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LAST UPDATED ON : 26 May 2016




26 MAY 16: The Executive Body  Meeting of SNEA Pune : DS SNEA ,Pune has notified the Executive Body  meeting of SNEA(I) Pune on 27th May 2016 at 18:00 Hrs at  O/O SDE S&M , 2nd Floor,Bajirao Road,Pune  to discuss on the District  Conference,. All Executive body members & all interested Comrades & activist are requested to attend the meeting well within the time.









No. SNEA/PUNE/Corr/2015-16/                            Dated 7th May 2016.


Notice for District Conference of SNEA   Pune

               It is hereby notified that the 5th District Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association, Pune District will be held on 5th June 2016 at Udyan Prasad Mangal Karyalaya,1712/1 B, Sadashiv Peth, Near Khajina Vihir,,Opp.Bajirao Road Telephone Exchange,Pune from 10.00 am onwards.

             All the members must pay their subscription / donation to the Dist Treasurer / Executive body member before conference. Delegate and Conference fee as decided by executive body are to be paid at the venue.


Tentative agenda ( Subject to approval )

1. Paying Homage to Late Com W. Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran Leader

2. Open House Session.

3. Report by District Secretary and its adoption.

4. Report by District Treasurer and its adoption.

5. Organizational / Development matters/ HR Issues.

6. Election of District Office Bearers for next term.

7. Any other item with the permission of the Chair.


The detail schedule of District Conference will be made available at the venue. All members are requested to make it convenient to attend the Conference to make it grand success.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Comradely Yours,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ( Bharat Sonawane )  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          District Secretary,      



21 MAY 16:  On the basis of interim orders from Hon CAT Chandigarh, BSNL CO declared the result of LDCE held on 21/06/2015 for JTO to

SDE Promotions under 33% Quota. Letter <<<>>>   

OC Category  List <<<>>>   SC Category  List <<<>>>    ST Category List <<<>>

 SNEA Pune congratulates all the successful candidates in this LDCE appreciates their sincerity and efforts in successfully passing this LDCE in first attempt itself and special congratulations to Com.Mrs.Kalpana Khode, Com.Mrs.Priya Kadam, Com.Mrs.Nisha Tilante, Com.Suhas Dengle, Com.Deepak Baviskar, Com.Manishkumar Suryavanshi, Com.Dineshkumar.


19 MAY 16:Self-Contribution to Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Draught Relief Fund Today is last day to submit consent letter.

Dear Comrades you are requested to come forward and respond to the occasion and liberally contribute to Maharashtra Chief Minister Draught Relief Fund with minimum of Rs. 1000.00 for this genuine cause. Though this is minimum amount, There is no limit for maximum donation individuals feeling/showing more social responsibility may contribute more amount as they wish and write the amount in consent letter as per their wish to contribute as everyone contributing to this genuine cause will get Income Tax relief under 80 CC and entire amount will be deducted from total taxable Income Tax of Year 2016-17.

All such willing executives may submit their consent as per format attached to their DS SNEA On the basis of this consent, the amount desired by individual will be deducted from the May 2016 salary of the concerned executive and entire amount through the cheque issued by BSNL Maharashtra Circle will be handed over to Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra by SNEA MH delegation in first week of June 2016.   

Comrades, we are making ‘n’ number of unusual expenditures for our own and we should have to contribute for this genuine cause. We have already donated for such natural disasters in other parts of India and when it is matter of the state where we are serving, we have to come forward with more social responsibility and donate maximum possible amount and help our own brothers/Sisters from Maharashtra state facing very difficult and odd conditions due to draught situation.

SNEA Pune appeals all comrades to come forwards and handover their consent letter with amount desired by them to their DS or any other District/Circle Office Bearers latest by 19/05/2016 evening so that amount can be deducted from salary of May 2016 as salary is processed by 20th of every month. Format of Consent letter.


17 MAY 16: Congratulations to all: Based on the concrete assurances from CMD, BSNL and DIR(HR) that all the pending HR issues will be resolved in a time bound manner, Assn decided to defer the Relay Hunger strike from tomorrow.


SNEA Pune wishing you all a very prosperous & happy Telecom Day


17 MAY 16: Relay Hunger Strike on 18th, 19th and 20th may 2016 at PGMT OFFICE,PUNE:

All the comrades are requested to make the Relay Hunger Strike successful.

Our demands

> Implementation of  standard pay scales of E2, E3 with five promotions (with or without cascading effect) for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 should settle before constitution of 3rd PRC.

> Settlement of CPSU cadre Hierarchy.

> 1st TBP uniformly after 4-5 years

>  30% superannuation benefit with minimum 6% as promised.

> Officiating pay protection.

> Notional pay of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect.

All Executives are requested to join this movement for the upliftment of the cadres.

Venue :- O/O PGMT, New Admin Bldg, Opp Hotel Panchami,Pune-9.

On date 18th May 2016 , 100 comrades will participate in Relay hunger strike and at lunch all the comrades nearby PGMT office will gather in the pendal.



17 MAY 16:  SSA wise working Executive Staff Strength of Maharashtra Circle as on 16/05/2016.  <<<>>>   


17 MAY 16: As per instructions from BSNL CO, “Swachh Bharat Pakhawada” will be celebrated in all BSNL offices from 16/05/2016 to 3105/2016 under Swachh Bharat Mission. Letter <<<>>>    CO Mumbai <<<>>>  


17 MAY 16:  AGM EB Pune issued clarification that One Time Settlement Scheme is applicable to MKS New post-paid customers disconnected for non-payment but who have not yet ported out. Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAY 16: CO issued new data tariff for all zones. Specially formulated night data STVs ranging from Rs 3 to Rs 63 with validity from 1 day to 28 days. Letter <<<>>>   


17 MAY 16:  DGM IT Mumbai calls for nominations of maximum two executives for training in MS OFFICE 2013 at various training centres and Nominations to be sent before 20/05/2016. Letter <<<>>>   


16 MAY 16: Shri. N.K. Mehta Director EB BSNL writes DO letter to Shri. G.K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH Circle appreciating efforts by team EB Pune in achieving 100% Enterprise Target.  Letter <<<>>>

·      EB Pune team was assigned target of Rs 85 Cores and has achieved 100 % Targets.

·      Director EB specially appreciates the special efforts taken by Shri. K. S. Ahirwar GM, GM EB Platinum Pune & his EB team Pune for achieving the targets.

·      He further appeals for similar efforts for achieving the targets and new Business during Year 2016-17.     

  SNEA Pune congratulates, GM EB Platinum Pune, our dashing & dynamic ADS SNEA Pune Com.Mahanand Gaikwad SDE EB  , the entire team of Officers and staff of EB Pune for their sincere and devoted contribution to Enterprise Business and achieving the targets.


9 Apr 16 :  Message for new Year Vikram Savant 2073 by Shri. Anupam Shrivastva CMD BSNL Letter <<<>>>     


9 Apr 16 :  BSNL CO issued orders for enhancement of free usage limit on GSM Free Service Telephone Connection from Rs 500 to Rs 700 in respect of SDE/AO & JTO/JAO or equivalent level officers and from Rs. 500 to Rs 800 in respect of DE/CAO or equivalent STS level officer. Letter <<<>>>    


9 Apr 16 :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued acceptance of refusal of DE Looking After Arrangements with directions to concerned SSA Heads to make suitable entry about refusal of promotions in APR of concerned officers and calls for compliance thereof. Letter <<<>>>     


9 Apr 16 :  AGM Staff Mumbai issued Longest Stay List of DEs for posting substitute against DEs working at Circle Tenure stations within Maharashtra Circle & requesting for transfers to other SSAs within Maharashtra Circle and the representation for modification/correction in stay particulars if any are to be sent through proper channel latest by 20/04/2016. Letter <<<>>>     


9 Apr 16 :  BSNL CO issued clarification for eligibility for JTO LICE for counting of pre-appointment training period for eligibility for this LDCE. Letter <<<>>>     

           Accordingly, the last date for online registration by candidates for JTO LDCE from 07/04/2016 to 14/04/2016 midnight and editing of such online applications if required is allowed 15/04/2016 to 17/04/2016. This clarification will majority of doubts on this JTO LICE and now examination can be conducted without any basic level disputes.


9 Apr 16 :  BSNL CO issued orders for extension of last date for online registration by candidates for JAO LICE from 07/04/2016 to 14/04/2016 midnight and the editing of all such online applications if required is allowed 15/04/2016 to 17/04/2016. Letter <<<>>>     


9 Apr 16 :  BSNL CO issued amendment in Transfer policy for inclusion of disease Thalassemia & Haemophilia for exclusion of officers from routine transfers. Letter <<<>>>     


9 Apr 16 :  BSNL CO issued revised calendar for holding different Examinations /Recruitment during year 2016-17. Letter <<<>>>     


9 Apr 16 :  BSNL CO issued instructions for Display of BSNL 4.5 G or BSNL Beyond 4G on all sign boards in Red or Dark Blue colour in all CSCs & outlets.  Letter <<<>>>     


 9 Apr 16 : BSNL CO issued clarification on regularisation of Contact workers in the BSNL and some other issues thereof. Letter <<<>>>     


SNEA Pune Wish all HAPPY New Year & Happy GudiPadva  

7 Apr 16 : Meeting with Sri Dev Kr Chakrabarty, GM(Pers) and Jt GM (Pers): GS, CHQ President and AGS met GM(Pers) and Jt GM(Pers) and discussed relieving of DE/SDEs from tenure Circles and other Circles. GM(P) informed that directions will be issued soon to relieve all the executives from tenure Circles before 16th Aril and from non-tenure Circles before 31st April. If relieving not happened, then action will be taken through ERP. Modification in DGM promotion on genuine cases is under consideration.


SNEA (I) PUNE wishes all



9 MARCH 2016:  Core Committee of the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations meeting with CMD, BSNL:

CMD, BSNL convened a meeting with the Core Committee of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations to discuss BSNL growth related issues. GS/SNEA, GS/NFTE and GS/AIBSNLEA attended the meeting. CMD explained that BSNL performance has improved during last month also. Last month more than 2 million GSM connections added and the revenue from mobile increased by 9%. MNP also positive and after so many years, BSNL will be MNP positive this year. This month the target is 2.5 million connections. All efforts should be made to achieve the target.

CMD appealed that everybody should make sincere efforts to increase the revenue during the remaining three weeks time up to 31st March 2016 so that this year balance sheet will improve considerably.

CMD identified some areas which required special focus during this month to increase the revenue:

1. Refund of Rs. 1250/- Crore USO Fund subsidy from DoT.

2. Taking refund of CENVAT credit on delivery of equpts itself as per BSNL Corporate Office instructions and decision taken in the HOCC. About 600 Crores are due from Govt in this regard. Our comrades in accounts wing to take keen interest in this regard.

