon SSA

       SNEA (I) Pune congratulates this entire athlete team of Maharashtra Circle and especially all three winners on their great achievement and keeping flag of Maharashtra Circle high.

PHOTOS <<<>>>


5 MAR 15:  JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon. High Court of Ernakulam: As there is no sitting of Bench today the case is posted on 09-03-2015.


5 MAR 15: BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of DE Regular promotions by some of SDEs/DEs as per refusal submitted by individuals. Order I <<<>>> Order II <<<>>>


PUNE wishes one and all


5 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai published list of 100 longest stayed SDEs in Maharashtra Circle and calls for corrections in stay particulars if any from individuals as well as SSA administrations latest by 16/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>

    This list will be mainly operated for posting substitutes for considering request transfers of SDEs working at All India Tenure Stations outside Maharashtra Circle. As per transfer policy guidelines unwilling female executives are not posted to All India Tenure Stations and hence all female candidates in this long stay list which are unwilling for posting to Tenure Stations should submit such written unwillingness within prescribed time to AD Staff Mumbai.


 5 MAR 15: BSNL CO writes Circle Heads to celebrate “International Women’s Day” by organizing different event from 08/03/2015 to 13/03/2015 at Circle as well as SSA level. Letter <<<>>>


5 MAR 15: BSNL CO calls views of PCE Civil & CE Civil  on restructuring of Civil Wing units in view of ERP implementation. Letter <<<>>>


 5 MAR 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for 6 week Phase II Training for 7 JTOs at BRBRAITT Jabalpur w.e.f. 30/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAR 15: Contempt case filed by SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU relating to deployment of ITS in BSNL in Honble Delhi HC came up for hearing today, the Hon. Judge recused to hear this case under the plea that he was a standing counsel for Govt. of India earlier and directed for hearing by a different bench, the case is posted on 23-03-2015.


 4 MAR 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued TTA to JTO Offg Orders for 122 TTAs for 180 days from 05/01/2015. Letter <<<>>>


 4 MAR 15: AGM Admn WTR Mumbai issued request transfer order of six SDEs working in different units of WTR. Letter <<<>>> <<<>>>


 4 MAR 15: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter for separate Liaison Officer for OBC employees in BSNL. Letter <<<>>>


 3 MAR 15: It is understood that the Review petition filed by DoT in Hon. Delhi High court  against the Hon. Delhi High Court order  for  repatriation of un absorbed  ITS officers from BSNL / MTNL   is dismissed.  DoT filed the review petition after three years of the original order. Contempt case filed by SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU relating to deployment of ITS in BSNL in Honble Delhi HC is listed for hearing tomorrow.


 3 MAR 15: DGM NWO CM Mumbai, writes SSA Heads informing that Advance Purchase Order for the repairs of 2G GSM BTS Cards has been placed with M/s Communications Test Design Pvt Limited. Letter <<<>>>

        This is another important step towards the improvement of GSM services by Maharashtra Circle, because due to adamant stand taken by M/S ITI in repairs of faulty cards & mainly cards of BTS purchased under 2M & 3M GSM project were not at all attended by M/S ITI for months together which has badly affected GSM services provided by BSNL throughout Maharashtra Circle. This letter states that the detail procedure of repairing of 2G BTS faulty cards is being intimated, but it will be centralized process under control of GM NWO CM Pune and all the field units will have to handover faulty cards to vendor through office of GM NWO CM Pune and till the procedure is being finalized all field units can list out all the faulty cards, keep it ready for sending for repairs, immediately on intimation of procedure which will be declared within 2-3 days.

3 March 2015: Best Wishes for the S.S.C.Exam-2015 : District Secretary of SNEA(I),Pune  Conveys best wishes to the wards of BSNL employees who are ready to appear for the S.S.C board examination 2015.

28 FEB 15: Congratulation : Mrs. Sujata Ray present ED/Finance is selected as Director(HR)/BSNL Board. SNEA(I) Pune wholeheartedly congratulates to her as Director(HR).

28 FEB 15: Distribution of Executive Dairy 2015 :  Distribution of Executive Dairy 2015 printed by SNEA (I) MH Circle has been started from 26/02/2014. All the SNEA members are requested to collect the diaries of SNEA(I) only. The area wise distribution will be as below,



3.DGM CHD : 29 NOS



6.DGM MM : 06 NOS

7.DGM NIB : 40 NOS



10.DGM TX : 29 NOS

11. DGM WEST : 32 NOS

The co-ordinators for collection of diaries are,


2. DGM CENTRAL : Com.R.V.Jadhav DT

3. DGM CHD : Com.Bharat Sonawane DS

4. DGM EAST : Com.S.D.Alandkar VP

5. DGM EB(GOLD) : Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ADS

6. DGM MM : Com.M.G.Kulkarni SDE Works

7. DGM NIB : Com.V.R.Chaudhari JS MH

8. DGM RURAL : Com.K.H.Jawle SDE Tech Rural

9. DGM S&M,PLATINUM : Com.S.P.Sonawane CWCM MH

10.DGM TX : Com.S.M.Chand DP

11. DGM WEST : Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS

The details for process of Bill for payment i.e. generation of PO is as below,

Vendor Name : SNEA(I) MH CIRCLE,DADAR(W),Mumbai 400028

Vendor Code : 1023850

Item Amt : 00010

Item Code : 16000193

Rate : Rs. 140/-

The diaries can be collected from Com.S.P.Sonawane Room No 205, 2nd Floor, Bajirao Road,Pune 411002 under intimation to DS on SMS. The list of members is available with Com.S.P.Sonawane and the same being mailed to all the concerned. If any non-SNEA member wants our diary,it will be given on written consent by the non-SNEA Member. The concerned co-ordinator will make entry in their list at the time of procurement of diary. In case of any difficulties please mail DS on

28 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA heads for reliving of all Executives under transfer to tenure stations within Maharashtra Circle by 03/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>  


28 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued promotion order in missing cases from DE Adhoc /SDEs to DE DE Regular promotions wherein four officiers from Maharashtra Circle are promoted as DE Regular. Order  <<<>>>  


28 FEB 15: Details of discussions in SNEA (I) CS/CHQ office bearers meeting held at New Delhi on 26.02.2015



Ø The meeting reviewed the CHQ quota and legal fund payments. All Circles assured to clear the dues shortly.

Ø SNEA(I) urgently to focus the HR issues of E2, E3 pay scales, new HR plan and TB functional promotion at least up to AGM/DE level as proposed by the consultant, 30% superannuation benefit, 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years from 01.10.2004 etc. Since new CMD has taken charge and the issues are brought to his notice by the Assn, we are waiting for the positive response from the new CMD and DIR (HR). If positive results are not coming, the agitation programmes already decided will be started by mid April. Ground level preparations to start now itself. Since management given repeated assurances but never met the same, serious preparations to be made for the agitation so that the issues are to be decided once for all.

Ø The proposed norms in HR plan are too stringent. Norms has to be framed analysing the ground realities and operational requirements.

Ø JTO to SDE DPC, LDCE to SDE(T) and SDE(TF), SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotions to be expedited.

Ø Pending amendments in JTO RR, BSNLMS RR and SDE RR to be expedited.

Ø Since no decision is coming on membership verification, all trade union facilities to be restored to SNEA (I). Subscription from salary deduction to be implemented as done in the case of others sections without waiting for the verification. Contentious issues in the recognition rules to be addressed comprehensively.

Ø The AIC venue and timing of next AIC will be announced by 15th March.

Ø FR 22(1) (a) (1) fixation for offtg JTOs and JTOs officiated earlier will be pursued and if required, case will be filed next month.


Ø The meeting reviewed the Parliament March and preparations for the indefinite strike. The Parliament March was a grand success. Conventions in the remaining Circles will be held at the earliest. SNEA (I) has to take initiatives for the success of the strike.

Ø It is reported by several CSs that AMC penalties are waived off in large scale and BSNL is losing crores of rupees in this regard. Most of such decisions are taken at corporate office. When field units are struggling for fund for operations and maintenance, the vendors are paid waiving the penalty for which they didn’t extended any AMC support. Very old cases are reopened and payments made by waiving the penalty. Large scale corruption is suspected in the case. Assn to take up the matter at appropriate level.

Ø Transfer of Assets and mutation of land in different Circles are at very slow pace. Assn to focus of this issue of land mutation.

