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16 Oct 14:BSNL CO endorsed letter from EPFO New Delhi dated 26/08/2014 for enhancement of statutory wage ceiling limit from present maximum Rs. 6500 to Rs 15000 , minimum pension contribution of Rs.1000 per month & 20% additional relief on amount of assurance benefit admissible under EDLI scheme 1976. 

Letter <<<>>>   EPFO Letter dated 26/08/2014 <<<>>>


                    These changes will be effective from 01/09/2014 and EPF account holders have to submit fresh option within six months period from 01/09/2014. Even though this period is extendable for further six months by Regional EPFOs on sufficient cause shown by members, SNEA (I) Pune appeals all concerned comrades to submit fresh options for EPF contribution exceeding Rs. 15000 if he/she desires so, within six months period i.e. before 28/02/2015 and not to wait for chance & option during further extended period.

                     For any updates on this subject, concerned  comrades can contact our active comrades from Pune Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ADS SNEA(I) Pune(09420495477), Com.Subhash Kadam OS (Central) SNEA(I) Pune (09423032277),active members of SNEA(I) Pune Com.Prayag Pisal (09422324566), Com.Nitin Pise (09423579988) or our MH circle leaders Com. Mukesh Wadhwani JS Kalyan SNEA(I) MH {9420200044} or Com. Sachin Sarode JS Vidarbha SNEA(I) MH {9423591903} or Com. Prashant Jadhav, VP SNEA(I) Mumbai {9423988666}. 


15 Oct 14:Heartiest Congratulation to our Vice-President Com Dr.Satish D.Alandkar:

Our dynamic Vice-President has proved once again his excellence as he has been successfully awarded  Ph.D degree in Marketing Management “by Savitribai Phule University of Pune on 11/10/2014 from Prin.Naralkar Institute of Management,Pune.His research topic was”Critical Analysis Of Customer Satisfaction Related To Broadband Services in Pune City”.  By taking this prestigious  opportunity our Circle leaders Com.S,P,Sonawane CWC Member,Com.Virendra Chaudhari Jt,Sec Pune MH Circle Com S.M.Chand, DP Com.Bharat Sonawane and team of SNEA Pune  have congratulated com Dr. Satish Alandkar & extended best wishes to him. On telephonic conversation with him, he thanked all for their support for this achievement and ackowleged. We SNEA Pune express our sincere gratefulness to Dr. Amod D. Markale for supervising the thesis of our Com.Dr.Satish Alandkar & Prof. Dr. G.K. Shirude, (Director, Prin. N.G. Naralkar Institute of Career Development and Research, Pune) extending gigantic support, assistance and encouragement throughout the study.


Right on the onset I thank The Almighty God, for His precious Holy Spirit. This study would not have come to completion without His divine grace. The hurdles and setbacks were countless and I would not been able to see the end without your strength.


I wish to express my gratefulness to Dr. Amod D. Markale for supervising this thesis. Dr. Markale’s emphasis, on exacting standards and inspiring suggestions has greatly contributed to this thesis.

I feel grateful to Dr. B. V. Sangvikar, (Prof. and Head, Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune), Prof. Dr.Jadhav, (Ex. Registrar, University of Pune),Dr. (Capt.) C. M. Chitale, (Professor, Dept. of Management sciences University of Pune), Ex Dean. Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Pune, for valuable academic directions which helped me abundantly in the entire process of my research study.

Prof. Dr. G.K. Shirude, (Director, Prin. N.G. Naralkar Institute of Career Development and Research, Pune) extended gigantic support, assistance and encouragement throughout the study. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the support and assistance extended by them.

I also thank Prof. Dr. Subhash Bhave, (Ex. Director, Prin. N.G. Naralkar Institute of Career Development and Research, Pune), and Dr. (Mrs.) Aditi Markale, (Ex. Director, Prof. Singhad Business School, Erandawane Pune), Mr. Kinikar, (Head of Department of Management, Neville Wadia Pune), who shared marketing research, thoughts and knowledge, which helped me in the statistical representations and analysis of the findings in the research study.


 I shall always remain grateful to Mr. Virendra Chaudhari SDE & Mr. Bharat Sonawane SDE.


I am thankful to: Prin. General Manager BSNL Pune and GM/AGM Administration Pune, who have given permission to enroll for Ph. D. while on duty. I also thank all GM’s, Dy. GM’s, AGM’s and SDE/JTO’s, All SNEA Members, MTNL/Alok Fab. friends, especially AGM, SDE’s, JTO’s and all staff from Yerwada (External/Internal/CSC), NIB-MHS, who always provoked and encouraged me during this study.


Editorial: October, 2014

Our struggle turns the tables decisively – revives critical frozen issues of standard scales, 30% superannuation, CPSU hierarchy and paves way for their resolution.

