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30 JUN 16:SNEA Pune congratulates Com. V.S.Pokharkar, JTO Talawade,Pune {9423010609} on superannuation retiring today on 30/06/2016

Com. V.S.Pokharkar JTO Talawade,Pune  Born on 2nd June 1956 at Manchar,Pune. He started his carrier from MTNL as Technician on 26th July 1978. In 1988 he was transferred to Pune where he worked in X-Bar Exchange,City II,OCB Chinchwad as a technician and TTA.He got his promotion as JTO in the year 2006 and he was posted at Parandwadi under Talegaon Dabhade Division . After completion of Rural tenure he was transferred and posted as JTO(Intl) Akurdi and in 2010 he was transferred to Talawade.On his retirement he is executing his duties as JTO(Intl & Extl ) Talawade. He served MTNL,DOT & BSNL with complete devotion and dedication. Com. V.S.Pokharkar is a die- hard member of SNEA and has always taken active part on all activities on the platform of SNEA. He has one married Son and a Daughter.

On behalf of Comrades of SNEA Pune, we wish him “A Happy, Peaceful, Healthy & Long Retired Life”.



 1st Membership verification:

The last date of submission of application and date of verification etc postponed.

Revised dates:

Last date of submission of application    : 22.07.2016

Conduction of elections                           : 16.11.2016



25 JUN 16:  Mapping of Line staff CUG Prepaid Mobile Numbers with MDF Test room landline numbers <<>>









23 JUN 16:  CHQ NEWS :Replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A – - - with E2, E3 – - etc, Superannuation benefit to BSNL directly recruited employees, 78.2% merger for the pensioners:

GS and CHQ President met Director(PSU-I), DoT on 22.06.16 and held discussions on the matter. BSNL clarification on financial implications received by DoT today. BSNL informed that total expenditure on implementation of E2, E3, --E7 scales is 380.6 Cr (Pension contribution, pay and allowances from 01.01.2007 – 315 Cr, Annual Pension contribution – 27 Cr, Annual Pay and Allowances – 38.6 Cr). During discussion, Director mentioned that it will be a tough task to convince the DoT (Finance) on the issue as DoT(Finance) is not even agreeing for E1+5 increments which is already given provisionally by BSNL replacing 9850/- scale. Assn replied to it that BSNL agreed to pay the revised scale and there is no question of demotion of the cadres to E1 and E2scales. All other PSUs upgraded the scales in similar situations. Dir(PSU) will process the proposal at the earliest.

On Superannuation benefit, Director(PSU I) informed that the proposal has not come to the section. After that Assn met Director(Estt) and enquired about the proposal of Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees. Director(Estt) also informed that the proposal is not reached the section. Assn is trying to meet DDG(Estt), DoT to discuss the issue.

On 78.2% IDA merger for the pensioners, Director(Estt) informed that the Cabinet memo is under the consideration of Union Cabinet. Cabinet may discuss the issue in one or two weeks time.


23 JUN 16: BSNL notified the recruitment of 2700 Junior Engineers (TTAs) from open market.

Starting of online Application  : 10.07.2016

Last date of online Registration: 10.08.2016

Date of Online test             : 25.09.2016

BSNL Notification


22 JUN 16: BSNL to launch “Student Special Plan” under prepaid mobile services. A special voucher of Rs 118/- which will provide 1GB data + Rs. 10 talk value. Letter<<>>


22 JUN 16: CO issues instructions to update history of career data of employees in ERP. Letter<<>>


18 JUNE 16 SSA wise staff strength of executives in Maharashtra Circle Letter<<>>


18 JUNE 16 AGM S&M-CM circulates new dates for GO-LIVE activity for SD- Module of SAP ERP. The proposed black out date is 18/6/16 and Go Live start date is 20/6/2016. Letter<<>>


18 JUNE 16 A major relief to executives as the authorization to reset SAP PRD and ESS passwords can be done at SSA Level. DGM IT circulates guidelines in this regard. Letter<<>>


18 JUNE 16 GS, President, Chairman and AGS met CMD, BSNL on 14.06.2016 and discussed about the 3rd PRC. CMD congratulated SNEA for the splendid job done by mobilising the Executives in BSNL and other CPSUs for this great break through. CMD mentioned it as Great, a step in the right direction and suggested to continue the same type of activities which SNEA alone can do.