3. Provisioning of maximum number of connections in the remaining days and selling coupons to increase the revenue. On provisioning of connections, amount booked under advances will be accounted as revenue and will become part of the balance sheet.

4. Commissioning of all pending Lease Line circuits and MPLS ccts with available MLLN modems, VMUXs, MPLS ports etc in the next three weeks which will add huge revenue.

CMD categorically told that the performance of all the Circle/SSA heads are being monitored and their posting will be as per their performance only.

Forum requested CMD to consider payment of remaining allowances like HRA, Medical and PUC as per 78.2% and restoration of LTC etc.


9 MARCH 2016: CHQ News

Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL: GS, Dy GS and Jt Sec met CMD, BSNL on 07.03.2016 and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Increasing the number of DGM posts from 1331. Assn pleaded for considerable increase in DGM posts since the number of available GMs are coming down every month and eligible officers are not there to promote as GM. so for operational purpose, DGM posts in Telecom side are to be increased and they can be effectively utilized as TDMs, Area Managers and DGMs. Deloitte consultant already recommended to increase the number from 1331 to about 1650 which may not be sufficient in view of the shortage of GMs. Assn requested CMD to consider to increase the number of DGM posts from 1331 to 2000.

b) Conduction of MT recruitment from among the Internal candidates. Assn requested to conduct the examination as early as possible. More than 11,000 young Executives already applied for the limited posts. CMD acknowledged the requirement of young and talented officers moving upward on fast track to take the responsibilities in the future and assured early action in this regard. CMD directed to have further discussion with DIR(HR) on the subject.

c) Conduction of membership verification and restoration of trade union facilities. Assn demanded that since there is no stay on the verification process, Management should conduct membership verification at the earliest and trade union facilities are to be restored till that time.


9 MARCH 2016:  Congratulations: DE to Adhoc DGM promotion orders issued for 213 DEs. The promotion order is based on 206 seniority and seniority list no 1 to 17 as per Hon SC order dated 20.01.2015. Last few months, we are struggling to issue this promotion order.  More than 100 missing cases are there who become senior as per 206. Their DPC work is in progress and trying to issue the promotion order within a fortnight. They need not become panic and Assn will ensure that their posting also will be in the same pattern. The DPC for the remaining 587 vacancies also to be completed this month itself.  Letter <<<>>>

SNEA Pune congratulates our members Com.Manoj Hedau and Com.Rawte L.B.on their promotion as DGM(Adhoc)


9 MARCH 2016:  AGM DE & R Mumbai issued notification for JTO LICE for 965 vacancies of JTOs Year 2013-14. Letter <<<>>> 

  The eligible candidates will have to apply online from 10/03/2016 to 31/03/2016 and examination will be held 22/05/2016.

  Though vacancies are 965, the eligible candidates are less than vacancies and hence every candidates has chance to become JTO if he gets minimum qualifying marks.·

  The examination for next year vacancies are to be held after completion of this examination process and as per schedule it will be held in August 2016 and SNEA will pursue for possibilities of pre-ponement of schedule of LICE for vacancies of further years. 




2 MARCH 2016: Sad Demise of Com. D.R.Sinnarkar, JTO (Ratnagiri): Com. D.R.Sinnarkar passed away  on 2nd March 2016  at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune at  age of 55 years. He  was hospitalized for diabetic problem but  could not recover from the serious problem. He is survived by Wife Mrs.Sinnarkar JTO WTR  & 2 children. SNEA Pune  prays almighty to give courage & Strength to the bereaved Sinnarkar family  and may the departed soul rest in peace.


1 MARCH 2016: The list of Executives (SDE&JTO) working in unit for more than 10 years and working on sensitive post has been uploaded on Pune intranet portal vide letter no. PTA/SE-543/SDE/TFR-PSTG/II/161 dated 26/02/2016.

In the list, there are some discreprencies in the list like stay particulars of Mobile nodal unit, Mobile unit,etc. In mobile nodal local transfer was implemented in last year like reshuffling of SDE/JTO from units like IN,VAS,Billing,Call Centre,NOC and vice versa. Similarly in Mobile unit,some names are missing in the list. The list of Pune TD needs to be corrected. However in the letter refered above, it is requested to send willingness before 10th March 2016. All concerned SDE/JTO are requested to send copy of their representation to administration. Our members are requested to send the copies of willingness and representation to email DS on


1 MARCH 2016: The orders of SDE L/A of Pune will be issued within couple of days.




1 MARCH 2016      Editorial March 2016 <<<>>> 


29 FEB 2016:  CHQ News

Meeting with GM(Estt): GS met GM(Estt) on 29.02.2016 and held discussions on conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO and posting of officiating JTOs completed the training:

On conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO, GM(Estt) informed that legal opinion is received regarding which RR to be operated for the LICE for the vacancy years 2013-14 and 2014-15. As per legal opinion, JTO RR 2014 is in force and already operated for the SRD as well as for the regularization of Offg JTOs. Further new RR stipulates that all the future examinations will be held as per the new RR. Efforts are being made to conduct the LICE for the 3 vacancy years one after the another within a gap of two to three months each without waiting for the result of the earlier LICE. This issue has to be further discussed with Rect section.

On the posting of officiating JTOs, GM(E) informed that Circles are asked to assess the vacancy position for 2015-16 against which they are to be posted. As per information, sufficient vacancies are there to accommodate all the officiating JTOs. GM(Estt) informed that adequate care will be taken to protect the seniority of the JTOs recruiting for the years 2013-14 and 2014-15 through LICE.


29 FEB 2016:  AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for DE looking After Arrangements for 180 days’ period from 02/03/2016 in respect of 85 SDEs who are already working as DE LA. Letter <<<>>>         


29 FEB 2016:  AGM Estt Mumbai issued reminder letter to different SSA Heads for missing APRs of SDEs for E4 to E5 and last date for submission of missing APRs is 02/03/2016. Letter <<<>>>  

29 FEB 2016:AGM SP/CP Mumbai calls for requirement of PIJF cables for Development as well as maintenance works. Letter <<<>>> 

 29 FEB 2016:AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders for SDE Looking after arrangements for 67 JTOs working in different SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>




6 FEB 2016: The Executive Body  Meeting of SNEA Pune :

The Executive Body  meeting of SNEA(I) Pune was held on 5th February 2016 at 18:00 Hrs at  O/O SDE NIB,MHS Bhavan for discussion on various issues like Successful Conduction of Circle Conference at Pune, Collection of subscription and donations,Deduction of Subscription through P & T Society, Holding of District Conference, Approval of Post of CWC Member and Jt.Sec Pune in Circle Conference etc.

At the opening of executive body meeting DS congratulated all the committee members for successful conduction of grand circle conference. DS thanked all the members of SNEA Pune for their efforts in successful conduction of Circle Conference. We are also thankful to all the lady comrades whose presence graced the function. DS also conveyed appreciation of all the CHQ,Circle and District leaders about grand organisation of  Circle conference.

On the issue related to collection of subsciption and circle donations,DS thanked all the executive members for collection of dues and appealed all the members to pay the pending dues and donations if any to the executive body members. The executive body decided to deduct Subscription through P & T Society from salary of members. Those who are non member of P & T Society will pay annually.In the meeting name of Com.R.S.Dalvi was nominated for the post of Auditor,which was approved by the executive body.

On the issue related to holding of District Conference, executive body decided to hold District Conference on 24th April 2016 tentatively. The notification will be issued in the next month.

At last discussion were made on continuation of post of CWC member and Jt Secretary Pune, executive body decided to continue to hold both the posts. SNEA Pune congratulates both the members Com.Prayag Pisal CWC Member and Com.R.A.Londhe Jt Secretary Pune MH Circle. All the executive body members assured to extend full support for functioning of new assignment. Com.S.M.Chand  played very vital role in successful conduction of executive body meeting.


Condolence meeting to pay homage to veteran leader and Ex General Secretary/President, Com W. Seshagiri Rao.

A condolence meeting was arranged at MHS Bhavan on 2 FEB.2016. DP Com.S.M.Chand, DS, Com.Vivek Wankhede, Com.S.V.Bhad,Com.S.P.Sonawane,Com.Virendra Chaudhari,Com.B.N.Kore,Com.M.I.Jakati DS BSNLEU and large number of comrades from Pune attended the meeting.



SNEA  Pune congratulates Baramati,Wakad,Baner,Narayangaon,Malegaon CSCs for achievement of more than 200% of SIM Sale target assigned to them.

The CSCs like Shivajinagar,Manchar,Khadki,Walchandnagar,Sangvi,Yerwada,Cantonment,Bhor,Akurdi,Kedgaon, Indapur, Rajgurunagar,,Model Colony,Bhosari and Lonawala also completed more than 100 % of SIM Sale target during the month of December 2015I.t is matter of pride for all the comrades who have actively participated in SIM Sale that with 109% achievement of targets of SIM Sale during Dec 2016.

     SNEA Pune congratulates all staff and officers who have practically contributed for sale of SIM Cards and appeal to all comrades to come forward and be part of this prestigious moment for growth of BSNL Pune





 The Special Divisional General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) Pune will be held on 11.01.2016 at 17.30 hrs.

 Venue of Meeting : TRC Club,MHS Compound,


Agenda of the meeting:-

* Felicitation of Com.M.S.Adsul Dy G.S. SNEA(I) CHQ

* Felicitation of Newly joined members

* Selection of  delegates  and Committee Members for attending Circle conference at Pune.

* Status of Collection of  subscription from members

* Any other matter with the permission of the chair.

All members of  SNEA (I), Pune are requested to attend the Meeting sharply.



06-01-2016: Service With A Smile  (S W A S) Inaguration on 30/12/2015 

PGMT Pune Dr.P.K.Hota in the presence of Sr.GM(Admn-HR & Rural) Shri.D.C.Dwivedi, DGMs,employees working in New Admin Bldg, Association and Union leaders addressed on the importance of implementation of SWAS (Service With A Smile) with effect from 1st January 2016. He emphasized on the need of SWAS to contribute to the growth of BSNL. Sr.GM(Admn-HR & Rural) Shri.D.C.Dwivedi gave oath to the employees present in the programme. Com.Bharat Sonawane DS SNEA(I) addressed the programme. Com.B.N.Kore Jt Sec South and Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ADS SNEA(I) Pune attended the inauguration programme from our Association. 


05-01-2016:BSNL CO issued detail instructions to Circle Heads for conduction of LICE for promotion to the post of JTO Telecom as per new JTO RR 2014 for filling up vacancies up to 31/03/2016 under 50% quota.  Letter <<<>>>

This is great chance for all TTAs in Maharashtra Circle as many of the vacancies of JTOs are unfilled and number of eligible candidates also are less than the vacancy position for some of vacancy years and hence chances of their becoming JTOs are more as compared to eligible candidates in other circles. All eligible comrades, should concentrate on preparations of LICE with full devotion and dedication for their bright future in BSNL and grab this opportunity of carrier progression within BSNL.   