Critical HR issues, particularly the ones relating to young and talented folk recruited in BSNL, virtually forgotten and lying in deep frozen state for the last about two years, got a fresh lease of life through our recent struggle when BSNL Management in principle agreed to initiate continuous discussions for their resolution. Our struggle thus opened a window of opportunity for resolution of these issues which have been lying in deep slumber for a pretty long time. If BSNL Management is serious and honest enough this time to continue the dialogue in right earnestness till resolution of issues is comprehensively addressed, we, on our part, would be equally honest, if not more than BSNL Management, to maintain complete industrial peace and tranquility. If BSNL Management tries to dither and betray, the way they have done thus far, we will be as ruthless and unrelenting as anything this time.

BSNL Management has to clearly recognize and understand that resolution of issues of extending standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefits and introduction of time bound functional promotions will go a long long way in changing the complexion and direction of the Company. Addressing these issues will surely mean correction of serious HR policy aberration that has been inordinately delayed and that will inevitably have quite significant and far reaching consequences in so far as revival of the Company is concerned.

We too do understand and recognize the constraints that BSNL faces on account of resource crunch, but we are pretty confident of coming out with very viable alternatives to offset the repercussions that BSNL Management anticipates while taking final call on these crucial issues. Besides, management will make a serious error of judgment if it undermines the huge motivational impact that resolution of these issues will have on the demoralized working force. Management should factor in the huge positive impact that resolution of these issues will undoubtedly have on resource generation and should not ignore this hard fact.

In case Management once again betrays, we are more than willing to join hand with forces that have hot and ethical blood of struggle running through their veins. If that materializes, good enough, otherwise we are quite determined and fully equipped to carry forward the struggle singlehandedly till we reach our destination of comprehensive resolution of these HR issues of paramount and strategic importance. We do have sufficient organizational capacity and resilience to take on such formidable challenges singlehandedly. Our past stands out an eloquent and unquestionable testimony to this hard reality.

At the end of the day, BSNL Management has to clearly understand that Human Resource is not garbage the way it has been treating it. If it treats talented Human Resources as garbage, end product would be surely garbage and that is clearly visible in the Company as of now. The bottom line is that Human Resource is greatest asset provided one acknowledges this underlying and irrefutable fact. Human resource has to be spotted, harnessed, trained and accordingly deployed, motivated and optimally utilized. Professional HR managers exploit HR to the hilt and convert it into goldmine. That is where professionalism In HR counts and makes a big difference between orthodox and modern innovative approach. BSNL Management continues to be captivated by deep traditionalism. We and the Company is a direct victim of this deep rooted conservatism of BSNL Management. Saddest part of the whole story is that even in this era of digital world when professional HR Managers are working day in and day out to enforce radical HR motivational policies, BSNL Management has not been able to come out of deep conservatism and move even an inch forward.

All said and done, Comrades, we wholeheartedly congratulate you for your spontaneous and overwhelming response to the recent call given by CHQ. Your enthusiasm and readiness to struggle has enthused central leadership and it added confidence and has undoubtedly opened a serious window of opportunity to reopen issues that have been lying in deep slumber for more than two years. In case BSNL Management is once again found to be wanting in its approach, we shall not lose even a minute in calling upon you to come out on the streets ruthlessly. For that, maintain complete organizational preparedness.


14 Oct 14: Update on GPF Balance: It is reliability learnt that the major hurdles in over delayed work of updating GPF balance and calculation of Interest of year 2013-14, which was held up and struck off for last six months for different reasons has been resolved. The entire work will be completed by end of this week and all employees & officers working in Maharashtra Circle will be in position to confirm their updated GPF balance with proper calculation of interest for Year 2013-14.

       It is unfortunate that correction of such manmade mistakes has taken period of six months and no doubt blame game continues among different units/sections of BSNL and ERP vendor M/S HCL. This is how BSNL is being exploited by vendors for incompetency on part of officers dealing with vendors. It was quiet possible to correct this mistake at earlier stage also and probably in April-May 2014, but unfortunately nothing happened in time and all employees and officers throughout Maharashtra Circle were kept under tension & fear of accountability of their GPF Money.              

      SNEA(I) MH  was continuously pursuing this issue & has taken up this issue at different levels and with different officers from bottom to Top and during recent visit of Shri. N. K. Gupta,  Director CFA on 26/09/2014, we have raised this issue and brought to his notice how GPF money of all employees & officers working in Maharashtra Circle including CGMT MH is unaccounted for last six months for silly mistakes and how BSNL is unable to find out what is mistake and who is responsible for it. Thereafter the matter has been given serious attention by concerned authorities and work has been started to correct mistakes by finding out actual faults and errors in processing GPF data through ERP. Anyhow, after period of six months we will be able to get account of our hard earned GPF Money & if nothing goes wrong again, within fortnight,  we will be receiving GPF Statements for Year 2013-14 with Opening balance of Year 2014-15.