Ø Posting of CGM/SSA Heads to be transparent and performers only should be given the responsibility. Non performers should be shifted immediately based on their performance during this financial year.

Ø Sharing of tower and 2G BTSs/Antennas to be encouraged. OF, MPLS, 3G and FTTH network to be expanded.

Ø Subsidiary formation and merger of BSNL and MTNL without addressing the contentious issues to be opposed strongly.

Ø OF cable shortage to be addressed. Modem, data card, EPBT etc procurement to be discouraged and direct purchase by the customers from the vendors to be encouraged from the QA empanelled lists.

Ø Issues related to TERM cell and payment due from TERM cell for the BSNL staff on deputation will be taken up with DoT/BSNL. 


Ø Holding National Convention at Kalyan & Aurangabad in presence of CHQ leaders.  

Ø All India Hard Tenure for Gadchiroli SSA as per assurance given in GB meeting of SNEA (I) Gadchiroli.

Ø Arbitrary Transfer of CGMT MH Circle, wrong policies adopted thereof and its impact on growth of BSNL.

Ø Posting of regular PGMT for Pune SSA.

Ø Manmade issues created by GM Fin Mumbai with her egoistic behavior, poor control over function of Finance wing, undue delay in transfer posting and its overall impact of her actions on growth of BSNL Maharashtra Circle.

Ø Pick and choose orders issued by BSNL CO and aggrieved actions and pressure for its implementation from BSNL.   

Ø Posting of DEs out of Maharashtra Circle during DE Regular promotions and its impact on growth of Maharashtra Circle.

Ø JTO to SDE DPC under 67% SCF quota, feelings of Maharashtra Comrade and advance action for posting of all promoted SDEs in Maharashtra Circle or its territorial Circles by counting vacancy position of JTO plus SDE.

Ø Acute shortage of executives in Finance wing of Maharashtra Circle and equal distribution of Finance wing officers among different Circle.

Ø Issues related to Generalization of Pay Fixation orders for JTO Offg and need of action by SNEA (I).

Ø Grant of five advance increment of JTOs recruited under PH quota and JAOs recruited after year 2009.   

Ø Issues related to Diploma Holders of Civil & Elect wing.

Ø Unrest among the executives of Maharashtra Circle due to last minute cancellation of LDCE for SDE promotions under 33% competitive quota and need of early action to hold LDCE by overcoming legal matters.

Ø Undue delay in cancellation, change of station of some of long pending requests of Maharashtra Comrades.

Ø Inter Circle Request transfers of executives and action by SNEA (I) CHQ.

Ø Equal area distribution to for CAF verification of Term Cell at Nagpur, Pune & Mumbai & undue delay on part of CHQ to address this issue.

Ø Utilization of BSNL manpower by Term Cell and difference of penalties imposed on BSNL and other private operators.

Ø Aggrieved actions of some of TERM cell officers & Rotation of officers/staff posted to TERM Cell.

Ø Non reimbursement of different payment viz. salary of officers and Staff of BSNL on deputation to different units of DoT, rent of BSNL accommodation, HRA of different BSNL/DoT officers and staff staying at BSNL Staff Quarters.

Ø Poor performance by vendor M/S HFCL in Cor DECT  CDMA AMC and undue pressure from BSNL CO for waiving of penalty of Rs 22 Crores and releasing payment of about Rs. 44 Lakhs by reopening old case closed case of year 2007 to 2009 and steps for releasing payments in year 2014-15 creating loss of .  

Ø Review of different AMCs on basis of its usefulness.

28 FEB 15: Meeting with Maj. Mohd Ashraf Khan, ED(NB): GS Com K. Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhede and Com Sankar Sanyal, JS East , Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WB Circle, Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTD and C/Presidents of CTD and WB Circles met ED(NB) on 25.02.2014 and discussed the following issues:

a.     Approving the new scheme and syllabus for SDE(TF): GS explained the issue to ED(NB) and requested his intervention to get the proposal approved in the MC. LDCE from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) is pending for long time since the syllabus is not finalised.

b.    Posting of SDE(C ) in A&N Circle treating it as All India tenure: Assn requested to treat A&N Circle as a separate Circle and post SDEs to A&N from All India seniority / long standing list. As of now, SDEs from WB/CTD only sent to A&N on rotation. Like other tenure Circles, A&N posting also to be regulated from All India lists. ED (NB) assured to consider the proposal.

27 FEB 15:Meeting with Sri S. K. Bharadwaj, GM(FP): GS Com K. Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhede and Com Sankar Sanyal, JS East , Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WB Circle, Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTD and C/Presidents of CTD and WB Circles met GM(FP) on 25.02.2014 and discussed the following issues:

a.     Option for the 2010 JAOs: Assn explained to GM (FP) that all the JAOs of 2010 qualified well before the cut off date of 07.05.2010 (the date of pay revision order) and due to administrative reasons their training has been delayed.  Further the recruitment process itself started in 2004-05 and delayed for years together. So the case has to be considered sympathetically. GM (FP) informed that he will try to discuss the issue further in the committee.

b.    Promotion to 230 CAO posts: Assn requested to complete the DPC in this financial year itself, by 31st March. GM (FP) assured that we will try to complete the DPC with the support of the Assn before March, 31st. Almost all the ACRs are received except 31 and we are pursuing the remaining cases.

c.      For the next 336 CAO vacancies, ACRs will be called this week itself.

d.    Promotion from JAO to AO for the remaining vacancies: Assn requested to process the DPC for the next vacancy year so that remaining JAOs of 2006 batch and some of the JAOs of 2010 batch (OC category) also can be promoted. GM (FP) assured to consider the case at the earliest so that the vacancies can be filled up at the earliest.


26 FEB 15: JTO to SDE case at Hon Ernakulam High Court postponed to Monday, 02.3.2015 as bench is not sitting today afternoon.

25 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls date willingness from DEs working Maharashtra Circle for posting as AGM Legal Mumbai & last date for submission of willingness is 28/02/2015. Letter <<<>>> 


24 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai writes SSA /Unit Heads for details of DE LA issued locally and information is to be submitted by tomorrow i.e.25/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>


24 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls date of actual assumption of Charge by DEs on their regular promotion as DE from DE Adhoc/SDE latest by 25/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>  


23 FEB 15: GPF Data Updated for last FININCIAL Year 2013-14: DGM ERP /Fin Mumbai informs all IFAs of Maharashtra Circle about the updated GPF data in ERP in respect of all employees and officers for year 2013-14 and calls for corrections if any by 27/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>


23 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for stay particulars of JTOs/SDEs working in Maharashtra Circle for preparation of long stay list which will be operated during year 2015-16 for posting substitute for Inter SSA/Inter Circle Tenure/Request transfers of JTOs/SDEs. The last date of submission of data is Letter <<<>>>  


23 FEB 15: AGM OP CFA Mumbai writes SSA Heads for closure of 850 Telephone Exchanges with less than 20 DELs. Letter <<<>>>  List of Exchanges to be closed <<<>>>  


22 FEB 15: DoPT issued revised schedule of submission of declaration of assets/liabilities by Public Servants. Letter <<<>>>  


22 FEB 15: Copy of Hon Supreme Court Judgment in CA 4389 of 2010 in SDE seniority as per Rule 206 case. <<<>>>


22 FEB 15: Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL: GS Com K. Sebastin, CHQ President Com G L Jogi and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 20.02.2015 and held discussions for about one hour on issues related to revival of BSNL and HR issues. Initially the meeting was scheduled for 09.02.2015 but due to the meeting with the Forum on the same day, it was postponed to 20.02.15. At the outset we assured our full support and cooperation to him for all the initiatives taken by the Management for the revival of BSNL.

CMD informed that Management will be very tough on the non performers and clear message is already given to all Circles/SSAs. Tough measures will be initiated to bring accountability and easy-going /indiscipline will not be tolerated at all.

On merger of SSAs, Assn told CMD that this move should not further concentrate the power and decision making. CMD informed that as a first step, the HR, Finance and planning activities in few Circles only will be centralised and the performance monitored for one year. If it is found effective, it will be implemented in other Circles also. The operations and related activities will remain with the concerned SSAs.

Finalization of standard Pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadre w.e.f. 01.01.2007: Assn explained the whole issue to the new CMD - assurance given in 2012 to Joint committee formation, rejection of E1A and E2A proposal by DoT, reiteration of implementations of standard pay scales by DPE in December/2012, assurance given to the Assn in March-Sept, 2014, rejection of E1A and E2A proposal by DPE in July, 2014 etc. The JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres which are the backbone of the company is not having pay scales for the last 8 years. There is a difference of Rs 3800/ between the basic pay of a JTO recruited prior to 01.01.2007 and after 01.01.2007.