CMD informed that the revenue will be around 31,500 cross and operating profit will be about 2,100 Cr. Revenue has increased on account of Rs 1,250 Cr from USO subsidy and Rs 1,850 Cr on account of interest portion on the IT refunded amount. So this year our performance has to improve further to make our company profitable and get all the benefits of 3rd PRC.

Further we requested CMD to use his good office to prevail up on DOT to process the E2, E3, --- proposal as early as possible by intervening Secretary, DoT also. CMD reiterated his commitment on E2, E3 and recalled his earlier interaction with Secretary, DoT in this regard which shared with us earlier. CMD further assured that he will try to get the DoT approval for E2, E3 --- at the earliest in view of the 3rd PRC constitution.


17 JUNE 16:  Grand AND Highly Successful District Conference of SNEA PUNE  {Report By Com. Virendra Chaudhari} As per notice issued by Com. Bharat Sonawane, District Secretary SNEA Pune, the 5th District Conference of SNEA Pune Telecom District was organized at Udyan Prasad Mangal Karyalaya, Opp Bajirao Rd Telephone Exchange, Pune on 05/06/2016 at 11.30 Hrs.

Highly successful District Conference was presided by Com. S M Chand, District President, SNEA Pune and honored prominently by Dr. Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune and our newly joined member Com Vivek Mahawar, GM Finance Pune as the Chief Guests. It was attended by following guests and dignitaries from SNEA.


v Com M S Adasul, Dy. GS  SNEA CHQ

v Com. S R Kalmegh, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle

v Com. V B Kokate, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle

v Com. S V Bhad, Executive member NCOA

v Com. Prayag Pisal, CWC Member Pune from MH Circle

v Com. S D Murgi , CWC Member Kolhapur from MH Circle

v Com. Rajesh A Londhe, Jt Sec Pune, SNEA MH Circle

v Com. M A Wase, Jt Sec Civil/Electrical, SNEA MH Circle

v Com.A.R.Pasphule, Auditor, SNEA MH Circle

v Com. Vivek Wankhede, Ex-AGS SNEA CHQ,

v Com. Bharat Sonawane, District Secretary Pune

v Com. Vijay Kokre, District Secretary ITPC Pune

v Com. V A Pimpalkar, District Secretary, Ahmednagar,

v Com. R K Chaure, CEC Member Ahmednagar, MH Circle

v Com.Virendra Chaudhari, Ex-Jt Sec Pune, SNEA MH Circle

v Com. S.P.Sonawane, Ex. CWC Member SNEA MH Circle

v Com. M I Jakhati, DS BSNLEU Pune

The meeting was also attended by:

Com. Meshram T.D., DGM East Pune,

Com. S M Chemte, District Treasurer SNEA Ahmednagar,

Com. B G Mungse, Executive member SNEA Ahmednagar,

Com D B Bhor, Organising Secretary SNEA Ahmednagar,

Com S. R. Patil, VP SNEA ITPC Pune

The meeting started with Dias Formation. All the guests were escorted to the dias by the comrades of SNEA Pune. Com Bharat Sonawane welcomed all the guests, dignitaries on dias and members present in jam packed hall. The District Conference of SNEA Pune began with deep-prajwalan at the hands of prominent guests. There after Com Bharat Sonawane briefed the memories and elaborated the contributions of late Com W Sheshagiri Rao for executive fraternity and house paid homage to all late pune comrades as well as Veteran Leader  late  Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao by observing two-minute silence.

Comrades of SNEA Pune gave warm welcome to their beloved leaders and felicitated all the dignitaries on the dias in the Open session of their 5th District Conference of SNEA Pune by offering Shawl, Shriphal and Bouquet of Flowers with loud thundering claps and slogans of unity.

Com. Bharat Sonawane, District Secretary Pune, while opening the deliberations in the Open session and during his key note address, expressed gratitude towards Dr Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune for settlements of most of the vital development issues raised by SNEA Pune. He also thanked all the officers and executives in Pune SSA for   supporting all the positive initiatives taken by SNEA Pune. He also thanked PGMT Pune for settlement of most of the HR issues however requested to look after some pending genuine cases. He thanked all the comrades for their huge presence.