05-01-2016:  BSNL CO writes reminder letter PCE/CEs Civil calling for Circle Seniority of JTOs Civil for preparation of All India Eligibility list 2016.  Letter <<<>>>


05-01-2016: CHQ NEWS Director CM BSNL CO writes DO letter to all CGMs for signing all GSM AMCs and send compliance. Letter <<<>>>

          We all are aware about the quality of work done by these vendors under AMC agreement and the poor quality of works and grabbing at least 75% of total AMC amount is one of the funda adopted by vendors as there is no awareness among the executives working in Mobile wing or their signing certificates for satisfactory work by these vendors either under pressure from seniors or with careless approach as it is one of the routine work. It is seen that many of the officers are not aware about the terms, conditions of such AMCs and are till signing certificates under pressure or due to lack of awareness of loss to BSNL.

         All the comrades working in field units are appealed to take update knowledge of AMCs available for GSM equipment’s and understand and study the terms and conditions of such AMCs and then sign the certificates of satisfactory services. No doubt that in some of AMCs, no such certificate is also required and AMC bills are paid without such scrutiny creating loss to BSNL. This will at least help us in getting services from these vendors as per AMCs and at least have some watch on expenditure of crores of rupees of BSNL being made on such AMCs where  services are not utilised BSNL to proper depth.   


 05-01-2016:  By quoting DoPT instructions, BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads for avoiding delay in settlement of pension case.  Letter <<<>>>


04-01-2016: AGM EB Mumbai clarified that permission of CGMT MH is not required for  leasing out dark fibre for cable TV distribution companies as services are provided on card rate. Letter <<<>>>


 04-01-2016: AGM NWO CM Mumbai grated temporary permission for installation of M/C link equipment by Police department on BSNL towers. Letter <<<>>>


02-01-2016:  BSNL CO issued orders for predesignating GMs/Sr GMs as PGM for 37 unabsorbed senior ITS officer without any change in duties, substantial status, pay, responsibilities and even seniority of these individuals.  Letter <<<>>>

     This order will not give any output either for BSNL or for these individual officers but it will definitely help to certain extent in resolving the present conflict between absorbed and unabsorbed ITS officers about their reporting to junior unabsorbed ITS officers after their fast track promotion as compared to promotions of unabsorbed ITS officers.  





01-01-2016: Good News IDA increases by 4.5% with effective from today i.e 1st Jan 2016, Now total IDA will be 112.4%.


27 DEC 15:  Successful  Lunch Hour Demonstrations at O/O PGMT Pune

Joint Forum conducted demonstration during lunch hour at Admin Bldg BSNL Pune and protested against the inordinate delay in 78.2% IDA fitment to the retired BSNL pensioners.

Com Wankhede Ex AGS SNEA CHQ, Com Nalawade Circle Sec. BSNLEU, Com Suresh Chand DP SNEA Pune, Com Jakati DS BSNLEU Pune, Com Suhas Shah  addressed the gathering and illustrated the need of agitation.Com.S.P.Sonawane CWC Member, Com.V.R.Chaudhari JS SNEA MH Circle attended the demonstration programme.







23 DEC 15:  The Sixth Circle Conference of SNEA MH will be held at Progressive Education Society’s Auditorium, Modern College, Shivajiagar Pune 411005 for three days from Friday, 22nd January 2016 to Sunday 24th January 2016 including activities related to pre Circle Conference CEC meeting on 22nd January 2015. Notice <<<>>>


22 DEC 15:  Lunch Hour Demonstrations today at O/O PGMT Pune

All the members are requested to attend today’s i.e. 22nd December 2015 Lunch Hour Demonstration by wearing black badges against the inordinate delay in extending 78.2% IDA fitment to the retired BSNL employees.

Venue : O/O PGMT,New Admin Bldg,Opp Hotel Panchami

Timings : 1.30 pm


22 DEC 15:  The meeting of the MH circle & Pune SSA office bearers held on 21st December 2015 at 09.00 hrs at Janwadi quarters for the preparation of the proposed Circle conference scheduled in Pune on 22,23&24 January 2016.

Com M.S.Adsul CS and Dy. G S and Com.S.V.Bhad Circle President addressed the meeting for finalization of venue for the Circle Conference. The venue finalized as Progressive Education Society’s Auditorium,Modern College Campus, J M Road, Pune.In the meeting Com.S.P.Sonawane CWC Member,Com.Virendra Chaudhari Jt Sec Pune, Com.B.N.Kore Jt Sec South, Com.S.M.Chand President SNEA(I) Pune,Com.Bharat Sonawane DS SNEA(I) Pune,Com.Prayag Pisal active member Pune expressed their view in details. In the meeting Chairman of different Committes were finalized. The details are,will follows.


22 DEC 15:  AGM Estt Mumbai writes all SSA/Unit heads for submission of mandatory Immovable Property Returns (IPR) by all officers in prescribed format all for year 2015 and last date for its submission is 31/01/2016. Letter <<<>>>


22 DEC 15:  BSNL Announces 80% reduction in call charges for new GSM prepaid customers. Press Release <<<>>>


22 DEC 15:  DoPT extended last date for declaration of assets and liabilities by Govt Servants under  Lokpal  & Lokayukt act 2013  for last two years and now Revised Asset/Liability  Declaration of year 2014 & 2015 can be submitted in prescribed format latest by 30/04/2016. Letter <<<>>>


22 DEC 15:  BSNL to conduct all Direct recruit Exams as well as LDCE for promotions only through computer based online Examinations. Letter <<<>>>


 22 DEC 15:  DGM CA Mumbai issued reminder calling for details of stipend paid to newly recruited JAOs for their EPF contribution during training period. Letter <<<>>>


 21 DEC 15:  In want of final outcome of pending court case, 19 TTAs who have qualified LICE for JTO and completed Phase-I & Field training of JTO are posted as TTA in their parent SSA. The orders for their posting as JTO will be issued on the outcome of pending Court case on this subject. Letter <<<>>>

18 DEC 15: CHQ News

 Forum writes to Hon Prime Minister on Chennai Flood: Exemplary and unparalleled effort of the BSNL in providing landline and mobile services during recent catastrophe and life threatening turmoil at Chennai should act as an eye opener for Telecom Policy makers who have been abjectly overlooking with disdain the great contribution that BSNL has played in the past and continues to play during the time National calamities strike and when question of grave National Security arises. Private operators have betrayed and continue to betray. Policy framework needs to recognize this critical fact and firm policy provisions to strengthen BSNL need to be incorporated and executed like 1) Free Space to built up mobile network at every Government buildings, Pilgrim Centers, Airports, Railway stations, Ports, Tourist destinations, Bus stands, Hospitals, parks, Fishing Harbours, Beach, Market places, Educational institutions and other State Govt. offices etc and  2) reduce the huge Air Wave /Satellite Charges levied from BSNL for giving Telecom services in Andaman, Jammu Kashmir, Lakshadweep and North East areas.

Forum letter to Hon Prime Minister on Chennai Floods


Forum served notice to Secretary DoT protesting against the inordinate delay in 78.2% IDA fitment to the pensioners: Inordinate delay in extending the benefit of 78.2% IDA fitment to the Retired BSNL employees – holding protest demonstrations on 22.12.2015 reg:

All CSs and SSA Secretaries to coordinate with other Forum leaders for the successful conduction of the protest demonstration on 22.12.2015, wearing black badges.

Notice to Secretary, DoT on 78.2% IDA for pensioners


18 DEC 15: CHQ News

3rd PRC constitution for next pay revision: GS Com K Sebastin, Chairman Com G L Jogi and President/NCOA Com V K Thomar met Addl Secretary/DPE and Director/DPE on 17.12.2015 and held discussions on the constitution of 3rd PRC. Addl Secretary informed that after the notice for protest demonstrations by given by NCOA, Govt started acting quickly and two rounds of discussions on the matter with Cabinet Secretary was conducted. Now the matter is under process at the higher level. Further discussions will be held on Monday. It is learnt that Govt may ask the Committee to submit the report in shortest time, unlike last PRC.


18 DEC 15: CHQ News

Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS Com K Sebastin, President Com A A Khan and Chairman Com G L Jogi met Sri Anupam Shrivastava on 17.12.2015 and held discussions on:

a)        Implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP after 5 years: Assn explained the urgency to process the recommendations. Since 3rd PRC is going to be constituted, it is very urgent to settle the standard pay scales. Otherwise it will create problem during interaction with 3rd PRC. CMD assured that it will be processed as assured to the Assn at the time of re-constitution of the Jt Committee itself.

b)        The Forum initiative of 100 days drive “SERVICE WITH A SMILE” w.e.f 01.01.2016. CMD was very much enthusiastic about the initiative taken by the Forum and assured that the programme will be inaugurated simultaneously at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs.


17 DEC 15: CHQ News

Forum leaders meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL: Forum leaders met CMD, BSNL on 11.12.2015 and conveyed the decision of the Forum to observe 100 days drive: SERVICE WITH A SMILE” (S W A S) from 01st January, 2016 onwards. CMD very much appreciated the initiative taken by the Forum and assured full support. Forum further requested to formally inaugurate the drive at BSNLCO, all Circles and SSAs by CMD and respective CGM/SSA Heads. CMD agreed to this proposal also.


From 01st January, 2016 onwards.·     

Vigorous marketing of Mobile, Broadband and Landline connections. · 

     Ensure Fault Free service.·     

 Reconnection of Broadband and Landline connections.·

      Special focus on Enterprise Business, Leased line, CUG and 3G customers.·     

Special focus us on MNP.

Forum suggested another marketing initiative, “Free call diversion from Mobile to Land line and from Land line to Mobile”. Free call diversion from Mobile to Land line can popularize and increase the usage of landlines at residences and offices and solve complaints of Low Coverage, No coverage and indoor coverage at residences, offices, buildings etc. Free call diversion from Land line to Mobile on faulty conditions ensures that the customer is not missing any calls to the faulty telephone.

Forum letter to CMD, BSNL 

Forum Circular -- decisions of the Forum meeting on 10.12.2015


17 DEC 15: BSNL CO issued clarification in respect of posting to All India Soft Tenure stations and for counting of stay of executives working in Non-Territorial & City based Circles. Letter <<<>>>

·      Though letter states that these modifications are issued to facilitate and promote executives for posting to hard, Soft tenure stations, the modification issued for break on posting to same Circle Soft Tenure station is discouraging as it will not count for break in long stay except period for which officer is working at soft tenure station and he/she will not transferred for two years after completion of All India Soft tenure.  SNEA will take up this matter for restoration of facility for counting break in Circle stay of officer working at tenure station. This order defeats the purpose of calling these stations as All India Soft Tenures stations if long stay break is not granted for all India transfers.

  ·      The counting of stay of non-territorial Circle and territorial Circle together was resolution passed in our CEC Aurangabad and has been finally accepted by BSNL CO.