CMD surprised to see that the pay scales of the JTO and SDE cadres are not finalised for 8 years even after clear instructions and rejection of the E1A and E2A proposal by the DPE/DoT and the committee is not deliberating and finalizing its recommendations as per the mandate given to it. Assn pointed out that in order to further delay the process, MTNL pension issue is unnecessary raised now which is no way connected with the pay revision w.e.f. 01.01.2007. CMD assured that he will discuss the matter with DIR (HR) and ensure that the committee concludes its report and a final decision is taken. We hope that CMD and DIR (HR) will take a final call on E2, E3 pay scales since E1A and E2A scales are repeatedly rejected by DPE and DoT.

Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy: GS told CMD that as on today JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion and DE to DGM promotions are under litigation and Management is not able to fill up the vacancies. The entire promotions based on existing seniority lists from JTO to DGM are blocked. Being that the ground reality, the rationale behind the HR wings move even to stop the “proposal to give time bound promotion up to AGM level without consideration of vacancy” is not known. Is the HR wing having any other proposal to give promotion to the executives from JTO to DGM without any hurdle other than this? We don’t want to here again and again that promotions cannot be done due to court cases. Assn clearly told that nothing less than this proposal is acceptable to us and Management has to reconsider its decision to restrict Time bound promotion without consideration of vacancy” only up to SDE level. CMD assured us to examine the matter before implementation.

30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: Assn explained the status of the issue. CMD informed that the Management is aware of the issue and some proposal is under consideration. Assn told CMD that the proposal under consideration is not going to solve the problem and requested to work out a reasonable solution to the issue after discussion with all stake holders since just like pay scale issue, the affected employees are losing the pension benefits for years together, from 2007.

CMD had a patient hearing for an hour and we got the right opportunity to draw his attention to some of the major HR issues. This is the first time we got such an opportunity to discuss the HR issues with the CMD. We hope that CMD will take appropriate action and initiative to resolve these issues as he understood that these issues are to be resolved in order to motivate the employees.


21 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued transfer orders of CGM level officers in which Shri. M. K. Jain CGMT MH is transferred from Maharashtra Circle to WTP Circle and Shri. Prabhash Singh, present CGMT ITPC Pune is posted as CGMT MH Circle with looking after charge of CGM ITPC Pune. Order <<<>>>  


21 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls willingness from 12 female SDEs in Circle level long stay list for posting at Non Tenure stations having sufficient vacancies & the last date for submission of willingness is 28/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>  

     All these SDE are in long stay list and have not given willingness /refusal for posting at Tenure stations and hence are now given option for posting at Non tenure stations. If any of these SDEs is still willing for tenure stations, SNEA (I) MH will pursue for their posting at Tenure stations subject to vacancies at that particular tenure SSA, otherwise options may be given for any of the stations mentioned in the letter to avoid transfer at random place by administration.


21 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for willingness from JTOs/SDEs/DEs working in Circle Office Mumbai for posting to Vigilance section and the last date for submission of willingness is 28/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>  



21 FEB 15: BSNL CO calls for fresh VC of 61 JTOs & APRs of 11 JTOs in Civil Wing for SDE Regular Promotion under 67% SCF quota. Letter <<<>>> 


21 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued Circle wise revised sanctioned strength of SDE in Civil wing. Letter <<<>>> 


21 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued orders circulating final All India Eligibility list of JTOs. Letter <<<>>>  Eligibility list Part I <<<>>>  Part II <<<>>>

 Part III <<<>>> 


21 FEB 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ  writes to Sri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL submitting views of SNEA(I) on proposed HR plan. Letter <<<>>> 


21 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued clarification on ERP process on looking after arrangements of officers. Letter <<<>>> 


20 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai calls for fresh willingness of SDEs for posting to ITPC Pune & last date for submission of applications through proper channel is 05/03/2015. Letter <<<>>>

Please take care that applications are submitted & processed well within time in working units & are received by Staff section Mumbai latest by 05/03/2015. 


20 FEB 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ  writes to Sri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL regarding finalization of standard pay scales for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres w.e.f. 01.01.2007 in accordance to the agreements reached in Feb-2012 and March/Sept-2014. Letter <<<>>>



20 FEB 15: BSNL CO endorsed judgment of Hon. CAT Jabalpur on discrepancies in holding LDCE for JTO to SDE promotions. Letter <<<>>>



20 FEB 15: NL CO calls for APRs & screening committee reports of JTOs for SDE promotions in 169 missing cases. Letter <<<>>> 


19 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai third time calls for VCs of 16 DEs for E4 to E5 TBP DPC. Letter <<<>>> 


19 FEB 15: In step by step initiatives for improvement of GSM services by increasing uptime of BTS, after new Battery Sets & New BTS Cards now Maharashtra Circle calls for requirement of Min Links for BTS. Letter <<<>>>

19 FEB 15: BSNL signed MoU with Bank of India for different loans for BSNL employees. Letter <<<>>>  MoU <<<>>>

18 FEB 15: Meeting with Sri S. K. Bhardhwaj, GM (FP) on 16.02.2015: GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM (FP) on 16.02.2015 and discussed the following issues:

a.     CAO (Regular) promotion for 230 posts: GM (FP) informed that about 100 VC received by BSNLCO and remaining ACRs and VCs are pursued by BSNLCO.

b.    CAO (Adhoc) promotion for 336 posts: Since the proposal of diversion of 336 posts (25%) from MT quota for CAO regular promotion as in the case of Telecom Engg side is still pending in the BSNL Board, MC given approval for filling the posts on Adhoc basis for the time being. The ACRs and VC will be called shortly for both Adhoc/Regular promotions. BSNLCO is preparing the list of eligible Executives and the work is expected to be completed by this week.

14 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued recommendations of Management Committee of BSNL Board on recommendations of consultant Deloitee Committee recommendations on revival & HR Plan of BSNL. Letter <<<>>>

14 FEB 15: NEW CARDS for GSM BTS : BSNL CO conveys approval to CGMT Maharashtra Circle for procurement of 6003 no. of different types of GSM cards against Faulty & RNP cards for West Zone on tender rates which has been finalized. Letter <<<>>>

14 FEB 15: Meeting with Director (HR): CHQ President and both AGSs met Director (HR) to discuss following issues:

Immediate restoration of trade union facilities suspended consequent to initiation of flawed, objective less, mock and ridiculous membership verification process: We clearly conveyed to Director (HR) that it is completely unfair and arbitrary on the part of Management to keep trade union facilities in frozen condition since notification of membership verification process which is stayed by Karnataka HC for the last more than six months. Besides, this Association is completely and strongly opposed to going ahead with membership verification unless basic and pertinent issues raised by this Association and whose resolution alone will help achieve basic objective of membership verification process are comprehensively addressed, we informed Director(HR). We urged upon Director (HR) to initiate immediate action towards restoration of trade union facilities enjoyed by this Association prior to commencement of membership verification since day to day functioning of the Association stands adversely impacted on frivolous, flimsy and non- existent grounds. Director (HR) assured of very quick action to restore the facilities as early as possible and also assured that he will direct Sr GM (SR) to initiate appropriate action in this regard.  

b.    Monitoring of progress of DPC: We sought personal intervention of Director (HR) to monitor progress of ongoing seniority cum fitness DPC from JTO to TES Gr B and informed him that the progress of DPC is not as quick and on expected lines. We also informed Director (HR) that his personal intervention in closely monitoring progress of DPC has become absolutely necessary in view of slow pace of DPC work. Director (HR) assured that he will monitor progress of DPC personally besides directing concerned officers to expedite DPC as much as possible. Subsequently, we have had discussion with DGM (P) regarding accelerating the pace of DPC work and he assured that necessary action is already being taken to complete the work as quickly as possible.

14 FEB 15: Meeting with Sr GM (SR): We apprised Sr GM (SR) about the discussions that we have had with Director (HR) regarding restoration of trade union facilities and also pleaded with him to initiate quick action to ensure that facilities that have been suspended arbitrarily are restored at the earliest since there is absolutely no justification whatsoever in continuing with suspension of these facilities. Sr GM (SR) categorically assured that immediate action within a couple of days would be initiated to restore the facilities as quickly as possible.