Com. S R Kalmegh, Circle President, SNEA MH Circle, at the very outset, congratulated Com Bharat Sonawane and is entire team for strengthening SNEA at Pune by virtue of which Pune has become the biggest and strongest team of executives of SNEA in MH circle. Better co-ordination, mutual trust and team spirit have raised the name of SNEA Pune all over, he mentioned. He appreciated the contributions of each and every leader and members of SNEA Pune for grand success of Circle Conference of MH circle at Pune. He also congratulated Dr Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune for his initiatives in converting loss making Pune SSA into profitable one. While praising the numerous achievements of Com. M S Adasul, he shared his work experience with him. He appealed all to be united because unity gives strength. He pinpointed how strength of SNEA MH Circle has grown and how various members of account/civil/electrical wings are joining SNEA. While elaborating the role of SNEA in settlement of E1A/E2A pay scale and cascading effect from E2 to E7, he stated that both these issues were adequately recommended in Khan Committee report and SNEA has played major role in constitution of Khan Committee. It was the nationwide effect of Dharana programme organised by SNEA on 11/5/2016 that management has circulated minutes immediately on 13/5/2016 which had the indications of the time frame for settlement of these issues. He strongly opposed the proposed VRS of employees and mentioned that employees of this company are asset and their salaries can never be burden and hindrance in making the company profitable. He mentioned that employees of MH circle have proved that how they can yield best results in all front if the materials are given to them in time and if they are taken into confidence. It is because of initiatives and ground work of employees that MH Circle can sold GSM sims of 1.30 lakhs connection in month’s average whereas it has enhanced to 20 lakhs connections in a month as a whole for entire BSNL.  He mentioned the importance of having consistent communication with customers, realising their grievances and taking prompt action in accordance. He insisted for increasing landline and broadband service as it is still major source of revenue. He told that he is working in rural and has given good services in rural in last two years. He mentioned that, BSNL has got good CMD who has changed corporate scenario within BSNL and boosted the moral of every employees in BSNL by his own initiatives and actions. Penetration from top is important and hence having good motivating leader as a head of every SSA is essential which eventually may boost the moral of the employees, he stated. He mentioned the importance of success of SWAS programme, Service with a Smile which is going to decide the future of BSNL and open the gate for our 3rd PRC. For customers growth He stressed upon improving the quality of service which is essential for retention of customer base. Lastly he thanked SNEA Pune for invitation and his felicitation.

Com. M I Jakhati, District Secretary, BSNLEU Pune,   while addressing the open session, stated that BSNLEU and SNEA have very co-ordial relation in between and Kerala struggle is best example to quote. He mentioned that BSNLEU is making all out efforts for betterment of employees and SNEA has always supported us. Earlier officers were never seen participating in any strike or struggle however SNEA has changed the scenario and they have given us strong support from last 10 years. He thanked PGMT Pune for giving opportunity to Joint Forum of Unions/ association Pune to express our views in front of CMD when he has came to Pune for inauguration of Hitachi ATM at Pune. While explaining the importance of unity among BSNL employees, he cited the example of Hyderabad team which has won the IPL because of unity among them. It was our demand to give proper doctor to loss making , sick Pune SSA and management has given us best doctor , Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune, by virtue of his initiatives and day night efforts of employees of this SSA, Pune is now became profitable by 18 crore. If the captain is good and supporting team is good, we can do anything, he reiterated. Everybody shall thing about BSNL and perform their job with full dedication, thing positively is the need of the phase, he told. We have ample materials in field because of Dr Hota, he stated. If we continue to perform in the same fashion then days are not far that Pune SSA will reach to it’s peak in revenue earning. He thanked organiser for invitation.

