Last Updated : 24 March 2017


24 MAR 17 : Meeting of SNEA Pune With PGMT : SNEA delegation comprising of Com. S.P.Sonawane District President, CWC Member Com. Prayag Pisal, Both ADS Com.D.R.Bhogade & Com.M.W.Kulkarni and Com.Avinash Dange OS (West) under the leadership of DS SNEA Pune hadcordial meeting with Shri.D.C.Dwivedi PGMT Pune & the following issues were discussed.

1. DPC for Time Bound Promotions - We have informed PGMT that DPC of TBP are pending for more than 80 cases of Pune. We have intimated PGMT regardingdelay in conduction of DPC for TBP in spite of continuous persuation by SNEA from last 3 months. The DPC was delayed due to MV Process, All India tournament and Municipal Corporation elections. PGMT immediately called AGM (Admin) in absence of DGM (Admin) and instructed him to finalise DPC positively before 31st March 2017. PGMT assured us that DPC process will be completed in time bound manner andwill be sent to CO MH for further disposal.

2.Reliving of Executive on Rule-8 transfer - SNEA proposed to relieve Com. Prashant Sharma JTO CDR on Rule 8 transfer to MP Circle. Thisproposal wasaccepted by PGMT and assured that Com.Prashant Sharma will be relieved in first week of April 2017.

3.Rural to Urban and vice versa transfer order - SNEA persued the long pending Urban to Rural Transfers and vice versa with stress with PGMT Pune.The PGMT assured that this issue is on his high priority and the availability of incoming staff to Pune SSA will be considered and the same proposal will be discussed in 1st week of April & the order will bereleased soon after. SNEA stressed to display the fresh list of stay perticulars in JTO, SDE,DE.

4.Consideration of retention on Immunity- DS has given letter to PGMT for granting retention on immunity case of Com.D.R.Bhogade ADS& discussed. PGMT assured that the case will be sent to Circle Office, Mumbai immediately.

5.Changes in the posting of JTO/SDE- We have discussed few cases for change of posting on genuine grounds. After detail discussion, PGMT assured for the cases based on the genuine ground will only be considered & for other cases the vacancy position will be again checked.

Delegation appreciated efforts taken by PGMT for recovery of outstanding dues of CCTV Project with M/S ADSL. The meeting was fruitful and lasted for more than one hour.


Very good news for the BSNL directly recruited employees

EPF pension will be revised and it will be based on the actual basic pay instead of minimum pension. It will be equivalent or even better than the Govt pension.

Employees from various CPSUs approached various courts especially at Ernakulam demanding full pension on the actual basic pay, courts given judgment in their favour. Hon Ernakulam HC given judgments in favour of the employees of PSUs like Milma, ITI, Instrumentation, HNL, HMT, HIL etc etc. Hon Supreme Court judgment also was in their favour. Some cases are still pending in Hon SC. As per reports, Hon SC directed the labour ministry to amend the Rule to extend the benefits to all the similarly placed employees. Afterwards labour ministry directed EPF to amend the rules.

As per the proposal, if the contribution is made on 12% of actual basic +IDA, the pension will be paid on the basis of actual basic pay. 8.33% of the basic +IDA will be accounted for pension purposes. The employer and employee will be given an option to switchover to full pension option, according to reliable sources. If pension contribution is limited to 12% of 6500 with ceiling, they will not be eligible for full pension. This will give equal pension for the BSNL directly recruited employees at par with the absorbed employees.

SNEA struggled since 2003 and got EPF contribution modified on 12.08.2005 from 12% with the ceiling of Rs 6500 to 12% of actual basic pay + IDA (without ceiling limit). All the arrears from 2001 also credited into the employees individual account. As a result of our struggle, now all the BSNL employees will get the full pension benefits.

In the last CWC meeting at Hyderabad, SNEA also decided to file case at Ernakulam for similar benefits.