13 FEB 15: SDE LDCE DEFFERED:  It is most unfortunate that the LDCE for JTO to SDE promotions which was scheduled on 15/02/2014 only for vacancies of Year 2010-11 by cancelling examination for other vacancy years is now deferred till further orders.  Letter <<<>>>    

13 FEB 15: DGM HR & Admn Mumbai issued revised eligibility list of 476 JTOs from Maharashtra Circle appearing for LDCE for SDE Regular promotions scheduled on 15/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>   

13 FEB 15: AGM SP/CP Mumbai writes all SSA Heads about availability of Power Plants in Hand by CSDs as well as SSAs and calls for fresh requirement of Power Plants for year 2015-16. Letter <<<>>>   

 13 FEB 15: CGMT MH writes SSA Heads on three different activities of NOFN viz. updating Google Drive, issuing Work Order & sending sms on day to day progress. Letter <<<>>>   

12 FEB 15: SDE LDCE UPDATE : As per BSNL CO letter, the LDCE for SDE Regular Promotions under 33% quota scheduled on 15/02/2015 will be now held only for  vacancies of 2010-11. Letter <<<>>>    Hon CAT Order  <<<>>>

         This order is issued as per directives given by Hon. CAT Gawahati for holding separate examinations for each vacancy year. As such this examination scheduled on 15/02/2015 will be only for JTOs eligible against vacancy year 2010-11. Letter further states that the admits cards issued for JTOs who are eligible for vacancies against year 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-2014 stands as withdrawn. There is no change in examination date and timings & it will be held as per schedule but for limited candidates.

12 FEB 15: 15th  Highly Successful Executive Body Meeting  Of SNEA (I) PUNE  District:  As per call given by Com. Bharat Sonawane , DS SNEA (I) Pune, Executive Body Meeting  was held on 30January 2015  at  Conference Hall, Telephone Bhavan,Bajirao Road,Pune  under Presidentship of Com.S.M. Chand DP SNEA(I) Pune. The meeting was called for knowing the activities at CHQ level from our beloved Com.Vivek Wankhede AGS SNEA(I) CHQ who was on personal visit to Pune and the activities at Circle from our beloved Com.S.V.Bhad Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle.

The following  SNEA (I) leaders  attended and addressed the Meeting,

* Com.Vivek Wankhede AGS SNEA(I) CHQ

* Com.S.V.Bhad Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle

*         Com. S M Chand, District President , SNEA(I), Pune,

*         Com. S.P.Sonawane CWC Member , SNEA(I), MH Circle

* Com.V.R.Chaudhari Jt.Sec.Pune SNEA(I), MH Circle.

Com.Bharat Sonawane DS SNEA(I) Pune.

Com.S.M.Chand DP SNEA(I) Pune.briefed the agenda of the meeting and He also briefed the house about the recent activities of SNEA(I) Pune.

Com.Vivek Wankhede AGS SNEA(I) CHQ in his speech elobarated the activities at CHQ especially on various pending DPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T),DE to DGM(Advoc), various pending DPCs related to Civil,Electical and Accounts wings. He also explained about the major breakthrough which was the amendment in BSNLMS RR in January, 2014 to end adhocism by increasing the quota from 50% to 75%. JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion delayed due to court cases and promotion orders for about 6100 posts will be issued by 10th February if nothing goes wrong. He told about LDCE, which is already notified for all the vacancy years to make JTO to SDE promotion also current in both quotas. Assn is also pleading for JAO to AO promotions for all the vacancies. In the interactive session he replied all the queries raised by the members.

Com.S.V.Bhad Circle President, MH Circle in his speech elobarated the activities at Circle level which includes posting of DE Regular and about forthcoming membership verification.He also highlighted on Inter-SSA non-tenure transfer policy and SSA transfer policy. In his detailed speech on forthcoming membership verification and preparation of SNEA(I) Pune.He also explained role of SNEA(I) Pune  on non-tenure transfers. On the issue of collection of outstanding dues of subscription from members, he appealed all the DoB to collect the dues from members. Lastly he appealed all to show the strength of SNEA(I) Pune in membership verification.

Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS Pune in his speech explained activities at Pune SSA including HR and developmental issues in Pune SSA.

Meeting was also attended by the District Office Bearers including Com.S.D.Alandkar VP SNEA(I) Pune, Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ADS SNEA(I) Pune,Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS SNEA(I) Pune, Com.R.V.Jadhav DT SNEA(I) Pune, Com.R.S.Dalvi OS West, Com.S.C.Kunchge OS(MHS),Com.M.W.Kulkarni OS Mobile, Com.Vyavahare OS (Mobile),Com.Dhage OS(Rural) and many of our active members of SNEA(I) Pune.

The meeting was successfully conducted with the efforts of Com.R.V.Jadhav DT,Com.R.S.Dalvi OS(West),Com.P.S.Kinikar active member and many active members.

12 FEB 15: Copy of interim stay order on JTO to SDE promotions for 3 weeks w.e.f. 04.02.2015 from Hon HC, Kerala: SNEA(I) is the only Assn, we reiterate the only Assn, present in the Hon HC and opposed the stay application in the Hon High Court. Our strong opposition along with the arguments of BSNL lawyer restricted the interim stay for 3 weeks even though the court initially granted stay for one month. In Hon CAT also, impleading applications were filed by others but they never bothered to file reply/counter reply or engage lawyer to argue the case even on final hearing dates. So comrades, don’t get confused or carried away by the propaganda from any quarter. Next date is 24.02.2015. Assn will be filing the counter reply shortly. Assn is pursuing with Management also to file the reply by BSNL in time.

12 FEB 15: It is learned that Hon Supreme Court dismissed the Review Petition filed by some individuals against quashing of seniority list no 6 and 7.

12 FEB 15: Meeting with Sri Vipin Sharma, PGM (BW): GS and both AGSs met PGM (BW) on 10.02.2015 and discussed the following issues:

a. Mutation of land in the name of BSNL: PGM (BW) informed that the progress is very dull. As of now about 5% to 10% of the land only transferred into the name of BSNL. Several Circles, the work is not at all progressing. Since the work is mainly handled by the Plg wing, PGM (BW) requested Assn to pursue at different level to complete the work as early as possible. Proper monetization of land assets can be done only after the mutation of land into BSNL name.

b. External projects, Construction of ATMs, renting our building, quarters etc: PGM (BW) explained the progress in this area and the initiatives taken by different Circles. Some Circles done excellent job by taking up large no of external projects where as some circles taken no initiative in this regard.

c. JTO to SDE promotion: After discussion PGM (BW) informed that expeditious actions will be taken for calling fresh VC as the VC sent by the Circles expired. Immediately on receipt of VC, DPC will be conducted and promotion orders will be issued.

d. Extension of 6500-10500 scales to JTO(C/E/Arch) notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000 at par with JAOs: PGM (BW) informed that the proposal fully justifying the demand is already processed and send to Pers/Estt section for further action.

e.Promotion from SDE(C) to EE(C): PGM (BW) assured that as soon as the proposal is cleared by BSNL Board, action will be taking to promote the SDEs. Civil wing is pursuing the matter at all levels.

11 FEB 15: BSNL signed MoU with State Bank of India for different loans for BSNL employees. Letter <<<>>>  MoU <<<>>>


11 FEB 15: In continuation of poor approach of issuing unsigned  letters, Sr GM Fin Mumbai issued instructions for stopping Temporary Advances  as well as Fuel advances w.e.f. 11/02/2015 till all outstanding amount as on 31/12/2015 are settled. Letter further directs that in no case Temporary/Fuel Advances will not be granted w.e.f. 15/03/2015 for closure of Accounts.  Letter <<<>>>  


11 FEB 15: AGM staff Mumbai issued posting of SDEs on transfer to Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>    


11 FEB 15: BSNL CO calls for details of JTOs as per All India Eligibility list in revised format. Letter <<<>>>    


11 FEB 15: DoPT clarified that Govt Servants eligible for LTC can encash 10 days EL during Home Town as well All India LTC. Letter <<<>>>    


11 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued reminder letter for submission of information on AO Regular Promotions by Circle. Letter <<<>>>    


11 FEB 15: Hon. Supreme Court Judgment in context of grant of grace marks in JAO Part II LICEs held in 2000,2003 & 2007 & giving directives to BSNL for not granting such grace marks in future. Copy <<<>>>    


 10 FEB 15: CAO FC Mumbai issued covering AO LA arrangement orders for backlog period. Letter <<<>>>

     As all JAOs in Maharashtra Circle eligible for AO LA are now promoted as AO Regular, there is no JAO eligible (except one) for AO Looking After (LA) arrangements as other JAOs are not meeting eligibility criteria of LA arrangement i.e. grant of TBP scale as same work is not yet completed. The TBP work of all Finance wing Officers for this year which was due in October 2014 is under process and hopefully it will be completed by fortnight.  Thereafter the LA arrangements in different cadres like AO, CAO & DGM in Finance wing are possible.   