·      This clarification will definitely reduce the request transfers from Non territorial Circle like  WTP/WTR/DNW/INSP etc. to Territorial circles like MH and vice versa just for break of long stay and now even after such transfer the stay will be counted from the entry in the Circle cadre regardless of his/her working in Non-Territorial or territorial circle.  


17 DEC 15:Shri.  G. K. Upadhyay, CGMT MH appreciates efforts for C Top up revenue and congratulate Sindhudurg , Gadchiroli, Nagpur, Dhule, Latur & Nashik SSAs for more than 100 % and Amravati, Pune, Solapur, Beed & Ahmednagar SSA for more than 90 % achievement during Month Nov 15  and appeals all other SSAs to bestow their efforts achieving these targets in coming months. Letter <<<>>>


7 DEC 15: CHQ News

Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 07.12.2015: GS met CMD, BSNL and held discussions regarding implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TB promotion. GS informed CMD that the recommendations are submitted two months back, on 07.10.2015. But the recommendations are not processed so far on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and first TBP. Instead of processing the recommendation of the Committee headed by an officer of the level of ED, confusion is created by the dissent note by two members. GS told CMD that it was pointed out at the time of reconstitution of the committee itself that some members will never allow any solution to the issues benefiting the absorbed employees, but management assured that they will take the responsibility in that case. When it was known to everybody that they will never agree for any solution to these issues, there is no point in discussing the note submitted by them without proper justification.

GS further added that last week DIR(HR) assured that a decision will be taken in two weeks time on the recommendations. CMD informed that DIR(HR) discussed the matter with him few days back. CMD assured that the committee recommendations will be taken very seriously and will be processed without further delay.




4 DEC 15:   CHQ News

Agenda meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR): The scheduled agenda meeting with DIR(HR) (first Tuesday of each month) held on 02.12.2015. GS, President and Jt Sec attended the meeting. From Mgt side PGM(SR), GM(Estt), GM(Pers), Addl GM(P), DGM(SR) and DGM(Rect) attended. Discussions held on the following points:

1. Further actions on the Joint Committee report on a) implementation of E2, E3 pay scales replacing intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A etc and b) introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL, first TBP after 5 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

Association pointed out that finalization of pay scales of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadre is pending since the 2nd wage revision on 01.01.2007. The Joint Committee submitted its recommendations on 07.10.2015. It may be finalised at the earliest. Since all the promotions are stayed especially by the Hon CAT, Chandigarh on Nagaraju case, the stalemate on present functional promotion may continue for longer period. The recommendations on CPSU cadre hierarchy will be an ideal alternative to the present two tier promotion system which suits the company’s requirement also.

The Jt Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scale are processed by the Estt wing. Since GM(Estt) was one of the members of the Jt Committee and taken a view against the recommendation, Assn expressed apprehension with regard to her proposal on the subject. Finally after discussions DIR(HR) informed that decision on the proposal already reached DIR(HR) office on E2, E3 pay scales will be taken within one weeks time. Since some committee members given different views, it also will be examined.  

On CPSU cadre hierarchy, the Restg wing submitted its views and the matter is under examination in Pers section. Addl GM(P) informed that report is salient on some aspects and it has to be examined in detail. GS informed that as committee member, all aspects are examined and such points can be discussed. Since it is a policy matter, formalities are to be worked out when management taken a view on the policy matter. After discussions it is decided that the issue will be examined and processed in two weeks time. Any specific issue left which is to be addressed by the Committee itself, it will be listed out. Then mgt will take a decision on that or it may be referred back to the committee for further examination. The 3rd recommendation on first TBP after 5 years will be processed with this.

We are waiting for a positive decision from the management on both issues in another two weeks time.   


2. Committee on pay fixation on offtg promotion -- Recovery/reduction in pay.


It is told that the committee submitted its report. The Committee not agreed to our demand to withdraw the illegal clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010. Committee is of the opinion that they are in order. Assn told the committee that the clarification dated 30.05.2010 at sl no 10 is contrary to the provisions II(i), (v) and (vi) of the EPP order dated 18.01.2007 which is approved by BSNL Board as well as DoT. So clarification without the approval of BSNL Board, contrary to the provisions of EPP is illegal. Further clarification dated 19.02.2010 disallowing the pay on officiating promotion is against the various provisions of FRSR.

All the JTO/JAO officiated as SDE/AO, SDE/AO officiated as DE/CAO, DE/CAO officiated as DGM etc atleast for a year either in DoT or BSNL and got adhoc or regular promotion after 01.10.2000 will be affected by this decision. They will face reduction in pay by two to three increments, pension and recovery of pay to the tune of lakhs of rupees. Only way out is to withdraw the illegal clarifications issued. DIR(HR) told that the findings of the committee will be intimated to the Assn and further clarifications on the observations of the committee can be taken up. If the recommendation of the committee is accepted, it will affect more than 15,000 Executives having serious implications leading to industrial unrest.

3.  First TBP from Lateral JTO to SDE and Sr SDE to DE grades after four years instead of five years as in the case of promotion from AAO to AO and Sr AAO to CAO.

Assn explained that there no difference in promotion from AAO to AO and Sr AO to CAO and corresponding engineering cadres like lateral JTO to SDE and Sr SDE to DE in the Time Bound promotion policy. The hierarchy followed in BSNL is uniform and TBP is implemented based on the hierarchy. Our demand for TBP from lateral JTO to SDE, AAO to AO, Sr SDE to DE and Sr AO to CAO grades are rejected on the same plea earlier. Now the benefit is extended to one section leaving the others which created large scale resentment among the Executives. Assn requested to extend the benefit uniformly to all the Executives.

After discussion DIR(HR) directed to examine the case and further directed the concerned officers that in future uniformity should be ensured for all the sections of Executives in all promotions.

4.  Notional pay of E1A and E2A scales for the JTO/SDE (Civil/Electrical/Arch) wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.

The matter is under examination in Estt wing. The Vinay Sahi Committee recommendations, the BSNL Board decisions on the report and the circumstances in which JAO cadre given the benefit etc are under examination by Estt wing.

5. Membership verification related issues – restoration of facilities in view of delay, deduction of subscription from salary, modification on policy etc.

It was told by management that BSNL filed an early hearing application and it will be heard shortly. However, Assn pointed out that the stalemate is continuing for months together. Atleast BSNL has to restore the facilities and start deduction of subscription from salary. After discussion, DIR(HR) told that we will wait for another month and if no decision is coming from court, Assns demand will be considered.


3 DEC 15:   CHQ News    Meeting with GM(Pers) on 01.12.2015: GS along with CHQ President and Jt Sec held discussions with GM(P) and DGM(P) on the following issues.

1.       Implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy: The necessary changes in the EPP has to be examined by Pers section so that required informations can be submitted to the Esst wing as and when required. Mgt agreed to examine the case. The recommendations on CPSU hierarchy are under examination.

2.       Committee meeting on offtg promotion. Mgt informed that the committee is finalised its recommendations but details not divulged. However it is gathered that the committee is not in favour of withdrawal of the illegal clarifications which are against the provisions of the EPP order and FRSR. In that case all the Executives officiated in DoT or BSNL in any post and got regular promotion after 01.10.2000 in BSNL will face reduction in pay, pension and recovery of pay. We are very clearly told that in case management not withdrawing the illegal clarification, it will lead to industrial unrest.

3.       JTO to SDE case – delay in filing the reply. GM informed that already directions are given to Kerala Circle to file the reply. Additional informations if any will be given after discussions.

4.       Court case on 206 case based on the expert committee report. Assn requested that BSNL has to take actions to ensure that the issue is decided by the Hon SC at the earliest. The case is listed for 11.12.2015.

5.       DGM Promotion: Assn requested to expedite the same. Since all the DEs are completed 4 years of service, they are eligible for DGM Regular promotion also. Actions may be taken for regular promotions also. Mgt informed that actions are already initiated to fill up all the vacancies, around 750 and for regular promotion if additional ACRs are required, it will be collected also.

6.       Court case on BSNLMS RR clarifications for Civil/Electrical wings. The case is already heard and judgment is reserved.

7.       Notional pay w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect etc wings. The issue is still under examination with Estt section.

8.       Amendment in Transfer policy. The proposal to amend the transfer policy to consider the combined stay of all Executives in a Territorial Circle comprising of the recruiting and non-recruiting Circles is approved by the Management Committee. This policy will be implemented from next quarter from January, 2016.


3 DEC 15:  Congratulations to Com. M. B. Dhanve

CAO FC Mumbai issued posting order within Maharashtra Circle  on  DGM Adhoc promotion of Com. M. B. Dhanve and posted him as DGM Fin Pune.  Letter <<<>>>


1 DEC 15:  SNEA (I) MH Pune congratulates, Com. A.M.Gaikwad DE NOFN Rajgurunagar, on his VRS as on today, 31/10/2015 and wish him & his family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.


27 NOV 15: AGM EB Pune conveyed approval of CGMT MH Circle for sales of Mobile SIM Cards under MKS CUG Plan through franchisee & other sales  channels for period of 15 days w.e.f. 21/11/2015 on trial basis. Letter <<<>>>


27 NOV 15: AGM EB Pune conveyed approval of PGMT Pune for conversion of any existing any Prepaid/Postpaid plan to MKS CUG Plan after fulfilling its eligibility conditions. Letter <<<>>>



 11 OCT 15: The Executive Body  Meeting of SNEA Pune : DS SNEA ,Pune has notified the Executive Body  meeting of SNEA(I) Pune on 13th Oct 2015 at 18:00 Hrs at  Conference Hall, Bajirao Road,Pune  to discuss on the Circle Conference,Diary Payment,organisational matters etc. All Executive body members & all interested Comrades & activist are requested to attend the meeting well within the time.


10 OCT 15: Maximum publicity and marketing has to be done to the new BB schemes of 2 Mbps speed among the customers and public.

Along with that the Free call facility during night hours is a good package to offer to the public.

Free roaming facility for mobile connections is another attractive offer.

A net increase of about 4% is observed in the revenue during last few months, a very very positive and promising trend. However we have to grow further and further, month by month to reach the figure of 15% to offset the losses. 

All our members are requested to contribute much more towards the growth and revenue generation.


10 OCT 15:AGM Staff Mumbai published waiting list of request transfers of SDEs & JTOs cadre as on 30th Sept 2015.  JTOs <<<>>>      SDEs <<<>>>

        Corrections/modification or even cancellation of request transfers by individuals is to be sent latest by 24/10/2015 by written request through proper channel.