23 MAR 17 : CGMT MH Circle appeals all BSNL Executives/Non-executives of MH Circle to create personal Twitter handle and Face book account so as to utilise huge potential of BSNLís employees and their social circles on social media platform for promoting BSNL. Order <<<>>>


23 MAR 17 : AD (Staff) CO Mumbai displays the staff strength of DE/SDE/JTO in MH Circle on percentage basis as on 18/03/2017. Order <<<>>>


15 MAR 17 : SNEA on AgitationÖ.We Demand for DoTís Approval on standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs as per 2nd PRC.


Two days Lunch Hour Demonstrations on 16th and 17th March, 2017 at O/O PGMT,New Admin Building,Opp Hotel Panchami,Pune.


Union cabinet decided to implement standard pay scales in all CPSUs. DPE issued guidelines and clarification strictly directing all the CPSUs and Administrative Ministries on 26.11.2008, 02.04.2009 and 24.12.2012 to implement standard pay scales. DPE further directed BSNL and DoT on 09.07.2014 to implement standard pay scales only.

BSNL recommended standard pay scales on 06.06.2016, 9 months back. Again BSNL gave a presentation to DoT on 10.02.2017 to approve E2 and E3 scales only without cascading effect, with the approval of MC as it will address DoT concern.


Some negative forces in DoT are decided to demote the cadres to E1 and E2 scales or to extend on E1A and E2A instead of E2 and E3. DoT will be taking a decision on BSNL proposal based on the suggestion of the few negative officers in DoT shortly.

It is the time for all the BSNL Executives to mount pressure on DoT and BSNL Management to approve standard pay scales of E2 and E3 only. It is a do or die situation for BSNL Executives.


Be United, come out and join the struggle from 16th March onwards for approving the standard pay scales of E2 and E3, for getting E2 scale instead of E1, for addressing the pay loss and for the recognition and status of the JTO/JAO/SDE/AO equivalent cadres.


11 MAR 17 :Happy Holi !

SNEA Pune Wishes all a very happy Holi and Color Festival.




SNEA Pune Wishes All The Best for the wards of the Pune Comrades, who are appearing for the HSSC Examinations starting from today.


27 FEB 17 :JTO Phase 1 Training :

JTO Phase 1 Training Started at RTTC, Pune from today !

It has given big relief to those ladies candidates / medical sufferer who were earlier deputed to RTTC Rajpura, Punjab / Hyderabad for their Phase 1 training.

It was very difficult task to adjust the seats as per the request of candidates, that too in a very short period of time. It required continuous and strong persuasions at all levels and lastly able to get the desired modifications.

With tremendous efforts by our comrades, all the requests received by SNEA are now settled and Two JTO Phase 1 batches have started at RTTC, Pune.

SNEA Pune Extends sincere thanks to Com M S Adasul, Dy GS for initiatives, Com V B Kokate, CS, MH Circle and Com Datta Muzumdar, CS SNEA MP circle for helping us to pursue cases at BRBRAITTC Jabalpur.

We also extend our sincere thanks to Shri. J. N. Thorat, Addl GM, RTTC, Pune, Com V. M. Dapurkar DE, RTTC, Pune, for assisting in getting the revised order.


19 FEB 17 :

SNEA Pune Wishes all on the occasion of Jayanti of

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj !


17 FEB 17 : CHQ News :

JTO to SDE promotion under SCF before Hon. High court of Kerala:

Detailed arguments for the above case were continued for the entire three days on 15, 16 and 17th Feb. As the matter was pertaining to three writ petitions, it was heard at length by the Senior Counsel.

From BSNL side, Senior Counsel from New Delhi appeared for all the 3 days and on behalf of SNEA, Senior Counsel Shri O.V.Radhakrishnan argued the case.  SNEA Kerala Comrades - Circle President, District Secretary Ernakulam, Assistant District Secretary Ernakulam and two SNEA Comrades from Hyderabad were present in the Court for the whole 3 days.

There was no written submission or appearance on behalf of AIBSNLEA for obvious reasons.