Com. V B Kokate, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle, in his earliest visit to Pune after taking the charge of CS MH Circle, congratulated Joint Forum of Unions/Association Pune for their meeting with CMD and thanked Dr P K Hota, PGMT Pune for allowing the forum to express their views with CMD. He mentioned their recent meeting with CGMT at Ahemednagar and mentioned that MH Circle has gained operational profit because of profit gained by Pune SSA andit’s major contribution of 18 crore has played vital role in it. SNEA’s prime objective is growth and development. Membership verification is important as we have to address HR issues which are also important, he added. We are on the path of enhancement of membership in entire MH. Com Omprakash has contributed a lot in increasing account wing executives . He also congratulated Com Bharat Sonawane DS Pune for increasing the SNEA’s membership at Pune SSA by 157 members in recent. He mentioned that we are waiting from proper clarification from BSNLCO for executing non-tenure request transfers. CS requested PGMT Pune to resolve all pending HR issues of Pune SSA and assure total and committed support on behalf of them for earning revenue for our beloved BSNL.  He told that PE routers are installed at all desired location however traffic is yet to put through as there is technical difficulty at Banglore NOC. We have requested CGMT MH Circle look into this issue. He thanked com Bharat Sonawane, mainly for timely giving information about un-used Tier-II eqpt, which was later diverted and properly used. Lease line up gradation of SBI lines is important as far as earning revenue is concerned, he told. Operational expenditure will largely reduced after installation of NGN equipment.  All Level II Tax will soon be replaced by IP Tax. There will be convergence of network after installation of NGN, he mentioned.We have to concentrate on SWAS programme, he urged. He cited the example of CSC Devgad for ideal implementation of SWAS programme. Employees of Devgad CSC are having proper dress code and overall activities and proper execution of SWAS programme were highly appreciated by Hon MP of that reason.Com Sambhaji Sattarkar, SDE Devgad has taken self initiatives in successful execution of this programme at Devgadtaluka and now it has been planned to execute it in entire Sindhudurg district. BSNL is number one in SIM sale is very very good thing , we got return of 6000 crore back from Income Tax department however we have to work hard to gain 3rd PRC , he commended. ERP is satisfactorily implemented in MH Circle and it is generating desired MIS reports for proper deployments of field materials, he mentioned. As per resolution passed in Circle Conference Pune and appeal made thereon, our spirited comrades of entire MH circle came forward and contributed major amount worth Rs 21 lakhs for draught relief work. Hats off to all of you for your helping hand, he quoted. It could have timely been given it to the needy if it had been deducted from the monthly salary of May’2015 however it was not possible even after approval of CGMT MH Circle because of narrow minded approach of some of the leaders of other executive association in MH circle. God knows what has benefitted them however it is highly regrettable. He mentioned that most of the issues of Pune SSA have been settled and very few if remaining will be taken on priority. He told the support extended by Com Adasul in settlement of these issues. He mentioned the unfortunate manhandling case of JTO/DE/DGM at Gujarat circle under CGM WTP. Some of the officers were beaten by L&T contractors and taken their signature forcefully when the said officers were performing their duty on NFS project. He told that he has spoken with CS SNEA Gujrat and CS SNEA MP circles. CS MP has registered strong protest and we are also demanding stern action against culprits. Com Ajitkumar, DSWTP Mumbai has also registered our protest and SNEA MH Circle is wholly behind WTP wing. Additional Secretary DOT has also assured us to take strong action in this regard and we are having close watch on the entire happening. Thank you very much for organising grand and highly successful circle conference at Pune.

Com. Vivek Mahawar, GM Finance Pune in his short but meaningful speech, expressed pride to be part of SNEA MH Circle. He specifically quoted “What has inspired me to become association member as whenever I met with unions/association leaders at Pune, we discussed about development issues and I find myself as a part of BSNL.” He congratulated Dr Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune for total turn around of Pune SSA from loss making SSA into profit making SSA and that too profit by 18 crores in last financial year. Leader inspires peoples. They inspired others to do work. Last year BSNL was in loss of 7000 crore however we can see operating profit now. Employees are asset for a company, he stated. Company is made by people but for the peoples. Adopting positive change is important, he mentioned. Nokia, Motorola companies have disappeared because they have not adopted proper up gradation and change which will suit to the customer’s need. BSNL has survived because it is adopting proper changes. Our CMD is visionary and he is trying lot of things and we have to support him. Little efforts can do the miracle, he mentioned. He explained the meaning of operational profit and it’s correlation with depreciation and net profit. He cited the example of Pune SSA and stated that Operational profit of Pune SSA in the last financial year was 112 crore because Pune SSA has made depreciation of 130crore whereas net profit was 18 crores He categorically told that last financial year profit of Pune SSA was one third of entire MH circle.  Lastly he thanked all for invitation.