 10 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued reminder letter for submission of information on AO Regular Promotions by Circle. Letter <<<>>>    


 10 FEB 15: Meeting with CMD and Board of Directors of BSNL on the issues of BSNL revival and “SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION” campaign. Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations had a detailed meeting for more than 3 hours with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL, Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(EB & HR) and Sri. N. K. Gupta, DIR (CFA & CM) on the charter of demands for indefinite strike from 17th March, 2015. Smt Sujata Ray, ED (Fin), Sr GM (SR) etc also present in the meeting.

This was the first meeting of the Forum with the new CMD, Sri Anupam Shrivastava. Detailed discussion held on various agenda items. On new HR plan and staffing norms, a draft HR plan will be circulated to Forum for opinion. On staffing norms, further discussions will continue before taking a final decision. On 30% superannuation benefit, BSNL Management agreed to reconsider the proposal of 3% contribution towards pension fund. We will have further discussion with management on these issues to have maximum contribution from the management side.


 10 FEB 15: Meeting with GM(Pers) on JTO to SDE promotion: GS and both AGSs met GM (Pers) and Addl GM(Pers) on 09.02.2015 & discussed the progress on JTO to SDE promotion preparatory work and filing reply in the Hon High Court of Kerala. 


  9 FEB 15: By quoting acute shortage of JTOs in Maharashtra Circle, AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for not forwarding Rule 8 request transfer orders of JTOs from Maharashtra to other Circles. Letter <<<>>>

         Till now all the Rule 8 requests of JTOs have been pursued by SNEA(I) MH and have been issued by Maharashtra Circle as total no. of cases were less at particular time and there was some recruitment /promotions to JTO cadre. But due to no recruitment of JTOs, over the years, there is acute shortage of JTOs in Maharashtra Circle as merely 19% JTOs are working in Maharashtra Circle w.r.t. to sanctioned strength. Also in one stroke about 45 JTOs have requested for Rule 8 transfer from Maharashtra/WTP/WTR Circles and none of controlling officers is ready to relive JTOs without substitute mainly due to acute shortage and as there is no chance of immediate substitute in JTO cadre. Though there are no restrictions on mutual transfers, the restrictions have been put on all Rule 8 transfers of all JTOs from Maharashtra Circle. Though SNEA (I) MH understands the acute shortage of JTOs, total ban of rule 8 transfers of JTOs out of Maharashtra Circle, without any line of future action is not proper & acceptable solutions and SNEA (I) MH will take up this matter with Circle Management for some practical remedy on implementation of Rule 8 transfers of JTOs in phase manner by making alternative/ stop gap arrangements.  


  9 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai declared Recruitment Year of JTOs who have passed TTA to JTO LICE in Maharashtra Circle and presently working as JTOs. Letter <<<>>>

         Declaration of Year of Recruitment was demand from many of newly promoted JTOs as they were not aware about their recruitment year and it was pursued by SNEA (I) MH with different officers in staff section. For any disputes /doubts or correction in Recruitment Year, concerned JTOs may write with details to DGM HR Mumbai.  


 9 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for VCs of  88 DEs for DGM L/A arrangements and last date for submission of VCs in 10/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>   


 9 FEB 15: By taking note of special efforts of Kalyan SSA for protecting UG cable assets of BSNL by proper co-ordination with local authorities, Sr GM NWP CFA Mumbai writes all SSA Heads to take special efforts in similar manner to prevent damages to UG cables by contractors of local authorities.   Letter <<<>>>    


 8 FEB 15: By quoting DO letter by new CMD BSNL, CGMT MH Circles writes SSA Heads for necessary action in implementation of directions issued by CMD BSNL and calls for specific suggestions for improvement of BSNL Business.  Letter <<<>>>    


 8 FEB 15: DGM (Budget) Mumbai writes SSA Heads/IFAs, Unit Heads for updating email ID of vendors for timely intimation of payments to vendors. Letter <<<>>>    


 7 FEB 15: DoPT issued clarifications regarding Voluntary Retirement & promotions of employees who acquires physical disability during service. Letter <<<>>>    


 7 FEB 15: MKS CUG Plan III EXTENDED: Sr GM EB Pune issued extension of “Maha Krushi CUG Plan (MKS) III” with same terms & conditions and now it will be open up to 21/10/2015. Letter <<<>>>    


 7 FEB 15: In an unsigned  letter, Sr GM Fin Mumbai issued instructions for routing files/invoices of payments of Electrical Expenditures from EE Elect to SSA Heads instead of presently being routed to CE Electrical & henceforth CE Electrical will monitor overall Electrical wing Expenditure of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>  


7 FEB 15: Sr GM Fin Mumbai writes SSA Heads for precautions to be taken for “hourly” updating subscribers payments in system to avoid disconnection of services causing dissatisfaction among the customers thereby increasing calls to call centers. Letter <<<>>> 


6 FEB 15: Meeting with DIR(HR): GS and CHQ President met Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(HR) on 05.02.2015 and held discussions on JTO to SDE promotion and the stay granted by Hon High Court on promotions. GS and President told DIR (HR) that the Pers section is miserably failed in its duty as the repeated warnings given by the Assn on the slow pace of DPC work was never taken seriously by the concerned officers. It is the total failure of the Pers section as they could not get the ACRs and VCs from the Circles in time. The Pers section lost control over the Circles. Further Assn requested to explore all the possible legal options to get the stay vacated. DIR (HR) assured that he will personally monitor the developments and all measures will be taken to get the stay order vacated.

 6 FEB 15: AGM DE &R Mumbai endorsed clarification regarding issue of Admit Cards for SDE LDCE and now where DGM level Officer is not available at any units/station then DE/AGM level Officer can sign admit cards. Letter <<<>>>       


 6 FEB 15: In continuation to instructions issued by BSNL CO, CAO FC Mumbai calls for data of Account Personnel from JAO to DGM level in Maharashtra Circle for preparation of gradation list in each grade and its updation  in ERP. Letter <<<>>>  List <<<>>>  


 6 FEB 15: By quoting reason of shortage of experienced senior officers in at different field units, BSNL CO calls for options from long stayed GM level officers for posting out of their present Circle.  Letter <<<>>>    


 6 FEB 15: BSNL CO issued instructions for relieving of AOs promoted and posted out of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>> 


 5 FEB 15: CGMT MH writes SSA Heads on recovery of outstanding dues of landlines customers. Letter <<<>>>    


 5 FEB 15: JTO to SDE promotions: The appeal filed against the CAT judgment in the Hon High Court of Kerala in JTO to SDE promotions, Hon HC stayed the promotions for three weeks with directions to file the reply in three weeks time. The case will be listed after 3 weeks.

         Senior lawyer engaged by us strongly opposed any stay on promotions for thousands of Executives for the sake of two applicants even though we are not made party in the appeal. Our lawyer further pleaded that if at all required, two vacancies for the applicants may be reserved. BSNL lawyer also opposed any stay on promotions. However Hon Court given interim stay for 3 weeks. 


4 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued letter calling for declaration form candidates asking for postponement of Phase II induction Training. Letter <<<>>>    


 4 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued six week JTO Phase II induction training for 8 JTOs in OCB Stream w.e.f. 30/02/2014. Letter <<<>>>   


 4 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai issued six week JRO Phase II induction training for 14 JTOs in EB Stream w.e.f. 16/02/2014. Letter <<<>>>    


 4 FEB 15: CGMT MH writes SSA Heads on poor progress of NOFN Project and asks for five point personal monitoring by SSA Heads and daily sms compliance to CGMT MH. Letter <<<>>>    


 4 FEB 15: CGMT MH writes SSA Heads on progress made in NMEICT Project (VPNoBB) for colleges and asks for compliance by 06/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>   


 3 FEB 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued deputation orders of Three JTOs & One SDE for Phase VII project at Pune with instructions that concerned officers should relived so that they report to GM NWO CM Pune by 05/02/2014.  Letter <<<>>>    

      Hope in similar Time Bound Manner action will be taken for reliving of officers for whom request transfer orders are issued by Circle office for Mobile Wing as well as to different SSAs and not implemented for last seven  months.