10 OCT 15:DPE issued order for increase in IDA w.e.f. 01/10/2015 Letter <<<>>>


10 OCT 15:AGM Staff Mumbai issued orders promotion & posting of Shri. Ashok Purohit as PGM CM Mumbai with financial powers of CGM up to existing powers of SSA Heads wherein GM Mobile Pune/Nagpur & GM Marketing Mumbai will report to PGM CM Mumbai.  Order <<<>>>           


10 OCT 15:DGM CSC Mumbai calls for vendor category information from all SSAs/units for introduction of new procedure for bill payments w.e.f. 01/11/2015. Letter <<<>>>

Ø On introduction of ERP in Maharashtra Circle to have double check and avoid duplicate/non genuine payments of vendor bills, this stringent system of confirmation of ERP payments by covering email was started. This was time consuming procedure as till the confirmation email is not received till the payments were not released though it was appearing in ERP.

Ø This has created panic in the filed officers and among vendors as for such small reasons the payments were held up from days to months together. Also it was doubt created by Finance wing officers on the integrity of the ERP system itself.

Ø  Now this time consuming procedure of sending confirmation by email will be stopped from 01/11/2015 & payments will be released as appearing in ERP system itself without waiting for confirmation of email. This will save time of officers in ERP as well as field units as the officers in field units will not have  to send covering email and officers in CSC will not have to check hundred/thousands of emails daily which was one of the reasons for delayed payments in CSC.

Ø  Let us hope this new procedure speed up the bill payments through ERP and the saved energy of the officers is used for creative works without doubts on integrity of field officers and integrity of ERP system itself. 


8 OCT 15:Agenda meeting with DIR (HR) on 08.10.2015 at 05.00 PM on the following issues:

1.  30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.

2.  Promotions in different cadres and finalization of new seniority lists as per para 206 and LDCE: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE (TF).

3.  Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns: a) making changes in the new Recognition Rules, b) deduction of subscription from the salary and c) restoration of trade union facilities.

4.  Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d) annual increment @ 3% of current basic pay.


8 OCT 15:Congratulations: Chairman, Joint Committee submitted the recommendations of the Joint Committee on a) E2, E3 pay scales, b) CPSU cadre hierarchy and c) First TB promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to CMD, BSNL today:

GS Com K. Sebastin and Chairman/SNEA Com G. L. Jogi met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following subjects:A.  Further actions on the recommendations of the Joint Committee: GS thanked CMD for the reconstitution of the Committee and monitoring the progress also. GS requested expeditious actions on the recommendations of the Jt Committee.

      On our apprehension about the dissent note by the committee members from official side, CMD assured that management is committed to resolve the issues and the dissent note will not come on the way. CMD informed that the report has been already marked to DIR (HR) for further actions.

The Joint Committee recommended:

i.         Replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007.

ii.         Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy or TB functional promotion from JTO/JAO --> SDE/AO --> Sr SDE/Sr AO -->DE/CAO/EE without linking with existing seniority and availability of posts, with a residency period of 5 years for each promotion from one grade to the next grade.

iii.         Maximum residency period for first TB promotion is recommended to reduce from 6 years to 5 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.  

The committee has been reconstituted after SNEA agitation in April-May, 2015 with Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan as the Chairman. This decision has been taken in the meeting between SNEA and CMD, DIR (HR) and ED (Fin) on 06.05.2015 during the agitation. CMD assured in the meeting that the committee will conclude the recommendations by 15.08.2015 by regular meetings, at least once in a fortnight. The earlier committee formed on 28.02.2012 was defunct for more than 3 years which compelled SNEA to launch trade union actions in February, 2014 and in April-May, 2015. After the reconstitution, SNEA followed up the issues on a day to day basis which resulted in the final recommendations within four and half months’ time. Before that SNEA pursued the pay scale issue in DoT and DPE vigorously and got the proposal of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A rejected by DPE.

Comrades, we have to be very vigilant and in full organizational preparedness to ensure that the recommendations are implemented in totality without any change. As some negative forces are working to see that no cadre issue is getting resolved for the absorbed/directly recruited Executives, we have to keep ourselves prepared for any organizational actions in short notice to see that the recommendations are getting implemented in the minimum possible time. B.   Popularizing and effective marketing of new Broad band schemes with 2 Mbps speed. CMD requested to give maximum publicity to the new schemes and get maximum connections. The revenue has to increase considerably in the coming months by the new initiatives.

New Business Avenue by imparting training – advantage of recent tour to Kenya to attend the Afro-Asia submit. CMD explained the new initiatives to increase the revenue by imparting training with the available infrastructure. BSNL utilizing this as an opportunity and DoT is supporting BSNL to get new businesses.

8 OCT 15:Meeting with the Secretary DoT: Core Committee members of the Forum met Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, and DoT today. Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convener/Forum, Com. Chandeswar Singh, President/Forum and Com. Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA participated. The Forum representatives expressed their concerns to the Secretary, DoT, with regards to the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. They also conveyed their dissatisfaction to the inordinate delay in the settlement of 78.2% IDA merger to the pensioners. The representatives also requested the Secretary, DoT to take expeditious steps to implement the assurance given to the Forum, in the meeting held on 01.05.2015, in respect of the next round of pension revision to the BSNL retirees. The Secretary, DoT assured to do the needful.

8 OCT 15: Meeting with the new Additional Secretary of DoT: The Core Committee members of the Forum met Shri N. Sivasailam, Additional Secretary, DoT today. Since the Additional Secretary is also a director of the BSNL Board, the Core Committee members discussed a number of issues connected with the viability of BSNL and solicited his fullest cooperation for strengthening the Company. The Additional Secretary responded very positively. He expressed his desire that BSNL should become the no.1 telecom operator in the country and assured his fullest cooperation for it. We drew his attention to the fact that the post of Director (Finance), BSNL, is lying vacant for a very long time, which is adversely affecting the functioning of the Company.


8 OCT 15:GS and President met GM(Pers) on 07.10.2015 and held discussions on a) promotion from i) JTO to SDE – filing of reply, ii) SDE to DE and iii) DE to DGM, b) committee on officiating pay fixation, c) modification of tenure transfer orders from ITPC, d) reduction of tenure of Rajouri etc in J&K Circle etc. The draft reply has been send to Kerala Circle on 05.10.2015 for filing the counter reply in JTO to SDE case. Further discussions will continue tomorrow.


8 OCT 15:DoPT issued guidelines for supplying information under RTI act.  Letter <<<>>>


8 OCT 15:BSNL CO issued instructions for closure of Disciplinary Proceedings in case of death of charged official/officer during proceedings.  Letter <<<>>>


4 OCT 15:  JAC Meeting of Pune  The meeting of JAC leaders was held on 03/10/2015 to discuss about the  AGITATIONAL CALL dated 6TH Oct 2015 and Development issues for growth of Pune SSA. It was assured by Shri.P.K.Hota Sir PGMT Pune that he will discuss the issues after one month, now span of three months lapsed after his joining. It is seen that some positive steps from him for increasing FTTH connections and now for the first time figures of FTTH in Pune SSA are in three digits.All the members are requested to send their views on development issues and difficulties faced by them on emailed on or before 06/10/2015.


4 OCT 15:  Good News IDA to increase by 5.3% w.e from today: As per figures calculated on the basis of All India Consumer price index for industrial workers for the months of June, July & August 2015 IDA is to increase by 5.3% w.e.f. today i.e 1st Oct 2015, Now the revised rate of IDA will increase from 102.6% to 107.9%. 




1 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued order for celebration “Consumer Week in BSNL” from 01/10/2015 to 07/10/2015 to mark Foundation Day of BSNL with directions to circles to carry out special activities during this week to delight the customers.  Letter <<<>>>


1 OCT 15:  AGM Vigilance Mumbai endorsed the BSNL CO orders for observing “Vigilance Awareness Week 2015” from 26/10/2015 to 31/10/2015. Letter <<<>>>


1 OCT 15:  BSNL CO issued clarification for implementation of Executive Promotion policy 2007. in case of missing APRs, refusal of promotions, penalties & in case of pending Vigilance Clearance with directions to examine & dispose of the individual cases as per these guidelines. Letter <<<>>>


1 OCT 15:  BSNL CO calls for information on pay anomaly due to implementation of Executive Promotion Policy i.e. Interplay between Time Bound up gradation & post based promotions. Letter <<<>>>


1 OCT 15:  AGM NWO CM Mumbai issued allotment of 376 Battery sets of different capacities to different SSA as per requirement given by SSAs. This will definitely help in improvement of Services provided by some of critical exchanges and BTS. All concerned comrades are requested to collect it and install it without any delay for any reason. Letter <<<>>>


1 OCT 15: Meeting with GM (Estt): GS, President and Com Wankhede met GM (Estt) on 29.09.2015 and held discussions on the following subjects:

a.     Filing reply in the Hon Kerala High Court in JTO to SDE case: The various points raised by the BSNL lawyer discussed. The reply will be sent in a couple of days to Kerala Circle by Pers section so that counter reply can be filed by next week. Some details will be collected from KTK Circle.

b.    Notification of JTO RR and recruitment to JTO cadre: During discussion, GM (Estt) informed that the minutes of the last Board meeting are awaited. The RR will be notified immediately after that. Once RR is notified, action may be initiated to regularize the officiating JTOs and filling the remaining vacancies through LICE, Assn demanded. GM (Estt) assured that further discussions will be held once the RR is notified.


1 OCT 15: Expert Committee meeting on revision of seniority lists 1 to 5: The last meeting of the committee held today. It is expected that the report will be submitted by the Expert Committee to the Hon Supreme Court by 15th October, 2015. Now the case is listed for hearing on 31.10.2015. So far 17 sittings made by the committee.

It is expected that the expert committee report will be:

a.     As per Hon SC order dated 20.01.2015, the seniority lists 1 to 5 is revised to old 1 to 17 (promoted up to 1994) followed by list 18 (those promoted in 1998 and subsequent years).

b.    On revision of seniority, there will not be any reversion from Substantiate status. Those who promoted earlier and become junior on revision of seniority and may face reversion, the promotion and pay will be protected.

c.      The seniors on revision /restoration of seniority list 1 to 17 will be given notional promotion, notional pay (without arrears), pension and the service will be counted for the next promotion.

d.    The 147 officers will not be included in seniority list 1 to 17 as their names were not available in the original list. Assn strongly objected BSNL move to include their names in the original list 1 to 17 by inserting their names and giving seniority from 1990 onwards. Further Hon Ernakulam HC quashed their revision of seniority from 1994 to 1990 onwards also. Finally BSNL agreed to submit the original seniority lists of 1 to 17 to the expert committee without inserting the names of 147 officers which committee accepted. Now they are placed in the next seniority list of 18 (for those promoted in 1998 or later), giving seniority from 1994 to 1996 onwards till Hon SC decides the SLP.


30 SEP 15: SNEA (I) MH Circle congratulates,  Com. Mrs.S.A.Bhujang JTO Chinchwadgaon, on his superannuation retirement as on today, 30/09/2015 and wish him & his  family members “A Very Happy, Peaceful & Long Retired Life”.