14 Oct 14: AGM Admn Mumbai issued orders for observing closed holiday on 15/10/2014 for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014. Letter <<<>>>


14 Oct 14: AGM Staff Mumbai issued quarterly waiting list of request transfers in JTO Cadre as on 30/09/2014. Any JTO interested to change or cancel his/her request will have to intimate it latest by 25/10/2014. Letter <<<>>>


14 Oct 14: AGM Broadband Mumbai issued SSA wise GPMS Targets for Landline & Broadband connections during year 2014-15 under different bench mark categories. Letter <<<>>>


13 Oct 14: BSNL CO issued orders for increase in IDA w.e.f. 01/10/2014 and current IDA will be 98.1%. Order <<<>>>


13 Oct 14: BSNL CO issued instructions to Circle Heads to overcome shortage of SIM Cards. Letter   <<<>>>


10 Oct 14: AGM Admn Mumbai calls for applications for scholarship for education of BSNL employees for academic year 2014-15. Letter <<<>>>


10 Oct 14:Meeting with CMD: CHQ President and AGS, Com Wankhede, met CMD and sought his kind intervention and requested him to direct GM(P) to consider compassionate transfer cases, reallotment to Circles like CH, TN, KTK, MH based on the assurances given by him and also inter- Circle request transfers in accordance to transfer policy. CMD was kind enough to assure us that he will have discussion with GM (P) on all these issues. 

10 Oct 14: Meeting with GM(P)/BSNL CO: CHQ President along with AGSs, Com Dahiya and Com  Wankhede, and Com A. A. khan met GM(P) and conveyed him the strongest resentment prevailing in the field units on account of non settlement of very genuine medical cases like cancer, mentally retarded, physically handicapped etc etc. the Association in clear terms conveyed to GM(P) that there is an overwhelming feeling which is quite justified and not unfounded that Management of late has become quite insensitive and completely devoid of compassion by neglecting very justified and highly genuine cases on medical grounds which ought to be considered with compassion and on priority. GM (P) was also reminded that assurances given by him in May, 2014 that genuine medical cases would be given due consideration have been completely ignored.

         Association also registered very strong protest over non consideration of reallotment on recent promotion to regular STS to circles like Chennai, TN, MH and Karnataka where large scale disruption has taken place despite availability of good number of vacancies. GM(P) was also conveyed strong resentment of the Association over blatant breach of assurance given by CMD that in circles like Chennai, TN, KTK etc. vacancies likely to arise on account of adhoc DGM promotion would be factored into for posting of regular STS. We reminded GM (P) that despite his assurance that a fresh assessment of the whole issue would be undertaken after 29th Sept, 14, nothing has so far been done and people are suffering like anything.

Also continuing and inexplicable delay in issuing inter-circle request transfers has caused wide spread resentment particularly when such requests have been made without TA/TP and are in accordance with the provisions of transfer policy. We informed GM(P) that Association very strongly protests and opposes such arbitrary functioning of the Management where legitimate inter- circle request transfers are not being issued in accordance to transfer policy. We also drew the attention of GM(P) over abnormal and unnecessary delay in issuing the transfer orders of all those who have completed more than two years at BSNL CO and are desperately waiting for their transfer orders for the last six months.

          However, after having lodged our strongest protest over continuing and incomprehensible delay in sorting out these issues and also over arbitrary way of decision making, and after a very detailed discussion, GM(P) assured that all the cases of compassionate transfers, reallotment to Circles like CH, TN, KTK, MH etc and inter- circle transfers, including from BSNL CO, would be considered very shortly and sympathetically.

10 Oct 14: JTO to SDE promotion: As there is no Division bench in Hon CAT Ernakulam the JTO to SDE promotion case is not listed on 09-10-2014.

10 Oct 14: Meeting with GM (Pers): Our AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede met Sh. S S. Agarwal, GM (Pers) on 8th Oct 14 and discussed on the issues:

1.     Regarding consideration of filing MA in JTO to SDE case in Hon CAT, Ernakulam: association requested to consider for filing the MA application in JTO to SDE case, if the case is not heard on 9th Oct 2014 and plead for permission to conduct the DPC and issue promotion orders. Association expressed its concern over the long delay and officials are waiting for more than 18 years for the promotion. GM assured of early action in this regard.

2.     Committee meeting on officiating pay fixation: Assn pointed out that this issue also delayed so much and complete the procedures at the earliest. GM (Pers) informed that the meeting will be held on 15th October 14.

3.     Modifications on regular AGM promotions: As per earlier discussion with GM (Pers) for modification in regular promotions to AGM and assured by him to consider cases after 7th Oct, association reminded to consider the cases. We are waiting for the joining dates of the executives who have joined and the Pers section is working on it. We will consider the modifications once the reports are received.