 3 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai published list of officers whose names were not considered for E4 to E5 TBP DPC with reasons and calls for required documents. Letter <<<>>>   

           Out of 23 unaccessed cases majority are pending for missing APRs and three cases are pending for want of VCs. All concerned officers are requested to look at least in their own cases to send APRs to AD HRD Mumbai at the earliest. Letter also calls for APRs & VCs of officers who are eligible for E4 to E5 & E5 to E6 TBP during period 01/10/2014 to 31/12/2015.


 3 FEB 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for APRs of 4 JTOs as missing APR cases with instructions to take action against these JTOs if they have not submitted self appraisal within time frame. Letter <<<>>>   


 3 FEB 15: CGMT MH writes SSA Heads for obtaining details of “Adarsh Sansad Gram” from MPs from their SSAs and sent its details to his office latest by 04/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>    


 3 FEB 15: CGMT MH writes SSA Heads to monitor the works of finalization of tendering formalities of NOFN Project on hourly basis and complete target of finalization of tendering formalities by 07/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>    


 2 FEB 15: News From SNEA(I) MH on DE L/A Promotions: SNEA (I) MH writes to Shri. M.K.Jain, CGMT MH Circle about unrest among the comrades about careless approach of Circle management in dealing with DE LA arrangements & compulsions on SSA Heads as well as our SDEs to illegally work as DE LA.  Letter <<<>>>

BSNL CO Orders for Looking After Arrangements <<<>>

SNEA (I) MH points out the following main issues:

·        Adoption of procedure for long-long note sheets by CGMT MH and fear in minds of officers in processing files creating overall delay in settlement of cases.

·        How Circle Management creates wrong picture as if the SDEs are given promotions, when fact is that Looking After is not promotion & it is just stop gap arrangement to fill vacant posts.

·        Points about the careless approach and poor mindset of Staff section in dealing with look after arrangements.

·        Ill mindset of Circle management in calculation of vacancy position of DEs in different SSA, and actual posting of DE in LA arrangements.

·        When 176 posts of DEs are vacant throughout Maharashtra Circle, the staff section counts only 85 vacancies and out of that 85 vacancies only 23 are filled, making DE LA as great Joke.

·        Giving list of 38 officers working as DE Illegally in different SSAs, calls for fresh look on the vacancy position and alternative arrangements to meet the shortages of DEs in different SSAs

·        With wrong interpretation of DE LA & DE Regular promotions, four SDEs already working as DE LA have been denied their right by excluding their names in  DE LA orders and compulsions are created on them for working under juniors.

·        When about 38 SDEs are working illegally as DE LA with local orders of SSA/Unit Heads, the circle management continues with its Mechanical approach by counting DE posts of rational basis.

·        This happens when BSNL has to pay nothing to executives in this temporary arrangement and on the contrary BSNL benefits by giving higher responsibility to executives.   

·        Points out how the SDEs are compelled to work in capacity of DGMs even though they are not eligible to work in DE LA and how one SDE is compelled to be part of Purchase Committee of Telecom factory when it should be DGM level officer or minimum AGM level Officer.

·        Points about poor approach of management wherein SDEs far juniors are compelled to work as DE LA and how three Regular DEs are kept without any work and how one of them is enjoying “Sound Sleep” during duty hours and how nothing has been done by management.

·         How one SDEs whose name doesn’t come in DE LA list is compelled to work as DE CPC (Central Procurement Cell ) dealing with crores of rupees dealings with procurement of stores/equipments for entire Maharashtra circle.

·        Points the controversy that SDEs working as DE LA with local orders continues to work as DE LA without break and how SDEs working as DE LA are revered as SDE on completion of 180 days.

·        How the request of many of SSA Heads for posting additional DEs to meet administrative and functional requirement of SSA are shown dust bin and how SSA heads are compelled to issue illegal DE LA Orders locally.

·        Letter also points out how Circle Management and specially CGMT MH is biased towards such general HR issues and how CGMT MH is taking keen interest only in selected cases of his “Chamchas” and “Culprits” by violating rules and guidelines of BSNL thereby down grading dignity and respect of post of CGMT MH.  

·         How Executives who are in need of reliving are not relived and executives who are not in need of transfers are compulsorily relieved without any human approach.

·        Letter appeals CGMT MH to come out of wrong feedback from His Chamchas and culprits leaders and deal all HR issues in unbiased approach.

·        Appeals CGMT MH to have fresh look at DE LA arrangements and take timely corrective action in this matter and all other pending HR issues.

31 JAN 15: SNEA (I) Pune congratulates, Com. G.S.Iyer SDE MM Pune ,  {9422004999} on his superannuation retirement on today, 31/01/2015 and wish him and his family members A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.  He joined the organization in the year 1973, as a Telephone Operator.He passed departmental competitive exams in 1989 and was appointed as a Phone Inspector for a brief period. He joined as a JTO at Chinchwad. Later he woked at Cantonment Exchange.He worked as a CO at Shankarsheth Road ,SDE Wagholi and also worked as SDE CSC Yerawda.

  In 2009 he was transferred under longest stay, first to Solapur and later to Alibag, Raigad. From 2013 he is working as SDE MM and Stores. He is continuing his duties with same dedication & sincerity till the last day of his retirement. SNEA(I) Pune salutes sincerity, dedication and affection Com. G.S.Iyer SDE MM Pune ,towards BSNL and SNEA(I) and on behalf of Comrades of SNEA(I) Pune wish him and his family members “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy  & Long Retired Life”.


31 JAN 15: Editorial January 2015 <<<>>>   


31 JAN 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes Ms Sujata Rai ED Fin BSNL to expedite filling up of about 250 unfilled posts of CAOs.  Letter <<<>>>    


31 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued new norms for posting of Staff & allotment of Vehicles for CM vertical/Mobile units at different levels i.e. SSA/Area/Circle level.  Letter <<<>>>    


31 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued clarification on fixing of inter se seniority of DR & Departmental  JAOs in Gradation list of JAOs/AAOs as on 02/12/2014 wherein it is informed that Departmental JAOs of 2010 batch cannot be put en-block senior to DR JAOs of Batch 2010.  Letter <<<>>>    


31 JAN 15: Meeting with ED/finance: CHQ President Com. G.L.Jogi,  and AGS, Com Daihya, met ED/finance MS Sujata Ray and elaborately discussed following important issues relating to Telecom Finance personnel:

A.  Proposed amendment of BSNLMS RRs of telecom finance: We informed ED/finance that telecom finance personnel continue to be grossly discriminated against because of inordinate delay in amending RRs to bring them at par with Telecom Engg. and that this discrimination is unfair, unwarranted and completely unacceptable to this Association. Simply because   Board/directors from DOT want HR plan to be finalized by BSNL and for that reason they are vetoing the proposed amendment is totally unreasonable and irrational. ED/Finance, while acknowledging our serious and genuine concern on this issue, maintained that this issue has to be dealt by the BSNL/Board and that she is broadly in agreement to push through the proposed amendment in order to bring about complete parity between telecom finance and Engg. wings in so far as RRs are concerned. However, she advised us to discuss the issue with concerned officers and assured us of her support on this issue. We will be very shortly discussing this issue with Board of Directors from DOT and CMD/BSNL, urging upon them to immediately end this discrimination by enhancing the percentage of STS posts to be filled up on regular basis from existing 50% to 75%. We assure our telecom finance Comrades that we will pursue this issue vigorously and relentlessly till the proposed and badly delayed amendment of RRs is approved by BSNL/Board.

B.    Filling up about 250 unfilled posts of CAOs immediately: We requested ED/finance to initiate immediate action towards filling up of about 250 available posts of CAOs since large number of CAOs are getting retired and are thus being deprived of their promotion. ED/Finance assured of very quick action to fill up all the available posts of CAOs as quickly as possible.


 30 JAN 15: Congratulations- Dir (HR) cleared the proposal for holding DPC from JTO to TES Gr B up to the vacancy year 2013-14: We are extremely thankful and indebted to Director (HR) for having given a very serious and dispassionate consideration to our request on 28th Jan for clearing the proposal for holding DPC, inclusive of the vacancy year 2013-14. We are also extremely thankful to GM (P) and DGM (P) for their sincere and serious efforts in getting the proposal approved from Dir (HR).