30 SEP 15:  As per notification issued by Com. S.A Bhadane,  DS SNEA(I) Nashik, the Special General Body  Meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik will be held at TRC Club, Canada Corner, Nashik today i.e. on 30/09/2015 sharply from 1700 Hrs for felicitation of Com. M.S. Adasul, newly elected DyGS SNEA CHQ and to discuss organisation.  The meeting will be attended & addressed by Com. M.B. Sangle, EX JS CHQ (W), Com. A.R. Manani, EX VP CHQ, Com. S.V.Bhad, CP, Com. V.B.Kokate, VP, Com. S.R. Kalmegh ACS East, Com. S.R.Bhise, ACS West , Com. S.B. Bhosale, CT, Com. N.D. Barde JS North, Com. G.G. Karpe, CWCM, Com. P.N.Patil Auditor, Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS Pune, Com. Anil Dubey DS Mumbai, Com. M.N. Kotambe, DS Kalyan, Com. M.A.Mali DS Dhule, Com. L.U.Choudhary, DS Jalgaon, Com. V.V.Pimparkar, DS Ahmednagar and all the leaders of SNEA(I) Nashik.   Com. Bhadane appeals all comrades of Nashik SSA to attend the meeting well in time and make it grand success. Notice <<<>>>


30 SEP 15: BSNL CO urgently calls for stay particulars of SDEs from left out Circles mainly from NCNGN, BBNW Circle for posting to substitute to SDEs who have completed hard tenure. Letter <<<>>>


30 SEP 15: BSNL CO issued letter for empanelment of Dr Lal Path labs throughout India for pathological tests on production of BSNL ID and on cash payment basis which will be reimbursed as outdoor medical expenditure. Letter <<<>>>


29 SEP 15: Congratulations !!!: Joint Committee recommendations on the agenda of a) CPSU Cadre hierarchy and b) first TBP uniformly after 4 years to remove the anomaly is signed by all the Committee members. We thank Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan, Chairman of the Jt Committee to complete the task in time.

 The Joint Committee was reconstituted with new Chairman after SNEA agitation in April – May, 2015 and our discussions with CMD, DIR (HR) and ED (Fin) on 06.05.2015. The Committee has given time up to 15.08.2015.  

The 3rd agenda of first TBP after 4 years also become part of the Joint Committee agenda as a result of our agitation. Earlier Jt Committee could not do anything in this regard.Ultimately our struggle for that last two years, from February, 2014 onwards demanding finalization of standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A, implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP uniformly after 4 years are getting positive recommendations from the Joint Committee, a very positive and bold step towards the total resolution of the issue.   Our efforts to get the proposal of E1A and E2A scales rejected by DoT and DPE was the turning point in the struggle.  The report will be submitted to CMD, BSNL on 05.10.2015, after his return from tour.  As expected, two committee members from official side, Smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt) and Smt. Smitha Choudhary, GM (EF) given dissent note. While GM (Estt) given some alternate suggestions at least, GM (EF) completely disagree with all the positive recommendations which benefits the company as well as the Executives.

The main recommendations are:a.     JTO to SDE and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service in the grade and a benchmark to be kept as Good and not more than one Average. For SC/ST candidates two Average may be allowed.b.    SDE to Sr SDE and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service in the grade and benchmark to be kept as Good and not more than one Average. For SC/ST candidates two Average may be allowed.c.      Sr SDE to DE and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service in the grade and benchmark to be kept as Good and not more than one Average. For SC/ST candidates two Average may be allowed.d.    DE to DGM promotion will be restricted to the availability of posts. The balance DEs may be promoted as Jt DGM (parking Lot). DE to DGM and equivalent eligibility shall be 5 years of regular service as DE and bench mark to be kept as Very Good and not more than one Good. For SC/ST candidates not more than two Good.e.     DGM to JAG- SG and equivalent may be promoted in the grade of E6 in 5 years as per existing time bound promotion scheme with the bench mark of Very Good and not more than one Good.f.       The bench marks in above (c) & (d) are same as in Schedule -II of existing CPC as per Group ARRs.g.    There are some UPSC recruited DEs or equivalent of 1995 batch etc as on today. All UPSC recruits of all batches may be promoted en-bloc to DGM if they meet the bench mark. The executives already promoted to higher post on post based promotion will stand senior en-bloc.

Agenda No.3: To examine the implementation of first time bound promotion uniformly after four years w.e.f. 01.10.2000: Committee is of the view that after the recommendation given above for CPSU cadre hierarchy, this issue gets resolved partially. As per recommendation already given for Agenda 1 in the third meeting of committee on 09.07.2015, the minimum service required for up gradation from E2 to E3 as proposed in (a) above is 5 years.

To address the anomaly, the committee recommends that first pay scale up gradation will be given in maximum of five years instead of six years, notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000. However, existing provision of first time bound promotion after reaching minimum of net higher scales in four years shall remain unaffected.

Joint Committee recommendation <<<>>>

Dissent Note given by GM (Estt) <<<>>>

Dissent Note given by GM (EF) <<<>>>


3 SEPt 15: AIC at JAIPUR : Delegation of  SNEA(I) Pune are going to attend the AIC at Jaipur, leaving Pune on tomorrow  i.e 4th  Sept and will return to HQs on 10th Sept 2015.The delegation includes Com.S.M.Chand DP,Com.Bharat Sonawane DS alonwith the delegates and observers Com.Gaikwad, Com.Vyavahare, Com.Rashinkar, Com.Kinikar ,Com.Prayag Pisal, Com.Dalvi, Com.Bhosale, Com.Tamboli, Com.Londhe, Com.S.P.Chaudhari, Com.A.M.Sutawane, Com.Randive, Com.Gajool, Com.Waghmare,Com.Kadam and other members.


 2 SEPt 15: GS SNEA (I) CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL Board on wrong procedure adopted by BSNL Corporate office in counting long stay of SDEs in Maharashtra Circle by adding MTNL stay for calculating stay in MH Circle and rightly points out how the stay of two different territorial Circles namely MTNL Mumbai Circle & BSNL Maharashtra Circle is intentionally misinterpreted for combined counting in recent clarification issued by BSNL CO.  Letter <<<>>>


 2 SEPt 15: Allotment of laptops directly to SDE/JTO in charge of BTS Maintenance:  AGM NWP GSM Mumbai issues allotment of 37 brand new & highly technical laptops directly on name of JTO/SDE in charge of BTS Maintenance team for each and every SSAs in Maharashtra Circle. Letter <<<>>>


2 SEPt 15: BSNL CO writes Circle heads for sending consolidated data and applications of request transfers on quarterly basis and assures to consider all requests on quarterly basis. Letter <<<>>>

    In Maharashtra Circle about 20 requests in SDE Cadre for out of Circle transfer are held up & about 4-5 SDEs under transfer from Maharashtra Circle are yet to be relieved. SNEA (I) MH has taken up this issue with Shri. Pravin Malhotra, Sr GM HR/Admn Mumbai and has assured to consider all pending requests for transfer/relieving to other Circle sympathetically and we are hopeful that as per this letter all such requests will be considered & sent to BSNL CO before end of this quarter.

But there is issue of relieving officers whose requests are not sent through proper channel and direct copies of individuals are entertained by BSNL CO,  in such cases which not routed through its Circle Office, the Maharashtra Circle has taken stand not to relieve these officers even though order have been issued by BSNL CO. We will also take up matter with competent authorities for relieving of officers under transfer, but all comrades are requested to follow guidelines issued by BSNL CO on this subject and send all request through proper channel and in cases there is reluctance from controlling officer/SSA Head to forwarding request, fresh representation addressed to CGMT MH along with copy of original request may sent with name & post of officer withholding request at any stage.    


 2 SEPt 15: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes to Director HR BNL Board for  Sympathetic consideration of the pay anomaly of TTAs recruited as JTOs in 2007 and 2008 batch as Dept Outsider in the Direct Recruitment  quota. Letter <<<>>>


2 sept 15: Special   General Body Meeting of SNEA (I) PUNE ( A Report by Com.V.R.Chaudhari Jt.Sec SNEA MH Circle.)

 The Special  General Body meeting of SNEA(I) Pune Division was held on 10/08/2015 at 18:00 Hrs  in Udyan Prasad karyala Pune.

Com.S.M.Chand, District President SNEA (I) Pune presided over the proceedings of Special General Body meeting. The following prominent SNEA (I) leaders attended and addressed the General Body meeting of Pune SSA.






6.  Com. S.V. BHAD, CP, SNEA (I), MH Circle.

7.  Com.M.S.ADSUL CS SNEA(I) MN Circle


9. Com.V.R.CHAUDHARI Jt.Sec SNEA MH Circle.


The  following SNEA (I) & other Association/Union leaders at Pune attended the meeting and graced the occasion.

1.     Com. Nagesh Nalawade,CS BSNL EU MH Circle.

2.     Com. Jakati, BSNL EU Pune.

3.     Com. M.S.Kambale, DP SEWA Pune.

4.     Com. Badhane, DS SNEA (I) Nasik

5. Com. Kokare, DS SNEA (I) ITPC,Pune

5.     Com. Chavan, C.E.C Member Nasik

6.     Com. Com.Rane DP SNEA(I) ITPC,Pune

7.     Com. Ghuge Ex President SNEA (I) MH Circle

8.     Com. J.A.Budhavi DGM( CHD) Pune

9.  Com. T.D.Meshram  DGM (East & Central )Pune

At the start of meeting, all the dignitaries on the Dias and guests were given warm welcome by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers. 

 Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS SNEA(I) Pune while speaking at the beginning of meeting gave warm welcome to all & expressed gratitude to CHQ and Circle leaders for visiting Pune SSA and boosting up the morale of Pune comrades. He narrated the issues & grievances of Pune SSA. He explained the difficulties faced by the executives and customers while imparting NGN services in Pune SSA.He expressed concerned over non supply of BRI cards for NGN and thereby loosing BRI customers in Pune

Shortage of Material such as OFC cable and other jointing materials for fault restoration, on repair of MLLN modem. He appeal to all executives to bring a positive change in working situation for the growth of BSNL by giving better services to our esteemed customers. He also expresses satisfaction over the functioning of PGM Pune towards growth and revenue earning. He specially mentioned the efforts taken by PGM Pune towards increasing MNP, FTTH, Leased line customers.

Com. M.S ADASUL, Circle Secretary SNEA (I) MH Circle:

Shri M.S.Adasul addressed the house in his unique style .He welcome all of the dignitaries and guest present in the house. He expressed his displeasure over malpractices done by some executives and senior officers to safeguard their interest and for their benefits. He warned of such practices and gave message that any such act will be not be tolerated.

 While addressing the house he appealed to all the executives of SNEA (I) to be united and said ours is the only association which is rightly addressing the HR and development issues and working is strictly on policies. He appealed all the executives in Pune SSA to come together for the improvement of services and image of BSNL and requested all to be vigilant and united for any struggle for betterment of executives and for betterment of BSNL.He express his pleasure over the functioning of PGM Pune who has implemented new schemes of target for MNP to each and every employee. He expressed gratitude to CHQ leaders for visiting Pune SSA inspite of their busy schedule and boosting up the morale of Pune comrades.