4.     Transfer of Executives from BSNLCO to other circles and vice-a versa: association once again pointed out that there are pending cases to be considered from BSNLCO to other circles and vice a versa, GM (Pers) assured of suitable action in this regard, at the earliest.


10 Oct 14: JAO to AO DPC: Meeting with Chief Liaison Officer: Both AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede and Com. Arvind Dahiya met CLO Sh. Ram Shakal in order to expedite the DPC process from JAO to AO. CLO assured of full cooperation and support on the issue. He said that the interest of the SC/ST officials will be taken care.



01 OCT 14: DS SNEA(I) Pune appeals to all BSNL employees of BSNL Pune in general and SNEA Comrades in particular to clear all the pending Landline and Broadband faults , provision of all pending OBs of Landline and Broadband connections and providing maximum Mobile connections on occasion of BSNL Day. Let’s celebrate BSNL Day by keeping fault free Pune and providing maximum connection in all segments.


On 15th BSNL Foundation Day, SNEA (I) Pune conveys Warm Greetings to all BSNL employees in general and SNEA (I) Comrades in Particular. Happy BSNL Day.


30 SEP 14: SNEA (I) Pune congratulates Com. B.C.Borkar SDE Legal Pune {9423012410} and Com.A.B.Kakde SDE Bhosari Pune {9421228444} on their superannuation retirement on today, 30/09/2014 and wish them and their family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.  

Com. B.C.Borkar is working as SDE Legal and has completed service of 41 years in DoT and BSNL and has served mostly in CTO Mumbai and Pune. He joined DOT as Telegraph Clerk in 1973 at CTO Mumbai and he was promoted as AST in 1985 to 1991. He worked at CTO Pune as a JTO for the period 1991 to 2002.Since 2002 till superannuation he is SDE Legal and HR. He played very active role in posting of LDCE/LICE passed TTAs to JTOS.


Com. A.B.Kakde is working as SDE Bhosari & is Senior & die-hard member of SNEA (I) Pune and has taken active part at each and every activity of SNEA (I) Pune. He joined Bombay Telephones as PI in 1979 at Mumbai & in 1983 transferred to Latur and after qualifying exam in 1992 & he was promoted as JTO at Nanded. He worked at different SSAs like Nanded,Beed,Osmanabad,Ratnagiri and Pune.Today after completion of 35 years of his dedicated services earlier in DoT & now in BSNL is retiring today.


SNEA(I) MH salutes sincerity, dedication and affection of Com.B.C.Borkar SDE Legal and Com.A.B.Kakde SDE Bhosari towards BSNL and SNEA(I) and on behalf of hundreds of Comrades of SNEA(I) Pune, we wish them and their family members “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy  & Long Retired Life”.


29 SEP 14: As per directives for “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” on 02/10/2014, all the staff and officers will be given “Swachchata Shapath”  at 1100 hrs and thereafter they will be participating in “Shramdan” from 1115 hrs by cleaning their own offices and Civil wing will arrange for shramdan for cleaning campus. Letter <<<>>>


29 SEP 14: 01.10.2014, BSNL Day will be observed by performing one hour additional work. All SNEA(I) Pune comrades are requested to attend their dutie half an hour in the morning before duty hours and half an hour in the evening after the duty hours by wearing the badges. This program is announced in support of our demand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, 30% superannuation benefit, JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotion, CPSU cadre hierarchy, pay anomalies, 1st TBP after 4 years, Civil/Elect/Arch/TF issues, retention of DEs etc.


1.  Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc.

2.  30% superannuation benefit.

3.  JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotion.

4.  Implement CPSU cadre hierarchy.

5.  Settle pay anomalies.

6.  1st TBP after 4 years.

7.  Settle Civil/Elect/Arch/TF issues.

8.  Retention of DEs etc.


27 SEP 14: AGM Staff Mumbai issued modification orders in posting of DE Regular within Maharashtra Circle as per recent promotion orders in which all the promoted DEs are retained in Pune . Letter <<<>>>                                                                                                           SNEA (I) Pune conveys sincere thanks & gratitude to Shri. Praveen Malhotra, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai and Shri. M. K. Jain, CGMT MH for considering all the requests for retention in Pune SSA and really this is great and real human approach.  Com.M.S.Adsul SNEA (I) MH has raised concern on dislocation of all these executives just on DE Adhoc to DE Regular promotion and both the officers in Circle management have responded it very positively in real HR approach and as historic outcome, all the dislocated 4 DEs have been retained in Pune SSA. 


26 SEP 14:  After detailed Discussion  with CMD, AGITATION on KERALA ISSUE deferred.

Details of discussions with CMD,BSNL

1. No salary cut will be implemented now. If any SSA already implemented, supplementary bill will be prepared to refund the same.

2. No vindictive actions hereafter, CMD will ensure the same.
3. A senior officer above CGM will be asked to review all the actions taken by CGM. SNEA has to give the details by tomorrow.
4. The transfer of officers will be reviewed and they will not be forced to join the new place.