30 JAN 15: Discussion with GM (P) on the ongoing DPC from JTO to TES Gr B: CHQ president and AGS, Com Dahiya, had discussions with GM (P) on the need of completing the ongoing DPC from JTO to TES Gr B and issuing promotion orders at the earliest, reiterating him of our continued and total support in getting the preparatory work relating to DPC like collection of CRs and VCs completed at the earliest. GM(P, once again while acknowledging the enormous efforts that Association is putting in to get CRs and VCs from Circles, fully assured that he and his entire team are committed to complete the work and issue the promotion orders as quickly as possible.


30 JAN 15: Meeting with Director(HR): CHQ President and AGS, Com Daihya, had a detailed discussion with Director(HR) on the issue of ongoing DPC from JTO to TES Gr B, urging upon him to direct the concerned officers to expedite DPC and also personally monitor the progress of the DPC. We informed Director (HR) that Association exclusively made singular and tireless efforts for the last more than two years in getting the Court case dismissed at Ernakulam CAT and now the Management should demonstrate its concern and by getting the promotion orders issued at the earliest. We also apprised Director (HR) as to how JTOs belonging to year of recruitment 1995 are awaiting for first promotion of their career and have had been suffering for the last about three to four years despite availability of thousands of posts in seniority quota. Finally, we requested Director (HR) to clear the proposal for holding of DPC immediately and very strongly pleaded with him and urged upon him to clear the proposal for holding of DPC for the vacancy year up to 2013-14. We also informed Dir (HR) about the massive and strenuous efforts that Association has so far undertaken and is continuing with in collecting CRs and VCs from the fields units. Director (HR) was kind enough and expressed strong optimism and interest in getting the DPC work completed at the earliest and assured that, besides directing concerned officers to expedite DPC work, he will definitely monitor the progress of DPC personally and very closely. He also categorically assured us that he will clear the proposal for holding DPC for the vacancy year up to 2013-14.  Subsequently, we have had extensive follow up discussions with DGM (P) on how to go about in completing DPC work at the earliest.  


29 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued revised usage policy for office broadband connections wherein bandwidth is revised from 256 kbps to 512 kbps and it will be implemented w.e.f. 01/02/2015.  Letter <<<>>>


29 JAN 15: By quoting misappropriation of cash by some of CSCs & loss to BSNL, DGM Vig Mumbai writes all SSA Heads for daily accounting and reconciliation of Cash and cash products. It has been clearly mentioned in this letter that Account Personal has to monitor & reconcile the collection of cash products and its remittance in banks on daily basis. Letter <<<>>>


29 JAN 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes Director HR BSNL regarding Non-Finalization of standard pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO w.e.f 01.01.2007 in accordance to the agreements reached in Feb,12 and March/Sept14.  Letter <<<>>>    


29 JAN 15:  GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes Director HR BSNL regarding continuing discrimination of accounts and finance wing and amendment of RRs by increasing the quota to fill up regular STS from existing 50% to 75% to bring complete parity with Telecom Engg. Letter <<<>>>    


28 JAN 15: In advance action to avoid delay at later stage, AGM Estt Mumbai calls for fresh VCs of all eligible JTOs for SDE Regular promotion under 67% quota. Letter <<<>>>

        The present VCs available at BSNL CO in respect of eligible JTOs in Maharashtra Circle expires on 08/02/2015 and if DPC is delayed beyond 08/02/2015, the fresh VCs will be required. All concerned officers are requested to look into matter and see that  their VCs should reached to AD HRD Mumbai latest by 30/01/2015.   


28 JAN 15: GM S&M Mumbai clarifies that there is no difference among 2G & 3G cards and same SIM can be used for both 2G & 3G services regardless of its memory capacity. Letter <<<>>>

   This was one of the issues raised by SNEA(I) MH during recent visit of CMD BSNL to Mumbai and now our CSCs can sale the SIM cards without any fear of 2G or 3G enabled SIM card and while activation action will be taken for provision of particular service i.e. either 2G or 3G.      


28 JAN 15: In special message to all unions/associations and its members Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL conveys thanks for wishes and unconditional support and appeals to come forward to strengthen BSNL, scarify self gain to help BSNL gain. While assuring actions on positive suggestions, CMD appeals for concrete support from all unions/associations for survival of our beloved company BSNL. Message <<<>>>    



28 JAN 15: BSNL CO calls for update data of DEs working in BSNL and it is to be submitted in prescribed format latest by 15/02/2015. Letter <<<>>>    


28 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued revised rates for revenue sharing agreements with Builders, /RWAs/ IPs for providing BSNL Telecom services in upcoming residential/commercial  complexes.  Letter <<<>>>



28 JAN 15: As per letter from BSNL CO, now customers can reserve or buy fancy numbers  on “My BSNL App” which can be used from android enables handsets. Letter <<<>>>    


28 JAN 15: BSNL CO calls for vacancies of outstanding sportspersons from 2005-06 onwards as there is proposal to fill up some of these backlog vacancies. Letter <<<>>>  





24 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued revision of rates for Inspections Quarters making it uniform for all. Letter <<<>>>

24 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued detailed guidelines on organizational structure in ERP for CM vertical. Letter <<<>>>  

24 JAN 15: AGM Admn Mumbai issued guidelines for surrender of service Mobile connection after transfer /retirement of executives. Letter <<<>>>   


24 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued instructions for calculation of pension on maximum of pay scale & present working Circle has to settle pension contribution for all previous period irrespective of period of working in last Circle. Letter <<<>>>   


24 JAN 15: In three separate letters addressed to SSA Heads, CGMT Maharashtra writes for

a.     Action for achievement of GSM Targets during Year 2014-15. Letter <<<>>>   

b.    Action for achievement of Landline & Broadband Targets during Year 2014-15. Letter <<<>>>

c.      Nomination of GM Level Nodal officers along with names of SPOC and L-2 team member for utilization of ERP for issuing inventory for mace as well as capital works. Letter <<<>>>  

JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE classes Time Table for week  19/01/2015 to 24/01/2014

Date 19/01/2015   MON     HOLIDAY

Date 20/01/2015   TUE      Paper-II ( CFA )          Topic: Signaling Principles

Date 21/01/2015   WED     Paper-II ( CFA )           Topic: IN & ISDN

Date 22/01/2015   THU     Paper-II ( CFA )           Topic: Fundamentals of Switching

Date 23/01/2015    FRI      Paper-II ( CFA)            Topic: IPV6/PACKET SWITCHING/ROUTING PRINCIPLE

Date 24/01/2015    SAT      Paper-II ( CFA)            Topic: External Plant

Venue : Conference Hall,Bajirao Road,Pune 411002

Time   : 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

 All the eligible are requested to attend the classes sharply.




   TIME : 9.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

   DATE : 26TH JANUARY 2015



23 JAN 15: In continuation to BSNL CO orders for JAO to AO Regular promotions, CAO FC Mumbai issued posting order of 87 JAOs/AAOs  from Maharashtra Circle wherein all are posted in same unit/SSA. Letter <<<>>>

    It is very positive step by FC section that all the promoted Officers are posted in same unit/SSA and posting order is also issued in fastest speed and shortest time period of three days. SNEA (I) Pune conveys thanks to all concerned officers & Staff in FC section for such positive step and efficient working. 


23 JAN 15: AGM BP & IT Mumbai endorsed the guidelines issued by DoE & IT for posting information on social website. Letter <<<>>>   

22 JAN 15: Hon. Supreme Court directs generalization of TES Gr B Seniority on basis of Rule 206. Seniority lists 1 to 7 restored. Court appoints committee headed by a Judge of Delhi HC to examine the issue of consequential benefits and to minimize the impact on those who got promotion after revision of seniority in 2000. Benefits already extended to 45 people stand protected.