Com. G.L.JOGI President CHQ:

Com G.L.Jogi addressed the house by welcoming all the dignitaries and guest. In his unique style he analyzed the present situation of BSNL and expressed concerned over the growth. He explained how difficult it would be for BSNL to get third PRC if such situation continues. He appealed to all the executives to work efficiently and maintain quality of service. He gave the classic examples of BPCL, Indian airlines- Air India for the consequences face presently which are related to growth.

He elaborated on the struggle SNEA (I) has carried out since long and how the Time bound promotion policy which is the best has been implemented for the executives.

  Considering the pace of growth of BSNL in present situation com Jogi expressed his displeasure and appeal to all executives for serious introspection. He gave the classic example of MTNL crisis and explained how Our company is in bad crisis and to overcome this all of us have to work accept the challenges generate the revenue, profits, maintained Quality of service, attitude to users. He appealed to all executives to accept the tenure transfers in Rural and remote areas and not to waste time in cancellation of their orders. Bsnl being the pioneer in telecom company with huge network, resources and manpower com Jogi appealed that we all are workers and we have to work as a team with commitment and perception change. He came heavily down on government plan of creating subsidiary tower company to favor private operators and in his roaring style oppose the move which would disintegrate BSNL.He also oppose the move of the government towards the merger of MTNL-BSNL and explained the financial obligations of MTNL that has to be think off. He appeal to all to come on street to oppose and defeat the policies of the government that will hamper the growth and disintegration of BSNL .All should show unity and strength to defeat the wrong decisions by the government and its our prime responsibility to protect BSNL from disintegration for this SNEA(I) will struggle in forefront.


General Secretary K.Sebastian welcomes all the dignitaries and guests present in the house. In his address he stated how SNEA (I) persuaded for filling of posts for CMD,DIR(HR),DIR(CM) and posting of regular PGM to Pune. It was due to continuous persuasion from SNEA(I) the posts were filled. In his address he congratulated all Kerala comrades for their sustained, prolonged struggle in the form of hunger strike and non cooperation against vindictive actions, trade union rights, corruption charges and growth related issues. He explained about the alarming situation through which BSNL is going with reference to the progress of BSNL in 2007 for which we got second PRC.He came up with facts and figures of BSNL profit and growth of present situation and appeal to all executives to work very hard and show significant growth by 2017 to get third PRC.

G.S explained about the new plans BSNL is about to implement in NGN, MPLS, ERP, and MOBILE technologies .He told all the switches in BSNL will be replaced by NGN switch by 2017.To clear commissioning of pending Data Ccts and leased line, expansion in MPLS is coming in a big way and in a short period all pending circuits will be commissioned.

He also informed that ERP roll out for pending Circles will be completed by September 2015.He appeal to all executives to be thorough with ERP for utilization of stores and other useful information. Problems of GSM BTS cards for repair and replacement are solved and appeal to executives to give feedback in positive manner for the growth and development of BSNL.He explained the present scenario of BSNL and its competitors who only concentrate on OFC and transmission networks. He blamed government policies of forming subsidiary tower companies, sharing of Infrastructures for detoriation of BSNL growth. These policies which government is trying to force will be defeated by SNEA (I) on forefront ground. Apart from maintaining landline net work he appeal to all executives to focus on MLLN,Broadband,MPLS,NGN,Mobile,FTTH and other advance services for the development and growth of BSNL.He also informed about the big tenders BSNL is going for MPLS,NGN,MLLN.

Related to HR issues G.S updated the status of SDE, DE, DGM   promotions and the way association is taking efforts to streamline the same. He thanked CMD and DIR HR for their positive approach in settling Executive Engineers promotions for executives having Diploma as qualification. Regarding the CPSU cadre hierarchy and its implementation G.S elaborated the difficulties and issues in implementation in BSNL.SNEA (I) stand will be to consider upliftment of each cadre and no demotion of basic cadre will be allowed. He also said that association is trying to benefit LDCE passed candidates if possible in the CPSU cadre hierarchy.

G.S was concerned about the progress of big Circles especially Maharashtra. He said there is lot of potential in Maharashtra and appeal to all comrades to work very hard and bring Maharashtra circle to No 1 position. He express his views for better growth and performance from big circles such as Maharashtra, A.P, Gujrat,Karnataka.

 Com. M.B. Sangle, Joint Secretary(West) SNEA(I) CHQ :

 In his address raised his concern for declining market share of BSNL. He explained the importance of free night calling and free roaming facility at this point of view for increasing landline and GSM customers in MH Circle. He also narrated the urgent need of replacement of battery sets in most of the GSM sites in MH. He was optimistic that installation of ZTE BTS will improve GSM service but also ascertained to have more no of BTS for increasing the quality of service in GSM sector in MH.He assured all that CHQ will take care of all pending HR issues to the best possible.

Com. V.M. Wankhede, AGS SNEA(I) CHQ :In his address congratulated all comrades of Pune for huge gathering . He expressed the need of improving quality of service in landline as well as GSM in spite of having hurdles. He told to come forward and make consistent efforts to increase BSNL’ market share which is the need of time. He explained the present condition of various DPCs for promotion being pursued by SNEA (I) CHQ and assured that all the legal hurdles will be sidelined with consistent efforts. He also elobarted his experience as DS SNEA(I) Pune. He appealed all the members to work hard for betterment of Pune as Pune is high potential. He also assured that CHQ will provide all possible material to provide maximum connections. He thanked organizers for invitation

Com. S.V. Bhad, CP SNEA (I) MH Circle thanked team of SNEA (I) Pune for arranging Special General Body meeting in such a grand way. He elaborated the main reason for creation of PSUs in India was to generate employment however gigantic PSU like BSNL is made to loss because of delay in decision, wrong policies and unprecedented favoritism to private companies. Delay in decision making has put BSNL in today awkward position. Key posts like CMD, Director Fin, and Director HR were kept vacant for more than a year. However it was the pressure of Forum of all Unions/Associations in BSNL that post of CMD and Director HR are now filled. BSNL has lost good no of customers while implementing CDR/ERP. Deloitte recommendations are made without any consultation with unions/associations of BSNL and without ascertaining need of customers and employees working in BSNL. He highlighted the efforts of SNEA (I) CHQ for conducting DPCs for JTO-SDE, SDE-DE and DE-DGM promotions. He told how SNEA (I) CHQ is making continuous efforts in removing the discrimination between diploma and degree holder of civil wing which is mainly occurring at the time of their promotions. He appealed all to join Save BSNL –Save nation campaign. He narrated that most of the executives in MH are now joining SNEA (I). Not only JTO/SDE/DE/DGM level officers are member of SNEA (I) but GM level officers are also joining SNEA (I) MH Circle. He shared his experience with practical examples about the difference of attitude of leaders of different.

The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks and thereafter National Anthem.


2 sept 15: Today’s Strike by Central Trade Unions & especially by different unions in BSNL: Central Trade unions are going for one day strike on 02.09.2015. The strike is against the anti employee policies of the Govt, against disinvestment of CPSUs, minimum wages hike for the labourers etc. SNEA (I) has decided to provide solidarity support to the strike by joining the demonstrations with the striking employees.




5 AUG 15: Joint Committee meeting on CPSU cadre hierarch: The Joint committee meeting held today and discussion took place for about two hours. Chairman and members from Management side proposed very stringent attendant conditions along with interview, grade of service and educational qualifications to decide the promotions. The bench mark should be minimum “Very Good” according to them even for JTO to SDE promotion.

SNEA (I) made the following submissions:

1.     The terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL ensured Time Bound promotions from JTO to SG JAG grade between 4 to 6 years with attendant conditions, without linking promotions with availability of posts. Promotions beyond SGJAG will be based on availability of posts.

2.     However in Executive Promotion Policy (EPP), the promotions are divided into two parts, I. Time bound IDA pay scale up gradations and II. Post based promotions.

SNEA (I) very strongly opposed any interview for promotions or promotions based on educational qualifications. Now thousands of Executives are working in different scales. They are getting pay scales and good pay. But due to various reasons, mainly due to litigations they are not getting functional promotion which provides higher responsibility and status. For example thousands of Executives are in Sr SDE scale (E3) but working as JTO. Similarly thousands of Executives are in DGM scale (E5) or in DE scale (E4) but still working as SDEs. Again, recently the promotions in almost all the cadres in BSNL are stayed by Hon Chandigarh Tribunal without implementing judgment on Nagaraju case on SC/ST reservation. So the new promotion policy should address the twin problems of i) seniority related issues and ii) availability of vacancies/posts as much possible and ensure smooth promotions.

The following points are to be deliberated.   

a)    Time bound functional promotion has to be implemented upto which grade, without linking it with availability of posts and minimum how many promotions can be assured. For this data can be verified to know how many Executives are working in each scale/grade.

b)    Reporting and hierarchy to be followed in the new set up and duties and responsibilities.

c)     Bench mark for each promotion to be reviewed and decided as per the present practice.

d)   Qualifying service and quantum of relaxation in service.

e)     New Designations to be introduced in BSNL.

f)      Financial implications.

a)    No of promotions: The minimum number of promotions should be maintained as 5 itself in the new scheme also.

b)    No of Executives working in each grade. Majority of the Executives are working in Telecom Engg wing. The total number is about 34,500.

c)     JTO Scale-- About 4800, SDE Scale -- About 4300, Sr SDE Scale  - About 11800, AGM Scale -- About 7800, DGM Scale --About 5200, SG JAG Scale -- About 600.

d)   Accounts – 6500, Civil – 1747, Elect: 1134,  Arch --- 147, TF --- 122, Misc – 425.

e)     Reporting, hierarchy to be followed and duties and responsibilities: Bell curve issue can be addressed by following hierarchy. Existing hierarchy to be changed (JTO -à SDE -àDE -à DGM) to JTO/SDE/Sr SDE/DE --à DGM/SG JAG -àGM -à PGM. Duties and responsibilities can be modified accordingly.

f)      Bench mark: BSNL Executives are working in different areas like External, Internal, installations, planning, offices, mobile, transmission, landline etc. The performance of the Executives are depending upon the area of their posting and availability of material, manpower, labour, stores, equipments etc. So the performance of the Executives working in various areas cannot be compared at all on the basis of APAR alone. Most of the other PSUs are in production sector and the nature of job is more or less same or comparable. They are having time tested mechanisms of performance evaluation. So the promotion mechanism in other CPSUs cannot be copied as such in BSNL at least for the time being. So the new bench mark should be finalized considering this fact as well as and the bench mark existing today for post based promotions.

g)    Qualifying service and quantum of relaxation in service: The qualifying service should be between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and condition and it should not be more than 6 years in any case.  

h)    Note: Now IDA pay scale up gradations are given on completion of qualifying service. Post based promotions are given with relaxation in service (1 year relaxation for JTO to SDE promotion where the qualifying service is 3 years). Since the pre-appointment training varies from one to two years, relaxation of qualifying service to the Executives of same rect year (in case of rect) / vacancy year (in case of promotion) also to be considered. Similar relaxation is to be considered for promotion to DE grade also for the existing Executives working at SDE/Sr SDE/DE scales. However no relaxation is required for Sr SDE grade. For the Executives who got relaxation for promotion to the SDE grade as per the new scheme, further relaxation at Sr SDE and DE grade are not required.

i)      New Designation to be followed as done in BSNLCO:

j)      After discussion, Mgt side agreed for Time Bound functional promotions to SDE and Sr SDE grades. Promotion to AGM and DGM grades on time bound basis will collapse the existing mechanism, according to the members from Mgt side. We strongly opposed this view. Discussion will continue in the next meeting on 13.08.2015, 3 PM.