SNEA(I) Pune express our sincere gratitude to all the Employees of BSNL Pune for their wholeheartedly support for the Agitation.


25 SEP 14: In order to extend support to the agitation, the following programmes shall be observed at Circle and SSA level. All Circle/SSA Secretaries to make all out preparations. Each and every Comrade of SNEA (I) must participate with toughest determination to defeat sinister attack to destabilize SNEA (I).

26th, 27thSept: 2014: Massive Lunch hour demonstration at all Circle and SSA HQs.

29th, 30thSept and 01st October, 2014: Massive Relay Hunger strike at all Circle HQs.

The Indefinite fast at BSNLCO and CO/Trivandrum will continue.


25 SEP 14: Day IV: INDEFINITE FAST by CHQ leaders and other activists continues for the 4th day from 22.09.2014:  Comrades of SNEA (I), it is testing and challenging time for each and every Comrade of SNEA (I) throughout the Country to come out with greatest determination and unprecedented solidarity to defeat sinister designs of CGM/Kerala to destabilize our beloved Association because of tough and legitimate stand taken by us on some critical issues. Rise to the occasion and demonstrate extraordinary solidarity. This clarion call is to be responded by each and every comrade of SNEA (I) with unwavering commitment.

GS Com. K. Sebastin, AGS, Com Arvind Dahiya, Jt Secy/South, Com P.Rao and CWC member from Kerala Circle Com MPP Panicker, commenced indefinite fast from 1000 hrs of 22nd Sept at BSNL Co. Also Com George Verghese, CS/Kerala, Com Rajan, CHQ Treasurer and Com Chandrashekar, AGS, also commenced indefinite fast at Trivandrum on 22nd Sept, 2014.

CHQ President, Com G L Jogi, AGS Com Vivek Wankhede, CSs of BSNLCO, NTR/Delhi, TN and UP(West) and other leaders and activists are in the pandal supporting the agitation. AGS Com Pandurang Nayak is at Trivandrum.

Today, Com. S.V.Pawar DP SNEA (I) Circle Office Mumbai will be present at Delhi toady and support on going agitation. Com. A.R.Manani, VP SNEA (I) CHQ and Com. M.B. Sangale Joint Secretary (West) SNEA(I) CHQ have started today morning and will take part in indefinite hunger strike along with GS & others from tomorrow.    

While CGM/Kerala Circle is continuing his acts of indiscriminate victimizations, there is no intervention from BSNL Management to prevail upon CGM to comply with the terms of negotiated settlement between him and our Association, with the intervention of top BSNL Management. Instead, CGM is going ahead with his acts of victimization even after negotiated settlement.

Com. Padamnabh Rao, Jt Secy/South, felt extremely weak and exhausted and police tried to shift him to govt. hospital. However, he resisted being shifted to hospital and is continuing his fast. In the same way, our CS/Kerala,Com. George Verghese, and AGS Com A Chandrasekhar are also feeling exhausted but is going ahead with his fast in a determined manner. CGM is trying his best to get him forcibly shifted to hospital but our Kerala comrades are determined to defeat his move also.

Comrades, needless to appeal, we are confident that we come out in thousands and thousands, and each and every one of us, to fight this hour of crisis with unprecedented determination and deepest conviction to defeat attack on fundamental right of trade unions to lodge legitimate protest against irregularities and arbitrary functioning.

Ø Massive Lunch hour demonstrations in thousands and thousands have to be held on 26th and 27th Sept., 14 at Circle/SSA HQs.

Ø Each and every Comrade of SNEA (I) must participate with toughest determination to defeat sinister attack to destabilize SNEA (I).

Ø Relay hunger strike by thousands and thousands of Comrades at CGM/HQs is to be held on 29th, 30th Sept. and 1st Oct., 14.

Ø Further programs of action will be decided thereafter shortly since the struggle has to be taken to its logical conclusion.


SNEA(I)-Zindabad, Our Unity- Zindabad, Inquilab- Zindabad, Our struggle- Zindabad and BSNL- Zindabad.


25 SEP 14: AGM Staff Mumbai issued three corrections in DE Regular posting. Till there are many corrections and all such corrections will be issued shortly. Letter <<<>>>


25 SEP 14: As per orders issued by AGM SP/CP Mumbai, the work of consolidation of requirement & allotment of Battery Sets is redistributed and henceforth issues related to Battery of size 600 AH and below will be taken care by GM NWP CM Mumbai and issues related to battery of size 1000 AH and above will be taken care by GM NWP CFA Mumbai. Letter <<<>>>


25 SEP 14: AGM BG BSNL CO issued clarifications for allotment of vacant quarters to family pensioners of deceased employees beyond permissible five years. Letter <<<>>>


22 SEP 14: Historical and Grand Day long dharana  by SNEA(I) comrades by mass Dharana: SNEA(I) Comrades at Pune have registered their protest by active & mass participation in third phase of ongoing agitation on date 18/09/2014 for settlement of long pending demands as per call given by SNEA(I) CHQ. Active participation of comrades at Pune by holding day long Dharana and shown their dedicated unity and support to the demands. In Pune, DP,DS,CWCM,JS leaders of SNEA MH Circle addressed the mass gathering bringing awareness among comrades , explaining the reasons for such agitation on platform of SNEA (I), status of present demands and further course of action for settlement of demands.