Com. M S Adasul, Dy GS SNEA CHQ in his touching speech extended warm greeting for the 5th District Conference of SNEA Pune organised on 5th June of 2016. He appreciated the working of Dr Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune and mentioned that he has settled major HR issues of comrades of SNEA Pune. He categorically appreciated the enhanced performance of EB team of Pune SSA which has played major role in revenue earning. There is nothing minus in pune, he added. He congratulated Com Bharat Sonawane, DS SNEA Pune for adding 157 new members in SNEA family and also mentioned that contribution of revenue earned by Pune SSA is   more than 15 % of revenue earned to that of the entire MH circle. Net profit of 18 crore in the last financial year is really appreciable when expenses of ITPC are included in the revenue earned by Pune SSA. He told that he is expecting more revenue from Pune SSA in coming days. He mentioned that SNEA is aware of shortage of staff at Pune and we will be putting this issue more strongly with CGMT MH circle in coming days. We will try to post more no of TTAs in Pune and they can be utilised for broadband maintenance. He reiterated that posting of new recruits in field at their first place of posting is important because they will get ample opportunities to learn new things and gain experience. Level of motivation is required. Even though it is available with every employees of BSNL, very few wanted to execute it in reality. Self-initiatives for betterment of BSNL is essential. We have to concentrate on our services, restoration of faults in time is very essential to save BSNL from revenue loss, he further stated. He mentioned that SNEA has always talks initially on development issues and we have better experience that our HR issues will get settled inevitably.  SNEA always follows policy. PGMT Pune has vital role to play in generation of revenue for Pune SSA and also thereby for entire MH circle because Pune has that potential. Everybody including MOC is now talking positive about BSNL. It is the fact that BSNL has given requisite services during natural calamities and disasters. Hon PM has also put forth in his portfolio that BSNL has now improved. He raised the objection about the working of personnel section of BSNLCO, why the files are being kept pending unless and until somebody goes there and intervene, why they are not working on policy, he questioned. Lastly he shown his unwillingness to work on any non-functional post because he don’t want to sit idle and it gives pain to him if the members issues are not settled in time. Lastly he urged to increase interactions with members and expressed hope that all will work for betterment of  BSNL and concluded his speech after expressing best wishes for executives of Pune  SSA.


Dr Shri P K Hota, PGMT Pune in his motivational speech, specifically stated that he is not inclined to any unions/associations, however always ready to co-ordinate for any development activities in Pune SSA. He told that he has worked in field in his entire service, may be having bad   tongue but has good heart. He has neither issued any letter to any executives in Pune nor any charge sheet to anyone. We are now working in competition era, he added and by providing quality service, we are getting money. We have to increase our customer base, let it be landline, mobile or lease circuits but see that it is uninterrupted and fault free. Value addition in landline, mobile FTTH, EB is vital and important as far as revenue earning is concerned, he stated. He has proved it statistically for Pune SSA.   In last financial year, there was –ve growth in landline as well as broadband. If we were able to retain subscribers in landline and broadband, it would have been a + ve revenue shift but still Pune SSA is positive in revenue because we were positive in value addition, he explained. We have to improve fault restoration, he added. He told that he has good interaction with CMD and also requested him to give time for forum of unions/association of Pune SSA. He mentioned that CMD has appreciated the working of Pune SSA, it’s culture and told that Pune is always close to his heart, he being from Jabalpur. Dr Shri P K Hota mentioned further in his speech that expenditure for procurement of materials by any company is possible when there is profit, increase in revenue can be possible by increasing quality of service, he stated. He urged all to introspect and work hard. There is huge potential in Pune SSA, there is no difference between you and me, he stated. He also mentioned that he has the confidence and he can improve Pune in days to come. He mentioned that he likes the Pune’s culture; he has competency in HR and always sees to post right personnel at right job which has been executed in pune telecom so far. Earlier Maharashtra circle was no 1 in revenue earning however see the performance of Kerala circle now, they have attracted customers and earned profit in last financial year. He appealed to improve our quality in service, everybody is superior, he stated. There is nothing good than door to door service, then why you cannot sell urservices/products, he questioned. Explore your talent, together we can improve, he appealed. He requested to arrest surrender of connections when we have ample materials in field. He stated that he has good staff here at Pune. At the concluding part of his speech, he requested CS SNEA MH to assist in posting some DEs at Pune. He mentioned the importance of health in life and appealed all to take care of health. At last he expressed gratitude for all present during the occasion.


> Open Session was nicely anchored by Com Sachin Alandkar  VP SNEA Pune.

> Com Mahanand Gaikwad has nicely delivered vote of thanks for the success of grand open session of 5th District conference of SNEA Pune.

> SNEA Pune has arranged the delicious lunch for all just after highly successful open session.

> Immediate after the lunch break, house again started and Com Bharat Sonawane continued to present his 9 pages DS report for the period of 22 Oct 2012 to 5th June 2016. In his report he has mentioned various achievements by SNEA Pune, recent meeting with CMD at Pune, holding classes for LDCE aspirants, successful conduction of Circle Conference in Pune etc. While concluding the speech, he thanked his district body members and other comrades for their contribution in organizing Circle Conference and other SSA events


> Just after completion of DS Report, Treasurer report was also submitted by Com Bharat Sonawane in absence of Dist Treasurer and while elaborating the income and expenditure entries he appealed all comrades to promptly pay their subscription.

> Both the reports were unanimously passed and adopted by the house with the big round of applause.