21 JAN 15: GS SNEA (I) CHQ writes to Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, CMD BSNL extending unconditional support for growth of BSNL, highlighting important HR issues of executives, strict enforcement of discipline, accountability, close monitoring of performance, especially of SSA heads which are nerve centers of growth, monitoring of quality of services and execution of projects at all the levels, Finalization of tenders and procurement of materials in a time bound manner, taming corruption ruthlessly etc etc. Letter <<<>>>   


21 JAN 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes Smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Restructuring) BSNL CO giving suggestions on proposed HR Plan in BSNL and strongly pleads for increase in posts at the level of DGM and not at the level of GMs as proposed in draft HR plan, agrees for cluster of Executives from JTO to AGM but with clearly defined duties to each cadre & all cadres directly reporting to JAG level officers, no reduction in post of Civil/Electrical & Account wing and need of TTAs & TMs cadres etc. Letter <<<>>>   


 21 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued orders for renaming post of Surveyor of works (Elect) as Executive Engineer (EP). Letter <<<>>>   


 21 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued revised scheme and syllabus for LICE for the post of JTO Elect under 20% quota without any change in syllabus. Letter <<<>>>    Syllabus <<<>>>


21 JAN 15: BSNL CO signed MoU with Alahahabad Bank for different loan schemes for BSNL employees. Letter <<<>>>    MoU <<<>>>


20 JAN 15:  Com. K. Sebastin, GS bereaved as he lost his beloved father: With deep heart it is to inform that Com. K. Sebastin GS SNEA (I) CHQ lost his father today evening at 1800 hrs, while he was at his native place. On behalf of all the comrades of SNEA(I) Pune, SNEA (I) Pune pays homage to departed soul and prays Almighty to give heavenly space and peace to the departed soul and to give courage to

Com. Sebastin and his family members to come out of these moments of deep sorrow. 

20 JAN 15: BSNL CO issued carination that the confirmation of JTOs who are on deputation to other circles is to be issued by recruiting Circle. Letter <<<>>>   


19 JAN 15: Congratulations for E4 to E5 TBP :AGM Estt Mumbai issued orders for Time Bound Promotion from E4 to E5 scale for 121 left out SDEs/DEs. Letter <<<>>>  

      Unfortunately some of eligible officers are still left in this order for want of APRs , some of APRs of Executives reached late at Circle Office Mumbai.SNEA (I) Pune appeals the concerned comrades, to look into matter and send their APRs as early as possible.  


19 JAN 15: DoPT clarified that Filling of Annual Immovable Property Returns (IPR) under CCS Rule 1964 continues to be submitted by all Government Officers. IPRs are to be submitted in addition to the information to be submitted under Lokayukt Act 2013 & the last date for submission of IRRs is 31/01/2015. Letter <<<>>>   

17 JAN 15: CGMT MH Circle writes SSA Heads on Revenue Performance of their SSAs by QE Dec 2014 in each vertical and asks to ascertain the reasons for poor performance by SSAs in achievement of the revenue targets. Letter <<<>>>  

          The annual revenue Target of year 2014-15 for Maharashtra Circle is Rs. 3206 Core and achievement up to QE Dec-2014 is Rs. 2155 Crores which comes merely 67% whereas it should have been 75%. In this special letter, CGMT calls for critical analysis of revenue performance by SSA Heads and asks to submit detail report on assessment of reasons for poor performance & action plan to achieve revenue targets in remaining period three months period and last date for submit ion of action plan is 20/01/2015. 

         Till now Raigad SSA is at the Top of the list of revenue targets with 83.47 % achievement and Nanded SSA is at the bottom of the list with the achievement of merely 55.60% revenue targets of Year 2014-15.

         For  Pune SSA level initiatives & pending issues to increase revenue issue for survival of BSNL., all comrades are requested to email suggestions for improvement of overall revenue of Pune to Com. S. M. Chand, DP SNEA (I) Pune, {9423571555} , who is consolidating these details. The details may be please emailed on latest by 20/01/2015, so that we can submit it to Com.S.V.Bhad CP SNEA(I) MH Circle by 22/01/2015.


 17 JAN 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued third reminder letter to SSA Heads for sending Special Reports, Assessment Sheet & VCRs for JTO Offg promotions which are due from 05/01/2014 & last date for submission of this information in 19/01/2015. Letter <<<>>>   


17 JAN 15: In a letter addressed to all SSA Heads, AGM Staff Mumbai calls for breakup of TTA vacancies specially for Non Recruiting Circles/Units & it is to be submitted by today itself i.e. 17/01/2015. Letter <<<>>>   


16 JAN 15: Congratulations!!! In two separate orders BSNL CO issued promotion orders for 1552 JAOs/AAOs for their AO Regular promotions. Order I <<<>>>   Order II <<<>>>

          All the JAOs/AAOs from Maharashtra Circle on their promotion as AO are posted in Maharashtra Circle itself and some additional AOs from other Circles are also posted to Maharashtra Circle. This will definitely help to meet present shortage of AOs in Maharashtra Circle.

        SNEA (I) Maharashtra congratulates all the comrades on their promotion as AO & conveys thanks to SNEA (I) CHQ for continuous persuasion of this matter and getting desired results.  

JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE classes Time Table for week  12/01/2015 to 17/01/2014

Date 12/01/2015   MON     Paper-II ( IT )          Topic: ICT SECURITY.

Date 13/01/2015   TUE      Paper-II ( IT )          Topic: CYBER SECURITY

Date 14/01/2015   WED     Paper-II ( IT )           Topic: CLOUD COMPUTING/WWW.

Date 15/01/2015   HOLIDAY

Date 16/01/2015    FRI      Paper-I   (Mgmt)       Topic: TIME MGMT.

Date 16/01/2015    FRI      Paper-I   (Mgmt)       Topic: ASSET MGMT.

Venue : Conference Hall,Bajirao Road,Pune 411002

Time   : 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

 All the eligible are requested to attend the classes sharply.

16 JAN 15: Congratulations!!!  The case filed at Hon CAT, Ernakulam challenging the method of fixation of seniority of JTOs dismissed today. This paves the way for long awaited promotions from JTO to SDE.  SNEA (I) MH conveys thanks to SNEA (I) CHQ for strong initiatives in this case and specially to Com George Varghese, CS SNEA (I) Kerala Circle for defending the case properly.  All concerned officers are requested to look into pending & fresh VCs in cases where earlier VCs are expired after period of 90 days.In case of any difficulty,concerned officer may contact DS SNEA(I),Pune.


16 JAN 15: Congratulations!!! Shri Anupam Shrivastava, DIR (CM) assumed the charge as CMD, BSNL for a period of 5 years or till retirement whichever is earlier. He is having 4.5 years service for superannuation. He is a BSNL absorbed ITS officer. He is having an uphill task of revival of BSNL. SNEA (I) wish him all the success and extends unqualified support to all his initiatives to revive our company. By this, our demand for filling up CMD and other Director Board posts partially fulfilled. DIR (EB) and DIR (Fin) selection completed and DIR (HR) post is notified. Order <<<>>>


16 JAN 15: JAO to AO promotion: CLO cleared the DPC minutes. It will be going to the competent authority for approval and orders are expected in a couple of days.


15 JAN 15: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed the letter issued by BSNL CO on issues related to FSTC/Mobile/Broadband provided to MTNL/BSNL. It is clearly mentioned that to RSTC/Mobile/Broadband connections provided to BSNL/MTNL officers/staff are not to be disconnected for old outstanding payments. Order <<<>>>   


16 JAN 15: Meeting with Secretary, DoT on 14.01.2015: GS and CHQ President met Sri Rakesh Gargh, Sec/DoT and discussed the following issues:

A.  3G ICR pact by private operators and its impact on BSNL: Both GS and President explained the issue in detail to Sec/DoT. The case was originated as a result of the petition filed by SNEA in the Hon Delhi HC. The 3G ICR pact affects BSNL business. Also BSNL is forced to pay pan India spectrum charges, about 5000 Crores excess of other operators paid. BSNL invested huge money for infrastructure also but the other operators are providing services without having a network and no investment for network expansion. In the case of TDSAT verdict, Sri Kuldeep Singh is having conflict of interest since he has already taken a stand as CMD/DIR (OP), MTNL that 3G roaming is correct and called for tender for 3G roaming pact with other operators. Assn requested to bring these facts before the Hon SC during pleadings.

B.    Pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale as per DoPT order dated 19.11.2009: Assn pointed out that the orders of the nodal agency DoPT to implement the order on pension contribution w.e.f 01.01.2006 is not implemented in case of BSNL absorbed employees. Administrative Ministry DoT forcing BSNL to continue to pay pension contribution on maximum of the pay scale and BSNL is forced to pay about Rs 300 Crores in excess as pension contribution per year. DoPT vide letter dated 24.04.2014 communicated to the Assn that the pension contribution is regulated as per the order dated 19.11.2009. After detailed discussion, Sec/DoT told us to give a note in this regard.