       First time in any call of agitation only by executives; more than 180 comrades have taken part in Mass Dharana which includes more than 50 lady comrades. Young comrades of SNEA(I) have also come out of offices in mass to support this call and strengthened the demands and have registered milestone achievement in further progress in settlement of their long pending demands. 

Congratulations, Salute & Hats off to all the comrades and their stronger unity.SNEA (I) Pune conveys sincere thanks & gratitude from the bottom of heart to all the esteemed comrades of SNEA (I) who have participated in this mass Dharana and at the same time appeals all other comrades who are till away from this call due to one or another reason, to be part of this historic agitation for settlement of their own demands.

              Comrades, till there is no proper initiatives on part of BSNL management for resolution of any of the genuine demands of executives in BSNL and hence we will have to intensify our struggle with stronger & stronger unity and strength as per further directives of SNEA (I) CHQ.  Let us make BSNL management to understand that its executives cannot be just neglected in this present way on the name of financial crises and management has to take responsibility of failures in making company financially viable and has to positively respond legitimate and genuine demands of executives raised by SNEA (I) CHQ.                            Click here for Photos>>>>>>


21 SEP 14: AGM Staff Mumbai issued posting order of 167 SDEs/DE Adhoc within Maharashtra Circle on their promotion as DE Regular by posting all of them in same SSA except 14 cases of out of SSA transfers. Letter <<<>>>

           It is seen that sincere efforts have been taken for retention of all DEs in Pune SSA, but displacement of 3 executives is done in random manner without any consideration of nearby SSA criteria normally followed in such mass posting. While posting these 3 DEs, shifting officers from one corner of Maharashtra to another corner at far off places and it could have been done in better and more suitable manner.


When no mercy is shown to any of the 3 officers transferred out of Pune SSA and DEs with very less stay are also shifted, out of turn and special privilege is granted to Shri. S.C.Patil , DE Raigad/Pune having highest stay in Pune SSA and Shri. V.N.Patil DE Raigad/Pune,by posting them at Pune even though they had been transferred from Pune to Raigad.          


DS SNEA (I) Pune requested our dashing and dynamic Circle Secretary SNEA (I) MH  Com.M.S.Adsul to take up matter in details with CGMT MH either for withdrawing undue favour or to grant such favour to all others.       


21 SEP 14: BSNL CO issued clarification on application of yearly ceiling limit towards settlement of medical bills for outdoor treatment under BSNL MRS. Letter <<<>>>


20 SEP 14: JAO to AO promotion: Association strongly protests against the arbitrary move to fill up few AO posts keeping aside large no of AO vacancies. According to the proposal, the JAOs of 2003 and 2004 year only will be considered for promotion now, where as more than 1800 vacancies are available. Assn strongly demand that all the 1800 plus AO vacancies to be filled immediately with eligible JAOs.


20 SEP 14: Meeting with Sri Anupam Srivastava, DIR(CM): GS Com K. Sebastin met DIR(CM) and discussed the disconnection of BSNL GSM sites by the IP provider “VIOM” in MP, MH and GUJ Circles. DIR (CM), taken up the matter with the CEO of “VIOM”. The dispute between BSNL and “VIOM” is regarding the rent for the IP sites where BSNL is the 5th or 6th service provider, and there is no rate fixed for the 5th or 6th service provider. After the strong intervention of DIR (CM), “VIOM” agreed to reconnect the IP sites disconnected earlier.


20 SEP 14: As festival gift & good gesture to its customers throughout India, BSNL offers Video calls in rates of voice calls on 3G GSM services for 90 days from 20/09/2014. Letter <<<>>>


20 SEP 14: As per letter from AD Admn IV Mumbai the reimbursement for Brief case & Mobile Handsets is to be done in new & revised method through ERP itself. Letter <<<>>>


20 SEP 14: DGM NWO CM Mumbai writes SSA Heads in Maharashtra Circle for requirement of RF Cable for restoration of faulty BTS due to RF Cable theft. Letter <<<>>>

       DS Pune appeals to all the concerned working in BTS mtce to look into this issue and send the requirement at the earliest.