3 AUG 15: MEETING OF SNEA MHS & EAST BRANCH EXECUTIVES: The meeting of MHS & East Branch of SNEA was held at 5.30pm, at the Dining Hall,Carrier Building, MHS Compound,Pune. The executives of SNEA from MHS & East Branch attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by our comrades Com.S.M.Chand DP,Com.M.W.Kulkarni OS Mobile,Com.P.S.Kinikar DE Mobile.The meeting was addressed by our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, Com.S.M.Chand DP SNEA(I) Pune,Com.Virendra Chaudhari Jt Sec MH Circle,Com.Mrs.M.S.Londhe VP-I,Com.Dr.Satish Alandkar VP-II,Com. Bharat Sonawane,DS, Com.M.W.Kulkarni OS Mobile.DS addressed the gathering and satisfactorily replied to the queires raised by the members.

DS appealed all the members

1.To bring atleast five MNP per month to bring back glory of BSNL

2.To clear all pending dues till Sept 2015.

3.To make Special GB which was held on 10/08/2015 a grand success.

In the meeting members raised some quires and problems like,

1. Scraity of jointing material like,U.Y.Connecters,Modular Connecters etc.

2.Shortage of Staff especially TTA in Vadagaon Sheri area.

3.Delay in OFC Cable fault restoration etc.

The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com.P.S.Kinikar.


3 AUG 15: Recommendations and minutes of the 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee to examine the implementation of E2, E3 scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A.

The Committee recommends the following:-

a.     The standard pay scales for JTO and equivalent grades in replacement of the pre-revised E1A pays scales may be fixed at E2 level in revised scale. Similarly, those of SDE and equivalent grades may be replaced from pre-revised E2A pay scale to E3 in the revised scale.

b.    Necessary changes in the EPP may be made, if required, and also the approval of DoT for issues of related pension outgo, gratuity etc., may be sought by concerned wings of BSNL.

Smt Madhu Arora/GM (Estt) and Smt Smitha Choudhary/GM (EF) who are committee members submitted some dissenting note on issues which are already considered by the Joint Committee. Minutes <<<>>>


3 AUG 15: BSNL CO introduces promotional offers under prepaid mobile services on Independence Day. Letter <<<>>>


31 JULY 15:BRANCH MEETING OF MHS & EAST AREA EXECUTIVES TODAY: The Branch meeting of MHS & East area Executives of SNEA will be  held at 17.30 Hrs, at the Dining Hall,Carrier Building ,MHS Compound, Pune. The executives of SNEA from MHS & East area are requested to attend the meeting. The meeting is organized by comrades of MHS and East Area. The meeting will addressed by our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, Com.S.M.Chand DP SNEA(I) Pune,Com. S. P. Sonawane, CWC member, Com.Virendra Chaudhari Jt Sec MH Circle,Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS, Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS ,Com.Mahanand Gaikwad ADS Pune.


30 JULY 15: AGM Staff Mumbai issued list of Holiday Homes & Inspections Quarters in Maharashtra Circle.  Letter <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for corrections in revised seniority list No. 6 & 7 of SDEs in Maharashtra Circle. New spell of DE LA arrangements will be issued as per this revised list. Letter <<<>>>  List  <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: BSNL CO calls for VCs & APRs of SDE Electrical for preparatory works of promotions as EE Electrical.  Letter for VCs  <<<>>>    For APRs  <<<>>>  List  <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: AGM Estt Mumbai calls for VCs as on 07/08/2007 of 13 SDEs who have passed LDCE 2007 for fixation of their seniority.  Letter <<<>>>


31 JULY 15: AGM Admn Mumbai endorsed BSNL CO letter calling nominations for national Awards for Persons with Disabilities.  Letter <<<>>>

29 JULY 15:SNEA(I) had the first formal meeting with DIR(HR) on 28.07.2015 on the following agenda submitted by the Assn last week. Sr GM(SR), GM(Pers) and GM(Estt) also present in the deliberations. GS, President and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede attended the meeting.

1.      Finalization of HR plan and approval of major HR issues in the Board.

2.      Promotions in different cadres: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE(TF).

3.      Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d)  increment @ 3% of current basic pay on promotion.

4.      Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns – restoration of trade union facilities and making amendments in the new Recognition Rules.

Detailed discussions take place on all the issues. On HR plan, it is under consideration and before the presentation TO Board, it will be discussed with the Assn. Assn promised to submit its views in a couple of days.

On promotions in different cadres, the preparatory work at BSNLCO reviewed thoroughly. The impact of recent Chandigarh Tribunal judgment staying all promotions with reservation without following the judgment on Nagaraju case also briefly discussed. DE promotion work is going on, DGM promotions will be considered for the DEs whose name is not disputed. The promotions in other cadres will be expedited. The LDCE to SDE(TF) seriously discussed and DIR(HR) directed GM(Pers) and GM(Estt) to clear the issue urgently and settle the issue.

On pay anomalies, DIR(HR) appreciated the arguments placed by the Assn being an officer familiar with FR SR. DIR(HR) directed to examine all the pay anomaly cases in view of FRSR and the clarifications issued on EPP, other pay anomalies etc will be examined. Pay anomaly meeting is fixed for 04.08.15.On membership verification, restoration of trade union facilities, modifications to the recognition rules and court case on untenable provisions of the rules like regn under societies act etc will be examined by SR section.


27 JULY 15:SNEA Pune pays tribute to unbeaten Hero of India, Ex President of India, Bharat Ratna, his Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, on his heavenly exit while addressing student at IIM Shillong at the age of 83 years. His sudden exit has caused heavy loss to the entire nation. May departed soul Rest in Peace.


27 JULY 15:Appeal to all SNEA Members : All our members are requested  to review the implementation of recently launched “”Free Night Calling from BSNL land lines” and “Free Roaming for incoming calls on BSNL mobile connections”.This is a golden opportunity which we may get very rarely, “once in a life time”. Our each and every member should involve in this initiative for revival of BSNL.

SNEA Pune will take up the issues in the field units like shortage of U Y Connectors,Modular Connecters, dropwire, 5 pair cable, OF cable, labour problems etc with PGMT Pune and will request management to release more fund for cable repair so that cable fault can be rectified and more areas can be made feasible. Due to shortage of fund and material, major cable faults are not getting repaired and some faults are set right by changing the cable pair in some cases.

 In order to bring awareness amoung our members we are holding meeting with the our members for their involvement for the success of these schemes. In last week SNEA Pune conducted meetings of our Chinchwad and Civil Branch, in this week we are planning to conduct meetings of our members of MHS and East area.


27 JULY 15:JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon High Court, Ernakulam: Final hearing continued today. Our lawyer, BSNL lawyer and lawyer from one of the applicants argued today. The arguments from the lawyer representing another case will be made on Wednesday and Hon Court decided that the final arguments will be completed on Wednesday, 29.07.2015.


27 JULY 15: Congratulations AGM Staff Mumbai issued transfer order of SDEs who have completed tenure by QE June 2015. Letter <<<>>>


27 JULY 15: MEETING OF SNEA CIVIL BRANCH EXECUTIVES: The meeting of CIVIL Branch of SNEA was held at 5.30pm, at the Shivajinagar Telephone Exchange Building, Pune. The executives of SNEA from CIVIL Branch attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by our comrades Com.S.V.Deshpande Branch President Civil and Com.Khot Branch Secretary Civil. The meeting was addressed by our Branch President Com.S.V.Deshpande , Com.Khot Branch Secretary SNEA(I) Pune, Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS, Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS , Com.R.S.Dalvi, Organising secretary (West),Vijay Yadav Branch Treasurer Civil wing.DS addressed the gathering and satisfactorily replied to the queires raised by the members. DS appealed all the members to bring five MNP per month to bring back glory of BSNL . In the meeting members raised some quires and problems like,

1.Provision of at least two PCs  PCs and Printers in each Sub-Division.

2.ERP passwords to JTO(Civil)

3.PS,PM ERP training and external project training to Executives.

4.Non settlements of TA Claims and various recoveries like deduction of home loan. 

Also some resolutions were passed for forthcoming CEC at Solapur. In the meeting three new members were joined SNEA Pune.

1. Com.Khachane Vilas SDE CIVIL.

2. Com.Sunil Baglane JTO CIVIL

3. Com.Nitin Patil JTO CIVIL

DS and other leaders welcomes all the new members to SNEA pariwar.The meeting concluded with vote of thanks.


24 JULY 15:BRANCH MEETING OF CHINCHWAD AREA EXECUTIVES: The Branch meeting of Chinchwad area Executives of SNEA was held at 6 pm, at the Chinchwad Telephone Exchange Building, Pune. The executives of SNEA from Chinchwad and Talegaon area attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by our dashing comrade of Chinchwad Area Com. M.G.Jadhav, Organising secretary (Chinchwad and Rural-North). The meeting was addressed by our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, Com.S.M.Chand DP SNEA(I) Pune,Com. S. P. Sonawane, CWC member, Com. Bharat Sonawane, DS, Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS , Com.M.G.Jadhav, Organising secretary (Chinchwad and Rural-North). The meeting was very well anchored by Com. M.G.Jadhav. The leaders addressed the gathering and satisfactorily replied to the queires raised by the members. In the meeting new members were joined SNEA Pune, now Chinchwad branch is the branch with almost 100% SNEA members. DS and other leaders welcomes all the new members to SNEA pariwar.The meeting concluded with vote of thanks.


23 JULY 15: Good News: Dept of Expenditure, Govt of India issued revised classification of Cities for grant of HRA to Central Government Employees and now cities will be classified as “X”, “Y” & “Z” cities. Letter <<<>>> 

           In Maharashtra Circle, Pune has been upgraded as Call “X” City and Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Bhiwandi, Solapur, Kolhapur, Vasai-Virar, Nanded- Waghala & Sangli Municipal Corporation areas have been upgraded to Class “Y” cities.