Direct Recruits who are recruited after 2001 challenging the seniority assigned to JTOs recruited between 1996 and 2000 were represented by three Counsels. CP, CS, CT and other office bearers of AIGETOA were also present in the court.

Today at 4.30 PM, the arguments concluded and the Hon. High Court reserved the case for pronouncing judgment.


10 FEB 17 : CHQ News :

GS and CHQ President met PGM(Estt) and held discussions on the following issues:

a)        Presentation to DoT on 10.02.2017 regarding E2, E3 pay scales proposal: PGM(Estt) informed that the presentation will be made on 10.02.2017 proposing E1A to E2 and E2A to E3.

b)        Instructions on Rule 9 cases: Clarification will be issued in this regard as some Circles raised queries about the date of implementation of the recent guidelines. It is suggested by Estt wing that since there is no specific mention on date of implementation, it will be prospective only. The file moved to Restg wing and we further discussed it with GM(Restg). The clarification on date of implementation will be issued shortly by Restg Cell.

c)        TTA to JTO LICE results in Kerala circle: The speaking order will be issued with the approval of CMD. The proposal moved as desired by Kerala Circle and will be issued in few days. 


10 FEB 17 : CHQ News :

The meeting of UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS IN BSNL was held on 06-02-2017 and  reviewed the implementation of the ongoing SWAS programme. It noted with satisfaction that, the revenue of the Company has increased during the period from April to December 2016, in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year, as a result of which the loss of the Company has also come down. At the same time, the meeting also felt that, a final push is needed to be given, to boost the revenue collection of the Company, before the current financial year comes to an end. Keeping this goal in mind, the meeting has unanimously resolved to call on the entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL to work for an extra one hour every day, from 10.02.2017 to 31.03.2017. It is decided that, maximum efforts should be taken during this period, to intensify the marketing activities, by giving special focus to the latest tariffs launched by BSNL. Atleast the Non Executives and Executives posted in Indoor and offices may volunteer one day in a month to join with the marketing activities and Melas etc. It is also decided that special efforts should be made to improve the quality of services .....View copy of the letter issued to CMD by the Convenor.


10 FEB 17 : CHQ News : Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava,  CMD, BSNL on 07.02.2017:

GS, CHQ President and AGS met CMD BSNL and held discussions on the following issues:

a)  Presentation to DoT on 10.02.2017 regarding E2, E3 pay scales proposal:

On the pursuation of CMD with Secretary/ DoT and based the DO letter from CMD in this regard, DoT asked BSNL to give a detailed presentation on 10.02.2017 on the subject. We requested CMD that BSNL should make a detailed presentation to DoT giving details of 1) the intermediary pay scales like E1A, E2A, E2B, E3A, E3B, E7A, E7B, E7C, E8A, E9A etc introduced in other CPSUs like BHEL, NTPC, ONGC, Coal India, FCI etc during 1st PRC period, 2) Union cabinet decision and DPE order dtd 26.11.2008 and 02.04.2009 regarding 2nd PRC and standard pay scales, 3) status of intermediary pay scales in other CPSUs after 2nd PRC (all upgraded the intermediary pay scales to the next higher standard pay scales), 4) more than 70% of the Executives recruited after 01.01.2007 are BSNL direct recruits and DoT donít have any financial implications etc. CMD informed that the presentation will include all such informations.

b)        CPSU Hierarchy implementation: We requested to finalise the CPSU Hierarchy as per Khan Committee recommendations. Now the proposal discussed with management and SNEA is under consideration of top management. It may be decided at the earliest.

c)        Finalization of HR plan: All the HR issues are pending for the last two years due to non-finalization of HR plan. The norms are to be finalized including the new businesses and then HR plan is to be finalized. Our letter dated 06.02.17 explains the areas which are not covered earlier.

d)        Increasing the number of DGM posts: Considering the huge stagnation in Telecom Engineering wing and so many DGM posts are occupied by ITS officers, we demanded to increase of DGM posts to 2500. Our letter dtd 06.02.2017 gives a picture about the present status.