20 SEP 14: Quoting weakness in Marketing & Sales, BSNL  CO writes to all Circle Heads for giving in-service training to BSNL Staff through RTCC on Sales & Marketing. Letter <<<>>>


20 SEP 14: BSNL CO calls feedback from all CGMs on continuation of CDMA services. Letter <<<>>>


16 SEP 14: Lunch hour demonstration : As per call given by SNEA (I) CHQ, lunch hour demonstrations were held at O/O PGMT Pune, New Admn Bldg, Opp Hotel Panchami,Pune-9 on 11/09/2014.The gathering was addressed by our dashing and dynamic Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adsul, Com.Nagesh Nalawade CS BSNLEU,Com.Virendra Chaudhari Jt.Sec Pune MH Circle, Com.S.P.Sonawane CWC Member MH Circle, Com.S.M.Chand DP Pune, Bharat Sonawane DS Pune.

                   All comrades are requested to attend day long dharana programme on date 18/09/2014 at 10.00am to 5.30 pm. Click here for photos



11 SEP 14: Lunch hour demonstration on today: As per call given by SNEA (I) CHQ, lunch hour demonstrations will be held at O/O PGMT Pune, New Admn Bldg, Opp Hotel Panchami,Pune-9 on 11/09/2014 which will attended and addressed by our dashing and dynamic Circle Secretary Com. M.S.Adsul. All the comrades are requested to understand the need of situation and take active part in mass Lunch Hour demonstrations and make it programme a grand success. 



* Implementations of standard pay scales  E2, E3 to JTO/SDE

* 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Exexcutives

* Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy

* JTO to SDE promotions

* pay anomalies of JTO especially batch 2007,2008

* Civil /Electrical issues

* First TBP after 4 years uniformly

* filling the vacancies on DE promotions with minimum dislocations etc.




11 SEP 14 :   13th Executive Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Pune :

13th Executive Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Pune was held on 10/09/2014. The meeting was Presided over by Com.S.M.Chand DP SNEA(I) Pune. In the beginning Com.S.M.Chand President SNEA(I) Pune highlighted on the agenda points especially on non implementation of minutes of agenda meeting with management.


DS discussed all the agenda points in length. He appealed all the members to participate in mass for lunch hour demonstrations which will be held at New Admn Bldg, Opp Hotel Panchami ,Pune on date 11/09/2014 at 13.30 hrs. On the issue of non implementation of minutes of agenda points, he explained that already letter has been given to mgmt. Further the issues related to development and growth of BSNL Pune will be taken at JAC platform.On collection of subscription dues, executive body congratulated Com.R.S.Dalvi  OS (West) for collection of Rs.40000/- from west area within two days and appealed all District Office bearers to work hard for collection of pending dues.On issue related to EPF,DS explained that allocation of UAN to all EPF holders by EPFO is under progress. It was decided that Com.Mahanand Gaikwad, Com.Subhash Kadam, Com.Prayag Pisal will co-ordinate with EPF nodal officer of Pune and EPF members.DS also explained the details of the meeting held with CVO,BSNL CO and the meeting with PGMT Pune and GM Admn on 08/09/2014.


In interactive session Com.S.P.Sonawane CWCM MH Circle guided about the queries raised by members on issues like DPC of JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and notional fixation case LDCE passed JTOs and stand of association.


The meeting was concluded at 20.00hrs. The arrangement of meeting was nicely done by Com.Virendra Chaudhari JS Pune MH Circle. 



10 SEP 14: Lunch hour demonstration: As per call given by SNEA (I) CHQ, lunch hour demonstrations will be held at O/O PGMT Pune, New Admn Bldg, Opp Hotel Panchami,Pune-9 on 11/09/2014


* Implementations of standard pay scales  E2, E3 to JTO/SDE

* 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Exexcutives

* Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy

* JTO to SDE promotions

* pay anomalies of JTO especially batch 2007,2008

* Civil /Electrical issues

* First TBP after 4 years uniformly

* filling the vacancies on DE promotions with minimum dislocations etc.

      All the comrades are requested to understand the need of situation and take active part in mass Lunch Hour demonstrations and make it programme a grand success. 



09 SEP 14 :   Executive Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Pune :

Executive Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Pune will be held on 10/09/2014 at 17.30 hrs to discuss on following Agenda,


* Preparation of Lunch Hour Demonstrations on date 11/09/2014 as per call given by SNEA(I) CHQ.

* Discussion on minutes of Agenda meeting with management and its non implementation.

* Status of Collection of pending subscriptions,Building Fund,Legal Fund etc: All DoB will bring the receipt book alongwith them for updation.

* Preparation of action plan for membership verification.

* Status of UAN of EPF members in Pune

* Any other items with permission of the chair.


Venue :   TRC Club

               MHS Compd. Pune 411001.