> Com S M Chand, District President SNEA Pune, during his presidential speech told that SNEA is always ahead and supportive in all agitation calls from CHQ/Circle and same has now been  recognized on dias by DS BSNLEU. He thanked all office bearers of SNEA Pune and comrades for their strong support. He mentioned that DS Pune has done splendid work during his entire tenure and he has successfully conducted classes for LDCE aspirants, as a result of which new JTOs joined SNEA Pune. He thanked Com R S Dalvi, Com Mr. Kinikar, Com D R Bhogade. He mentioned that DS has handled all transfer cases carefully. He stated huge requirement of TTAs at Pune. He mentioned that he has got good cooperation from all area secretaries, Com V M Wankhede Ex-AGS CHQ, Com Mrs M S Londhe, Com Virendra Chaudhari, Com Mahanand Gaikwad, Com A R Khaire, Com M W Kulkarni, Com B B Dhage, Com M G Jadhav, Com R L Vyawhare , Com S G Kadam and all comrades of ITPC as well as training center Pune.

> After that interaction session took place wherein Com V B Kokate CS SNEA MH answered various queries and doubts raised by executives in the house.

> Finally the old body was dissolved by District President Com S M Chand and house appointed Com S V Bhad as Election officer and Com H B Sawant as Asst Election Officer and Com. M. G. Jadhav was nominated as a Observer from Pune SSA for smooth conduction of the election process and under their observation, new District body was unanimously elected in which Com S P Sonawane, Com Bharat Sonawane and Com R S Dalvi were elected as DP, DS and DT of SNEA Pune for the next tenure.

Ø The election officer Com S V Bhad and Com H B Sawant and Com. M. G. Jadhav were felicitated in the hands of Dy GS by offering a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Ø New district  office bearers of SNEA Pune were given oath by Com S R Kalmegh CP SNEA MH and All the newly elected office bearers were felicitated by the hands of DY GS, CP, CS , CWC member, Jt secretary, DS  ITPC, DS Ahmednagar.

Ø The entire program was nicely captured in his camera by Com Girish Sonar, JTO NIB Pune, M C Abhang SDE City External, Com D R Bhogade, ADS SNEA Pune.

Ø Grand and highly successful district conference of Pune SSA ended with National Anthem and slogans of Unity at last.

Ø The district conference of SNEA Pune started at 11:30 hrs and concluded at 20.30 hrs.



15 JUNE 16:  Report on the 5th District Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association, Pune District held on 5th June 2016, will be updated soon.


3 JUNE 16:  CMD BSNL Anupam Shrivastav & Director CFA N.K.Gupta Visits Pune on 2nd June 2016 to inaugurate ATM at Bajirao Road,Pune. The delation of JAC,Pune met both the officers and submitted the memorandum.The details follows…..





No. SNEA/PUNE/Corr/2015-16/                            Dated 7th May 2016.


Notice for District Conference of SNEA   Pune

               It is hereby notified that the 5th District Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association, Pune District will be held on 5th June 2016 at Udyan Prasad Mangal Karyalaya,1712/1 B, Sadashiv Peth, Near Khajina Vihir,,Opp.Bajirao Road Telephone Exchange,Pune from 10.00 am onwards.

            All the members must pay their subscription / donation to the Dist Treasurer / Executive body member before conference. Delegate and Conference fee as decided by executive body are to be paid at the venue.


Tentative agenda ( Subject to approval )

1. Paying Homage to Late Com W. Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran Leader

2. Open House Session.

3. Report by District Secretary and its adoption.

4. Report by District Treasurer and its adoption.

5. Organizational / Development matters/ HR Issues.

6. Election of District Office Bearers for next term.

7. Any other item with the permission of the Chair.


The detail schedule of District Conference will be made available at the venue. All members are requested to make it convenient to attend the Conference to make it grand success.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Comradely Yours,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ( Bharat Sonawane )   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          District Secretary,       



1 JUNE 16: BSNL has launched “Free to Home Service”. BSNL mobile customers can now divert their incoming calls to their landline while at home or office without any extra charge. CO issued Press Release in this regard. Letter<<>>


1 JUNE 16: SNEA Pune congratulates Com.S.S.Kaknale AGM Wakad (9423776677) and Com.M.M.Deokar AGM MM (9422600199) on their superannuation on 31/05/2016 and wish them a “Peaceful and Happy Retirement Life”. Both the officers retires on superannuation and till the last day of his retirement he continues with his duties with same sincerity and dedication.