07 SEP 14 : We condemn this act very strongly:

                     Pune admin has issued order of JTOs from Rural to Urban and vice-versa vide No: PTA/SE-12/JTO Rural Tenure/III/2012/48 Dated 01-09-2014


              What we see from the said order, only intention best known to the management is keeping mouth shut and be a mute spectators of the show. The   management has  dumped the transfer policy in order to rehabilate some of the executives. We should strongly oppose such act of management. The management have gone completely astray because of narrow consideration and affinity towards implementing the transfer orders.

                 What wrong has the executive done to the management? Only because they did not had any godfather? Or they didn't find any unfair channel to get their orders changed or get cancelled. We strongly oppose and protest to such act of management who dares to challenge with all executives fraternity.

                          We being the only association which will continuously fight against all such injustices and we will adopt all fair means to satisfy and legitimate right of executives. Comrades, it is my sincere request to all the executives to join us in this struggle against injustice and always fight for our justice. Implementation of transparent transfer policy is our motto and admin should not dare to be partial.  “We appeal to all the executives................ join us with full enthusiasm in this struggle................”


 07 SEP 14 : GS SNEA(I) CHQ served Trade Union Notice to CMD BSNL for undue delay in resolutions of genuine HR issues. Notice <<<>>>

Trade union Pregrammes:

03.09.2014: Postcard campaign by Circles/SSAs/Branches.

11.09.2014: Wearing black badges and holding Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, Circle / SSA HQs.

18.09.2014: Massive one day Dharna at CHQ, CIRCLE/SSA HQs



1.    Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTOs/AOs, SDEs/AOs etc replacing existing intermediary pay scales of E1A , E2A and equivalent cadres up to SGJAG.

2.    30% superannuation benefits to BSNL recruited employees as per DPE guidelines and the agreement between the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations and the BSNL Mgt on 12.06.2012.

3.    Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% quota for the vacancy years 2009-10 onwards, JAO to AO promotions, holding of LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T) against 33% quota for the vacancy years 2010-11 onwards year-wise.

4.    Implementation of Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL analogous to CPSU cadre hierarchy.

5.    Settlement of long pending pay anomalies i) Pay fixation as per FRSR on officiating promotion consequent upon the implementation of TBP, ii) Antedating of increment and iii) Senior drawing less pay than Junior after promotions.

6.    First TBP uniformly after four years w.e.f. 01.10.2000.

7.    Amendment in BSNLMS RR 2009 for bringing complete uniformity in functional promotions for Civil/Electrical wings at par with Telecom/Finance wings, notional date of pay w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for Civil/Electrical/Arch wings at par with finance wing.

8.    Deliberate move to victimize seniors by indiscriminately transferring them despite clear cut assurance given to us that they will be accommodated in the respective Circles to the extent DE vacancies are getting created on account of DGM promotion – breach of assurance.


05 SEP 14 : Meeting with Shri. V.K.Singh CVO BSNL CO : JAC Pune leaders including DS SNEA(I) Pune met, Shri. V.K.Singh CVO BSNL CO and Addl. CVO at Pune on their visit to Pune. All the leaders welcomed both of them  and discussed following point,


1.Recovery of RSTC Bills of some Senior Officers in Pune : We discussed about the orders issued by MH CO for recovery of excess RSTC of some Senior Officers in Pune,but the order not implemented yet.


2. Status of complaint made by SNEA MH against Shri.Jainendra Kumar CGM WTP Mumbai.


3.Guidelines for posting of Executives and Non-executives at sensitive posts.


4. Guidelines for Plan Change : Plan change not intimated well in advance to the customers which causes heavy disconnections and spoils image of BSNL. We gave them example of recent withdrawl of free night unlimited usage which caused heavy complaints of Customers at CSC. The customers know the plan change when they got their bill of July 2014. We demanded that plan change should be intimated to customers well in advance.


5.Guidelines of CVC  for processing of tendering process : We discussed about the processing and awarding tenders like Jointing Material, U Y Conn, Modular Conn. Etc.


6. Reconcillation of Data Cards and SIM Cards.


7. Guidelines of CVC for Transfer and Posting of Executives and Non-Executives those who are dealing with SIM Cards : We pointed out that staff below SDE at CSC ever gets transferred but the higher officers never get transferred in S&M unit.


8. Guidelines of CVC for processing of proposal files : We discussed this issue in length. We pointed out the delay in processing of proposal files by some officers. BSNL is loosing its revenue, as proposals not get sanctioned in time. We pointed out that the inefficiency and negative attitude for sanctioning of files is also a part of corruption.


                       In meeting Shri.K.K.Saxena PGMT Pune, Shri. Dwivedi Sr.GM CFA&Admn,Shri.Ahirwar Sr.GM EB&Rural were also present. The meeting ended with pleasant note.


04 SEP 14: BSNL and MTNL to be merged by July 2015

 04 SEP 14: BSNL Employees IDA may get increased by 6% from October 2014

1 SEP 14: Editorial TESA FLASH AUGUST 2014 <<<>>>